The Brotherhood of the Wolf

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The Brotherhood of the wolf was founded by Brian Fionn of the Grand Lodge of Lunaria.It's first guildhouse was built in Dsinasas.


This guild was founded by a man who believed that balance was needed in the far east.He believed that good and evil would forever be in conflict.One side could never achieve the upper hand.The brotherhood of the wolf would be a group of all types of people who wished for balance. This guild is not a group of people who do not act on their word.We will act to restore balance. We are neither Black nor White We are neither Good nor Evil We are the Brotherhood of the Wolf


All peoples are welcome in the Brotherhood.Wherever your life takes you,Warrior,Priest,Trader or Infiltrator.You are welcome.

The Wolf

The Wolf is a special animal.The spirit of the wolf can never be tamed.Just as the spirit of our guild and purpose can never be tamed.The wolf does what it has to do to achieve its goals.Its many different assets show the different people that come to our guild.Whether you use the stealth of an infiltrator,The cunning of a trader or the ferocity of a warrior. The wolf has found its place in the world. Just as we must.