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Nighthelm was one of the greatest realms on the Far East Continent. Situated near the south of the Far East, Nighthelm is ruled from the gleaming capital of Mashakon. The greatest city on the continent.

Nighthelm's Government

Nighthelm is ruled by the council. However, believing that all of Nighthelm has a say, the council regularly seeks the advice of the realm in important matters.

The Council

Nighthelm's ruling council governs all aspects of the realm. Each member has a particular responsibility.

The King

The King is the most powerful man in the realm. If he wishes to, he can command anyone in the realm to do his bidding, although such power has been used very rarely. His main responsibility is to manage the external affairs of the realm. The King keeps in contact with all the other rulers of the realm and regularly takes part in diplomatic negotiations.

The High Marshal

The High Marshal commands and controls Nighthelm's mighty military. During war, he plans military campaigns and leads the army to further Nighthelm's goals.

The Arch Priest

The Arch Priest leads Nighthelm's justice system and handles the internal affairs of the realm. He maintains discipline in the realm and travels from region to region watching over the general populace.

The Royal Treasurer

The Royal Treasurer looks after Nighthelm's economy. In addition to managing the taxes, he manages Nighthelm's precious food supply, often making deals with Nighthelm's trading partners.

Regional Lords

The Dukes, Counts and Barons of Nighthelm take personal care of their region. They are charged with the general maintenance of their region and often seek to improve their region's economy. They are often found building training centers to supply Nighthelm with its crack troops.

Military Commanders

Nighthelm has a highly developed military structure. Nighthelm's army is split into regiments, each of which is further divided into battalions. Regiment and battalion commanders are responsible for the men under their charge. Occasionally, the High Marshal will order regiments or battalions to operate independently of the main army and give complete operational responsibility to their commanders.

The Senate

Formed after Nighthelm had flirted with disaster, the Senate is an advisory body that the Council regularly consults with issues considered too sensitive for the realm at large. While the Senate itself has no authority to give any orders, the Council always considers consulting the Senate a crucial step for any major action. Often, members of the Council have abandoned plans if the Senate considers them unwise.

The Senate is currently made up of 9 seats. 4 of those seats are automatically given to the Council members. The other 5 are given to the most trusted members of Nighthelm. Every year the Senate is dissolved and the seats reassigned.

Significant Allies

Greater Aenilia


Nighthelm's History

A detailed documentation of Nighthelm's History. Read about the beginning of Nighthelm and the journey from Nighthelm's darkest days to its current glory.

The fall of Nighthelm

The fall of Nighthelm can initially be traced back to its first decline in the War Against Soliferum, Principality Of Zonasa and Greater Aenilia, the realm fought bravely but its attacks where easily batted aside by the assortment of enemies, the result of this war was the loss of the Batesaor duchy. Nighthelm only began brokering for peace when the realms of Ethiala and Lasanar declared their intentions to fight Nighthelm. Another key point in the fall of Nighthelm was the loss of its only true allies Grand Lodge Of Lunaria and Antoza commonwealth, however in the collapse of Antoza commonwealth in a war with Lasanar (which Nighthelm did not help their ally) they managed to gain the Azros duchy and when the new realm of Cathay was formed they forged an alliance. Grand Lodge Of Lunaria had also fallen by this point, fallen to Soliferum. So by now Nighthelm had lost all its true allies except for Cathay. The actual fall of Nighthelm was in a war with Soliferum, where Nighthelm tried to invade via pincer movement however the Legions Of The Sun easily beat back Nighthelm's attack and then counterattacked, first taking the Hadthe's duchy (Azros seceded creating Mosesedelphia) and then after much fighting, the Masahakon duchy.

Nighthelm Weekly

Nighthelm's newspaper. Specializes in documenting the lighter side of Nighthelm. Be warned. Here lies the propaganda of the Rubber Chicken and reading it does give rise to strange side effects.

(Coat of Arms)
Continent / Island Far East
Capital Masahakon
Largest City Masahakon
Government System Monarchy


Region Numbers 8
Population 2nd most populous
Players 37
Last Statistics Update 24 october 2007