Legendary Book of Good and Evil

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Type Book
Discovered By Konya
Discovery Date 1 February 2007
Discovery Location Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +1
Current Owner (unknown)

The Legendary Book of Good and Evil

Type: Book
Condition: Deteriorated beyond repair and usefulness
Prestige: +1
Found by: Konya, Melhed
Found in: , Beluaterra
Last owner: Inara, Riombara


Long ago, Tyr, the Sky Father, had a well known Book where he took all his wisdom from: the Legendary Book of Good and Evil. With the ultimate wisdom that Tyr learned from this Book, he taught his followers to be good persons and live with honour, dignity and fairness. At last Tyr had studied everything from the Book, and decided that others should learn from it as well. In a wisdom contest, the next owner was found as an old man named Graskin. Graskin however was a greedy man and always refused to show the Book to others - he had won the contest and he was the rightful owner of the Book. He always hid it in a secret hideout and only took it out when he was sure that noone was spying him, to take it out and look at the beauty of the Book.

Graskin however never had the courage to open the book and read what was described inside it, afraid of the immense truths that could be described in it, and afraid to find himself far from where he should be. Eventually, Graskin passed out without ever having read more than the title on the front of the Book, and in the secret hideout the Book stayed hidden for a very long time, until, after centuries, it was found by a young adventurer.