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Riombara Small.JPG Overview

A Republic on Beluaterra, Riombara is a sun-drenched paradise - during times of peace at least - stretching along the south-east coast and taking in the islands. During the beginning of the Third Age it did reach from the fertile fields of Bolkenia and the cultured and refined areas of Rueffilo and Irombro in the south all the way to the more temperate Fwuvoghor in the north. Its then capital was the semi-tropical city of Athol Margos.

Riombara is one of the few realms to survive the second rise of the undead, though reduced at the depths of the invasion to a single island. The true test came with the March of the Grey Lake, a massive undead horde spawned in the hellish pit of despair that once was the City of Eno. It tore through the south, until it broke at the walls in the Battle of Athol Margos.

After that time around the end of the year 1005 rebuilding had been difficult and heartbreaking. Riombara expanded slowly to regain its lost regions (a friendly process in all cases) and added Fwuvoghor in the north, whose previous rulers were no more. Later Bolkenia and Cagamir in the south were also added. These regions were cut off from Luz de Bia by the dark city Eno.

This was used in June 1006 as pretext by Luz de Bia and Enweil for an attack against Riombara - at first we were reduced to 5 regions but we fought back and slowly regained ground. Fighting did rage for months during which the city of Irombro did secede and Luz lost the city of Eno. There the Kingdom of Alluran was created which grew into our close ally. This bitter fight was come to be known as 'The Great War', a recounting of which can be found in our archives. After over a year of fighting Luz was broken and Irombro besieged - though everything changed as the first undead appeared, launching 'The Daimon Wars' in July 1007. We saw ourselves allied to Irombro and arranged against the beasts...

Riombara Small.JPG Allies

As of August 1012: We still enjoy the military alliances forged with all human realms during the fifth invasion. Beyond these alliances, Old Grehk and Thalmarkin are counted as our closest friends and allies. With near all other realms a bond of friendship is shared due to the joint fighting during the invasion.

Riombara Small.JPG Enemies

As of August 1012: With the last daimons of the fifth invasion defeated, Riombara has no current enemies.

Riombara Small.JPG Laws and Customs

Riombara is an open and democratic realm, and is unique in holding realm-wide elections for all region commands, as well as for all council-level positions. In addition we have a system that allows every noble who gets the support of 4 others to do a wide range of things. Constructive criticism is valued and - for example - our Military Council is regularly including nobles of all stations from knights to Dukes in its ranks. All who come with a true heart and open mind are always welcome in Riombara.

Its policy on religion is to allow any religion that respects the dignity and rights of all people to preach within its borders, so long as no religious wars or religious persecution are carried out in Riombara.

Revised Laws

The current, 'revised' version of our laws, accepted by our nobility during December 1012.

These laws are divided into 5 'Main Articles' each of which is supplemented by a set of laws and customs. Our nobility is expected to be knowledgeable about the five main articles, landed lords about the laws of articles 1-3, councillors must be knowledgable about all laws.

The older version of our laws can be found here:

Election System

The General Articles of Parliament are kept here:

Articles of Parliament

Specific Information for Priests and Churches:

Articles of Religion and Faith

Treaties of Riombara are recorded herein:


Riombara Small.JPG Guilds and Religions

The Church of Qyrvagg / Qyrvaggism - A religion centered around the Ascended God of War.

Alluran - A religion centered around Alluran, the god who sits in judgement of those who pass away, and hence is the God of Perfection and the Merciful Judge.

Military Pigeon Post - a guild for Riombara to communicate with its allies. Destroyed during the Fourth Age

There are rumours and whispered hints of more shadowy establishments, but such tales have been around for a long time, and are likely to mean nothing.

Riombara Small.JPG History of Riombara

Here is recorded the history of Riombara from its founding till close to the end of the second age as experienced and written down by Tan o'Kammar. He was the first Duke of Rines, longtime general, and Prime Minister of Riombara. His notes were compiled by his son, Herkan d'Serrai, one year after the d'Serrai family had left the known world for other lands. Herkan did organize said notes, got rid of the worst ramblings against Riombara's enemies and tried to keep it remotely interesting, though he admittedly failed in his effort to keep the history impartial.

The First Age

  • From the first settlements until the end of the first Undead Invasion. By Tan o'Kammar d'Serrai

The Second Age

  • From the first reconquest until the end of the second Undead Invasion. By Tan o'Kammar d'Serrai
Marc Keithson's Journal
  • Here is recorded the day-to-day journal of Marc Keithson covering the time of the second undead invasion and Riombaras tribulations during this time.

The Third Age

  • From the second resettlement until the begin of the Great War. By Herkan d'Serrai
The Great War
  • Here are recorded the events of the Great War against Luz de Bia during the Third Age. Written by Herkan d'Serrai
The Great War - Part 1

From June 1006 until November 1006 (1st - 4th Campaigns)

The Great War - Part 2

From November 1006 to February 1007 (5th Campaign)

The Great War - Part 3

From February 1007 until April 1007 (6th Campaign)

The Daimon Wars

From May 1007 until the end of the Daimon wars. By Herkan d'Serrai. Note that most of this history has been lost during the devastation of the fifth invasion - only the beginning of this work could be saved.

The Fifth Age

No riombaran written history survives from the time between the third invasion until the beginning of the fifth invasion. However, of the fifth invasion a detailed account, in large parts recorded by Sassan d'Serrai may be found here: Timeline of the 5th Invasion

Riombara Small.JPG Riombara Armorial Generial

A record of the Heraldry and Noble Arms of the Peerage.

Riombara Small.JPG Publications

Riombaran Herald

The Free South Times

Sleanra Vasatas Inn Guide to Riombara

Duchies and Regions of Riombara - as of February 1011

Duchy of Grehk

Mio Dupaki | Glongin | Ardmore

Duchy of Athol Margos

None at present

Duchy of Rines

 Ajitmon | Avengmil

Imperial Lands

Cjelegy | Melegra | Kuugl

The lost Duchy of Irombro - lost to darkness but not forgotten

Rueffilo | Rii |Bolkenia |Cagamir

Held by foreign powers

Fwuvoghor (Meridian Republic) | Bym (lost to Darkness)