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The Winner of the First South Island (I)(2014 - 2016) - Fourth Overall War Island Winner. Won for the Third time.

Sandalak-shield-icon.png The Realm

(I)(2014 - 2016)

Pre Nuumbara: Sandalak is a theocracy on South Island dedicated to the glory of the Wyvern and the Griffin. There are two duchies in Sandalak, the Duchy of Wyvern Heart and the Duchy of Griffin Nest, each symbolizing one of the two divine beings. Sandalak's goal is to cleanse the land of all infidels and heathens to bring glory to the rightful rulers of the continent, the Wyvern and the Griffin.

Nuumbaran Era: Sandalak is a theocracy dedicated on filling the belly of Nuumbara the Devourer. There is only one duchy in Sandalak, the Duchy of Boneyard. Sandalak's goal is to feed Nuumbara so she doesn't eat Sandals.

Post Nuumbara: The Holy Theocracy of Sandalak is dedicated to spreading the Faith of the Wyvern and the Griffin, Two Divines of Sandalak, as taught by the Mighty Dwarf, Kurlock.

Sandalak-shield-icon.pngRulers of Sandalak

(I)(2014 - 2016)


  • Wyvern King
  • Wyvern Incarnate
  • The Devourer
  • Kurlock Speaker
  • Pythia

House Indirik

  • Kinron Indirik (May 2014 ~ May 2014) - the First Ruler of Sandalak. Ruled Sandalak for half a day(1 turn). Known as the first Wyvern King of Sandalak. He was killed in a battle.

House Lapallanch

  • Kurlock Lapallanch (May 2014 ~ June 2015) - the Second Ruler of Sandalak, the Fist Wyvern Incarnate of Sandalak. Also known as the 'Immortal' and the 'Twice Blessed' for his miraculous revival from death after being killed in a duel against Cody Graves. As the Wyvern Incarnate, Kurlock managed to besiege all three core regions of the island and successfully breached them. But even his advance came to an end when he fell during his last accomplishment, the Second Siege of Taselak City. He was killed twice during the siege and for that he was given the title of 'Thrice Blessed' and 'Thriceborn' by his people.
  • Nuumbara Lapallanch (December 2015 ~ January 2016) - the First Female Ruler of Sandalak, the Fifth Ruler of Sandalak,and the Fourth Wyvern Incarnate of Sandalak. She is known for her disturbing appetite for human flesh. She is a towering giant who rips people in half with her bare hands. She renamed the title of Wyvern Incarnate into the Devourer as she did not believe in the holy faith of the two winged gods. After constant protests which eventually led to a rebellion, Nuumbara was dethroned by San de Leon Nifelleisca

House Enstance

  • Saliv Enstance (June 2015 ~ August 2015) - the Third Ruler of Sandalak and the Second Wyvern Incarnate of Sandalak. A loremaster turned Wyvern Incarnate, Saliv was elected as Kurlock's successor and the next avatar to carry the will of the Wyvern and the Griffin. He has tortured numerous Tasels to provide the vital information necessary to root out Taselak's spies within Sandalak during his time as the loremaster and his dedication led to faithfuls supporting him as the next Wyvern Incarnate. He disappeared after a long silence.

House La Pointe

  • Kenley La Pointe (August 2015 ~ December 2015) - the Fourth Ruler of Sandalak and the Third Wyvern Incarnate of Sandalak. A long serving lord of Cave of Guilt, Kenley was elected after Saliv stepped down as the Wyvern Incarnate. He managed to turn Taselak against Ikalak which changed the tide once again. He disappeared without a trace one day.

House Nifelleisca

  • San de Leon Nifelleisca (January 2016 ~ April 2016) - the Sixth Ruler of Sandalak, the First Kurlock Speaker and the First to ascend through a rebellion. He is known for his conquest of Taselak City and ending the realm of Taselak.

House Chamberlain

  • Jane Fletcher Chamberlain (April 2016 ~ Present) - the Seventh Ruler of Sandalak, the Second Kurlock Speaker and the First Pythia. She is known for her conquest of Ikalak City and Toren Stronghold, unifying the continent of South Island.

Sandalak-shield-icon.pngLord/Lady Tenderizer Lord/Lady Griffins of Sandalak

  • Thorvald Gottfried (May 2014 ~ June 2014) - the First Lord Griffin of Sandalak.
  • Xavier Scorpio (June 2014 ~ August 2014) - the Second Lord Griffin of Sandalak. The First Lord Griffin to be appointed.
  • Marcus Aurelius Germanicus (Augustus 2014 ~ September 2014) - the Third Lord Griffin of Sandalak. Succeeded Lord Griffin Xavier.
  • Jacques von Genf (September 2014 ~ October 2014) - the Fourth Lord Griffin of Sandalak. Struck a deal with Ikalak to fight Taselak. Managed to recover some of western regions. Lost his title after being captured.
  • Misty Ketchum (October 2014 ~ August 2015) - the First Lady Griffin of Sandalak. A hand picked successor to Jacques.
  • Isenthorpe Tezokian (August 2015 ~ ) - the Fifth Lord Griffin of Sandalak. Elected to lead the armies of Sandalak. Known for conquering Ikalak City.

Sandalak-shield-icon.pngLord/Lady Skewer Loremasters of Sandalak

  • Elissa Octavius (May 2014 ~ June 2014) - The First Loremistress of Sandalak. Resigned after losing the vote of Confidence.
  • Peter Deytheur (June 2014 ~ September 2014) - The Second Loremaster of Sandalak. Held his position without any problem. Confiscated gold from many infidels.
  • Aeronin Nebehn (September 2014 ~ December 2014) - The Third Loremaster of Sandalak. A very efficient Loremaster. The First Loremaster to torture prisoners to collect intel.
  • Saliv Enstance (December 2014 ~ June 2015) - The Fourth Loremaster of Sandalak. A worthy successor of Aeronin, Saliv tortured more Tasels than anyone. He was later selected as a Wyvern Incarnate after Kurlock.
  • Nastassia D'Anglos (June 2015 ~ July 2015) - The Fifth Loremaster of Sandalak. Quietly won her election.
  • Saliv Enstance (July 2015 ~ September 2015) - the Sixth Loremaster of Sandalak and the previous Fourth Loremaster.
  • Werend Melphrydd (September 2015 ~ December 2015) - the Seventh Loremaster of Sandalak.
  • Willie DeGrey (December 2015 ~ ) - the Eighth Loremaster of Sandalak.

Sandalak-shield-icon.pngLord/Lady Kitchen Aid Lord Ravens of Sandalak

  • Alexei Dolohov (May 2014 ~ October 2014) - the First Hoarder/Lord Raven of Sandalak. Lost his title due to capture.
  • Kunoreyvn Lanze (October 2014 ~ November 2014) - the Second Lord Raven of Sandalak.
  • Alexei Dolohov (November 2014 ~ Present) - the Third Lord Raven of Sandalak and the First to be reinstated. He is the longest serving government member of Sandalak.

Sandalak-shield-icon.png Ruler Election Results

First Ruler Election Result

Second First Ruler Election Result

Sandalak-shield-icon.png Armies of Sandalak

(I)(2014 - 2016)

  • Wyvern's Sting
  • Wyvern's Fury
  • Wyvern's Ecclesiastical Inquisitors
  • Griffin Horde
  • Griffin Cohort
  • Jane's Fury
  • The Taselaki Expeditionary Force

Sandalak-shield-icon.png Important Battles of Sandalak

(I)(2014 - 2016) (I still need to make battles look nice so I can post them here.)

Sandalak-shield-icon.png Hall of the Fallen

(I)(2014 - 2016)

  • Mekurlok Nifelleisca (Killed in a duel against Elaine Arundel) - June 2014
  • Batteras Enstance (Killed in a duel against Earon Hemmings) - August 2014
  • Anton Chamberlain the 'First Ascender' (Killed in Action - In Cave of Guilt against Taselak. Killed by Niccolo De'Verci) - November 2014
  • Godwyn Winter-Born the 'Valiant' (Killed in Action - In Moeth against Taselak. Killed by Peasant Militia) - December 2014
  • Ana Leuin the 'Valiant' (Killed in Action - In Moeth against Taselak. Killed by Peasant Militia) - January 2015
  • Peter Deytheur (Killed in Action - In Moeth against Taselak. Killed by Amrod Von Ulthuan) - March 2015
  • Alesoun Greneburie (Executed by Aeneas Gabanus of Taselak) - March 2015
  • Kurlock Lapallanch the 'Immortal' or the 'Thriceborn', the 'First Wyvern Incarnate' of Sandalak (Killed in Action - In Taselak City against Taselak. Killed twice: By Aeneas and by a Cavalry Militia) - June 2015
  • Carlos De-Legro, Wynn Deytheur, Earon Hemmings (Killed in Action - In Taselak City against Peasants of Taselak) - June 2015

Sandalak-shield-icon.pngPax Sandalakia

(I)(2014 - 2016)

On July 2016, Sandalak finally breached the last walled region of South Island thus unifying the entire island under their theocratic rule. To commemorate this, statues of Kurlock, Wyvern and Griffin were erected across the world. May Sandalak rule forever!

Sandalak-shield-icon.png Hall of Glory

(I)(2014 - 2016) A hall dedicated to Sandals who have proven their worth and loyalty.

Sandalak-shield-icon.pngMap of Sandalak

  • June 2015 - Right after Kurlock's death.

South Island june 2015.png

  • July 2016 - Pax Sandalakia

South Island victory 2016.png

Color Explanation

  • Red = Dead Characters
  • Green = Parts of the page changed by Nuumbara