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South Island

South Island - Also known as the War Island. The South Island is a newly discovered island located in the Southern Seas. The southern seas are filled with many islands that are locked in constant combat. It is said that on the South Island, the indigenous wolf population are the size of horses.

You are only allowed to have three members represent your family, but once your family has aquired 20 fame or earned 5 medals, you will be allowed to have a fourth member represent your family. South Island does not care about this rule. Even if your family has three nobles, South Island will allow another one. Consequently, the other islands do not recognize South Island. They do not recognize its nobility and do not even allow gold to be transfered to the island - and the island in return upholds the same rules in reverse. Take into account that only one member is allowed to represent your family at each continent, because nepotism has caused grave problems in the past.


IkalakBanner2.png SandalakNew.png TaselakIcon large.gif
Ikalak (SI) Sandalak (Seventh SI) Taselak (SI)
Deathless queen, Serious, Evil, Barbarian, Cooperation, Merit, Centralized, Multi-faith Wealth and gold, Serious, Virtuous, Civilized, Cooperation, Connections, Decentralized, Multi-faith -
no wins 2 wins 2 wins
15 Regions 25 Regions 0 Regions


Incarnation End Date Conclusion
South East island I 2006-06-01 Ikalak (Old SEI) is defeated first.
Then Sandalak (Old SEI) defeats Taselak (Old SEI)
South East Island II 2008-02-14 Sandalak (SEI) is destroyed first by combined forces of the other three.
Toren (SEI) is conquered by Taselak (SEI).
The island sinks with Ikalak (SEI) and Taselak (SEI) tied.
South West Island 2008-02-14 Ikalak (SWI) kills Toren (SWI).
Sandalak (SWI) kills Taselak (SWI).
No winner when the island is sunk, although Sandalak (SWI) seems to claim a victory.
South Island V 2016-07-25 Sandalak (Fourth SI) destroys Taselak (Fourth SI) on 2016-03-19.
Ikalak (Fourth SI) looses Ikalak City (2016-07-15) and Toren Stronghold (2016-07-25).
Sandalak (Fourth SI) wins.
South Island VI 2017-04-06 Sandalak (Fifth SI) looses Sandalak City (2016-12-30) to Ikalak (SI).
Ikalak (SI) looses Ikalak City (2017-03-21) and Sandalak City (2017-04-06) to Taselak (SI).
Taselak (SI) wins.
South Island VII 2021-07-25 Ikalak (SI) looses Ikalak City (2020-06-03) to Sandalak (Sixth SI).
Mors Schwarzherzig founds Beppoism in Ikalak. (2020-12-30)
Ikalak (SI) regains Ikalak City (2021-02-07).
Sandalak (Sixth SI) looses Sandalak City (2021-02-07) to Taselak (SI).
Ikalak (SI) looses Ikalak City (2021-07-03) to Taselak (SI).
Taselak (SI) wins.
South Island VIII ongoing Sandalak (Seventh SI) claims Toren Stronghold (2021-12-18).
Taselak (SI) looses Taselak City (2022-11-22) to Sandalak (Seventh SI).
(2024-04-08) Wolfgang III Felsenbach founds Bling Bling in Sandalak.

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