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TaselakIcon.gif Overview TaselakIcon.gif

Taselak is a Meritocratic Monarchy with egalitarian undertones. There is a strong emphasis on election for most positions and appointment based on ability. The realm is locked in a violent struggle against its eternal enemies of Ikalak to the north and Sandalak to the East. The namesake of the realm is her capital and largest city Taselak which sits in the western plains on the northern banks of the mighty Tas at a strategic bend which so that the river acts a natural moat on three quarters of its perimeter.

The Monarch of the realm is elected for life, the Arch Marshal is appointed and the Lord/Lady Justice and Chancellor of the Exchequer are elected on a monthly basis. In this way the government secures continuity in the position of Queen and General while scrutinising their abilities through the election of a Judge who in the event of wide protests can impeach the Monarch triggering an election. Appointments to regions are carried out on basis of merit or referendum depending on circumstances such as urgency of appointment and if a number of suitable candidates are available.

TaselakIcon.gif History TaselakIcon.gif

Formation of Government

The election for Ruler was a heated affair with a number of people putting their names forwards and gathering a group of supporters around them. Ultimately a monarchist by the name of Sorach Medevandal took the crown with all but a noble by the name of Fen'Harel Windblack declaring their allegence. Fen'Harel however vowed never to submit to the Queen accusing her of using promises, favours and sexual acts in order to gain the throne. This led to an outpouring of rage from certain quarters and some candidates for judge stating that he would be banned should they be elected. Fen'Harel was ultimately banned with opinions split feeling that a fine would have been sufficient.

With the formation of government Queen Sorach saw fit to make the Arch-Marshalship an appointed position and quickly appointed her betrothed Woelfen Guile to command over the armies and he immediately began by outlining military structure and ordered the commissioning of the armies. The lords of the original five regions were appointed from amongst her supporters with the exception of Belus which was granted to her closest rival in the rulership elections, Guilhelm Ademar. Elections were initiated for the positions of Lord Justice and Chancellor of the exchequer which were duly won by Lynx Tranquilli and Amrod von Ulthuan respectively.

Initial Rapid Expansion

The initial plan was an ambitious and greedy one. Feeling that the enemy would focus on taking their border regions themselves rather than launching attacks, simultaneous take overs were carried out in 5 regions: Falens, Lesthem, Seggelin, Cirannor and Moeth, which quickly fell into line with the exception of Moeth, the take over of which was ceased during an attack by Sandalak which was ultimately repelled.

First Blows

Taselak went on to claim Kail and Moeth and strike at Cave of Guilt, almost taking it for themselves. However Sandalak attacked with a mighty host which defeated Taselak's forcing them to fall back to the capital. Shortly after the battle for the Cave of Guilt, General Woelfen died under suspicious circumstances at his what has been dubbed the 'Rellue Wedding'.

TaselakIcon.gif Military TaselakIcon.gif

Taselak aims to have the most efficient war machine on the continent. Warriors of Taselak in need of direction for recruitment can find all they need here

Military Command Chain

  • Field Marshal
  • Marshals
  • Vice Marshals
  • Monarch
  • Lord/Lady Justice
  • Plenipotentiary

Armies of Taselak

Army Sponsor Marshal Vice-Marshal
Queen's Own Dreadnoughts Guilhelm Ademar Alparslan Kalkandelen David Kingsley
Royal Myrmadons Tyro Mustard Amrod von Ulthuan Aegon Salvatore
Black Army of Taselak Guilhelm Ademar Scein Dubhaine Oleksandr Rousseou
Royal Reconnassaince Corps Tyro Mustard Tybalt Lockhart Kraken Killer
Royal Strike Group Tyro Mustard Andraste Mac Tir Isabeau Theterre

TaselakIcon.gif Hierarchy TaselakIcon.gif

The councillors are supreme in their own spheres and equal to each other in spheres not their own. Each councillor is answerable only to the Monarch however interference by the monarchy is acceptable only in consultation with the other councillors and in dire circumstances such as dereliction of duty, treason, incapacitation of the incumbent. The hierarchy is shown below:

                                    |                                                      |
       -------------------------------------------------------------------                 |
      |                 |                        |                        |                |
Field Marshal    Lord/Lady Justice          Plenipotentiary        Duke of Taselak         |
                                                                          |-Region Lords   |
                                                                          |-Knights        |
                                                                                         Hedge Knights
                                                                                        (Noble sans Estate)

TaselakIcon.gif Epic Battles TaselakIcon.gif

Coming soon (hopefully)

TaselakIcon.gif Hall of Heroes TaselakIcon.gif

Note: Incomplete list

  • Dame Auicia Licinius, Dame of Endelee - Died heroically in a battle against Sandalak in Cirannor (12/01/1016)
  • Sir Ossan Ossan, Knight of Taselak - Died heroically in a battle against Sandalak in Taselak (14/01/1016)
  • Sir Manfried Von Lunkhofen, Knight of Taselak - Died heroically in a battle against Sandalak in Taselak (20/01/1016)
  • Dame Melissa Starfall, Noble of Taselak - Died in a duel against Sir Alparslan Kalkandelen, Warbringer of Taselak (22/01/1016)
  • Dame Helena Bowker, Noble of Taselak - Died in a duel against Dame Greetika Nellamkuyhzil, Noble of Taselak (23/01/1016)
  • Lord Davros Sharpspeare, Earl of Kheif - Died in a duel against Sir Giscar Skin Taker Andrasta, Chief Torturer of Taselak (27/01/1016)