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Realm of Heroes

Formerly a realm on the South-West Island. Taselak's capital was the City of Taselak, located on the western shore of the island.

Government - Republic

Final Council

Ruler: Theodorus Equar

Judge: Khoren Ox

General: Kurewylle Kestrel

Nobles of Taselak (to the end)

Khoren Ox

Geron Mochi

Theodorus Equar

Kurewylle Kestrel

Former Nobles of Taselak

Syfo-Jaydon Del_Toro, former Count of Seggelin, former and last Ruler of the Monarcy.

Xerxes Dell After becoming increasingly agitated with the deafening silence of the former King of Taselak Syfo-Jaydon, Xerxes rallied those loyal to Taselak and led them in a revolt against the oppressive Monarchy. After overthrowing the government Xerxes then instituted a Republic and proclaimed himself as the inaugural Prime Minister of Taselak. However in the intial diplomatic talks with the realms of Ikalak and Sandalak he failed those Nobles who he had swore to represent and protect and thusly decided that he must pay for his shortcomings. Unable to stand the shame of what he had done Xerxes fled the island to the Colonies and the small realm of Alowca where he picks up the trail of where his brother Sonny left off.

Sir Thomas Vale, first General of Taselak, first Duke of Taselak Died in the Battle in Taselak on 30-04-2006 Sandalak vs. Taselak Estimated combat strengths: 8000 CS vs. 3000 CS The hero Sir Thomas of Taselak (Taselak) was killed.

Sir Merum Larkspur, Count of Umkinnu, Marshal of the army of Taselak has betrayed his realm and surrendered his region of Umkinnu to our enemy Sandalak om 03-05-2006 one day after his appointment as Count. Loyal officials have brought 72 gold from the tax offices back to the realm when fleeing Umkinnu. There is minor unrest in the population over this change.

Sir Eaglin Brave (Knight of Taselak) was seen in Taselak, boarding a ship to Atamara. His unit, the Eaglin's Patriots has been partly converted into a militia unit.

Sir Nicko Fianna, fed up with what he saw as treason and betrayal by a tyrannical Prime Minister silently boarded a ship. Sir Nicko (Lord) was seen in Taselak, boarding a ship to the East Continent.

Sir Eldrond Nabarl, defected to Sandalak_(SWI) on 2006-05-05.

Sir Justin Greystone, defected to Sandalak_(SWI) on 2006-05-21. Only just before that he was the ruler of Taselak.

Sir Zarathoustra Loran, defected to Sandalak_(SWI) on 2006-05-21.

Sir Eldarion T'Veria, returnd to his family home to take care of some family buisness. (ooc: paused his characters for a while, just until he can get enough time to play BM properly again.)

Thorough Vale, went to aid his family on an other island.

Gildor Beals, defected to Sandalak_(SWI) on 2006-06-12.

Johanzoon Hensepens, defected to Sandalak_(SWI) on 2006-07-05


1st Chapter: Taselak's history has been written through right action and heroic deeds as it contends with three other great realms, that of Ikalak, Toren and Sandalak, for rulership of the entire island. Currently, after short scuffles and small engagements with all three of the opposing realms, King Suurmias, in conjunction with the advice of the nobles of Taselak decided to eliminate Torenite interference, with great success as the Torenite armies were defeated one after the other through superior numbers and excellent planning. With the Taselakian Army under the command of Justin occupying the Toren Stronghold, the capital of the Torenite realm, it seems that the nobles of Toren will have to make one final stand to maintain their sovereignty or submit to vastly superior forces. Where will Taselak head to next, only time will tell, but history has yet to be written and their are many men who must yet die in the service of their country...

2nd Chapter: Finally, after many weeks of fighting and many lives lost the lands of the Toren Stronghold are no more and all that which belonged to Gilead and his nobles now is under the command of Eldarion, Duke of the Toren Stronghold and his knights. With this first bloody chapter of the tale of Taselak now concluded the armies of Taselak refitted and once again began their seemingly inexorable advance to victory as they re-opened the war with both Sandalak and the Ikalakians to the north. This war was christened by an early Taselakian victory in Neralle as the armies under the command of Justin crushed the Ikalakian forces and now have a free reign to invade the regions of the north...

3rd Chapter: As the armies of Taselak made their glorious march into the regions of the north, wiping out most of the militia in the area and establishing a foothold in the Ikalakian regions bordering with Neralle, tradegy struck as several of the Nobles were attacked by Infiltrators, with Khoren, Lord of Neralle, being attacked successfully and seriously wounded in the process. However the major threat which occurred during this time of expansion was a major incursion on the southern front as the armies of Sandalak marched in the regions of Moeth and Belus, eliminating militia and destroying off guard Troop-leaders scouting the southern edges. With this attack it meant that the already battle-hardened legions of Taselak were forced to break off their relentless assault on Ikalak and protect the southern border from Sandalakian interference...

4th Chapter: Through many conflicts ranging from the large decisive battles to the small damaging skirmishes, the armies of Sandalak gained and lost in the Southern Front on the island. As they moved in virtually unopposed to take Moeth from the Duchy of Taselak, before they could consolidate their positions the battle hardened army of Taselak returned from their never-ending wars with Ikalak in the forests of the North to reclaim the lands they lost. After a short series of decisive battles the Taselakians drove back the invaders and TO'ed Moeth quickly, consolidating their position with large numbers of militia. Meanwhile however the Ikalakians had taken the advantage in the north to move against Kail and Neralle taking them for their own. As the Taselakian Army regrouped they hit back at the Ikalakians retaking Kail and deciding on further course of action under their new Ruler Syfo-Jaydon.

5th Chapter: At the unexpected relinquishing of the High Marshal, a new Marshal was appointed by the recently elected King Syfo-Jaydon. Sir Xerxes, the Count of Neralle was appointed as the army continued to march towards the Southern Front to winback the regions which had been taken from them by Sandalakian incursions. As the army marched onwards to battle it was unknown as to whether the new appointment would pay off for the King....

6th Chapter: Hard times came, the two other realms that remained on the island decided they would fight no more until Taselak was destroyed. Many rulers came and went. But not only that, our Generals and Judges also had a high turnover. Many regions were lost until only Taselak city and Cave of Guilt remained in our hands. Many of the rulers decided to immigrate to other islands or joined our enemy Sandalak. So did Justin Greystone, and although Theodorus Equar was not that long in the realm he got elected as new ruler. Only few were left at that point and he had to appoint a new Duke, as he was only just appointed. Also he had to appoint a new General several times. Until now we stand, but for how much longer?

Final Chapter: Around 15-06-2006 Taselak fell and was taken over by Sandalak_(SWI). This was a major blow and left us with only Cave of Guilt as a region. There was about 1000 CS on militia but Ikalak attacked soon after blowing the militia out. It was only months later that Sandalak finally bothered to annex the Cave of Guilt into their dominion, thus finally destroying us.