Ar Agyr

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Kingdom of Ar Agyr
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Ar Agyr Summary
Ar Agyr, the Land of the Five Duchies. Home to fearless warriors.

We are not the biggest or strongest, but we are the meanest!
We kill demons, undead, monsters, and anyone who sides with them.
We hate peace, it makes people lazy and fat.
War keeps our men in shape and our blades sharp.
Join us!

King Judge Banker General

Grand Elective Duchies of Ar Agyr

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Island Beluaterra
Capital Unger
Largest City Agyr
Government Monarchy

Duchies 7
Regions 2
Population 52,690
Gold 16388
Food 4890
Nobles 32
Grand Duke Clyde Wilde
Legate Khurst Fylkir
Keeper of Justice Khurst Fylkir
Chancellor Khurst Fylkir
Seven RiversSoren

Old Ar Agyr

Old Ar Agyr was one of the original realms founded on Beluaterra but was destroyed. Its history can be found here.

Ar Agyr

The current realm of Ar Agyr was re-founded by Thalmarkin (itself formed by Ar Agyrian refugees) out of lands seized from Melhed in war, with King Outo Olavi Cosula, a former Ar Agyrian, being crowned as its first King.

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