Cursed Shield of Deception

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Type Shield
Discovered By Leon Harte
Discovery Date 02 March 2009
Discovery Location Cjelegy, Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +1
Current Owner Callandor Harte

It was late in the afternoon as Leon Harte trudged along looking for pretty plenties. He had been at it for nearly 6 hour now and had been lucky, already finding a Golden Idol at least worth 2 gold and a Wooden Statuette, carved long ago by some local townsman. As he walked along the better parts of the path, avoiding the mud, in the region Cjelegy of the realm of the rogues, his foot suddenly struck a hard object and he hopped up and down on his feet, trying to comfort his recently stubbed toe. Once the swelling was done he quickly rubbed some ointment on it and went to investigate what he had hurt himself on. Sticking out of the mud was a piece of metal, he thought, and tugged on it. Not a budge. Getting a better position he tugged harder and the object suddenly jerked out of the mud and on top of him, making him fall flat on his back. Quickly getting up he stood over the object and cleaned off the mud and dirt that covered it. It was a shield! It was very battered up as well, looking like it needed a very good fix before being used again. Carefully studying the backside of the shield he was able to make out the words Cursed Shield of Deception. Leon looked back at the darkening sky and with a beaming face, packed it with his other belonging. He hurried away with his new and first unique item, onto the closest town before the monsters arrived to hassle him.

Type Shield
Discovered By Urus Metsamees
Discovery Date 28 July 2010
Discovery Location Steepglades, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +1
Current Owner Chance Dawnstar


Urus had met a old man who offered a shield in exchange for a feau trinkets he claimed would later use to end his own life. Not concerning himself with what the old man would do with the trinkets, Urus traded them for the shield, expecting to make a profit. Regardless of how bad the shields quality, to sell it as scrap to a smithy would serve him more coins than the trinkets the old man wished in return.

Much to his surprise Urus later realized after cleaning the shield that is was of quite high quality, a kind equaling what nobility wore, even sturdier than that. He doubted his eyes for now that he looked at the shield it was obviously a splendid piece of work. Yet it seems to deceive others eyes to appear as a poor scrap, lest one look at it closely with attention.

But there remained a doubt in Uruses mind, "Is it a master piece that shows itself as less, or is it a scrap that shows it self more?"