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.........Arcaea is a realm with a long history of war and strife, and its people are known for their unbreakable will. Once the Arcaean Empire stretched across the entire northern half of Far East Island, before disunity lead to its break up. Since, then Arcaea has repeatedly been brought down, only to rise phoenix-like once more.
.........With a political landscape completely changed in a few scarce years, Arcaea stands as the most dominant and reinvigorated power in the Far East due to a mix of charisma and military effectiveness. Following the consolidation of our borders with a host of previously hostile neighbours and a grand crusade to defeat Soliferum in the south, we have entered a period of uneasy peace as new realms have risen in the place of old ones, whilst the incumbent powers, as always, push against the fickle nature of Lady Fortune. In all this Arcaea has continued on her ascendency through thick and thin.
.........So what does this mean for you? Merit and capability are more important than seniority, so if you have the talent and are willing to work hard, Arcaea is the realm for you. We never lack for strife or things to do, so make a mark, be vocal and ask about what is happening! There are a lot of great nobles so don't be afraid to push through them and make yourself heard.


.........In Arcaea, all roads lead to Remton... and to the steps of the Royal Palace. Not only is it the centre of government, it is also the best place to learn about the realm itself. Though, the rest of the castle is restricted from unauthorized visitors, foreign dignitaries and other guests are free to roam the numerous rooms of the ground floor. But why are you here? What do you wish to know about Arcaea? Perhaps you'll find your answers in one of the rooms of the castle.

Arcana Imperii Map.png


-(Ongoing) Fifty gold reward for the best insult on each campaign.
-(Ongoing) Fifty gold reward for the best suggestion for improving the realm on each campaign.

Room Description
Dining Hall
This, the northernmost hall of the palace, holds many tables, for the banquets and feasting that always accompany any great Arcaean celebration, be they social, religious or just occasions for general revelry.
Hall of Heroes
The hall of heroes contains the records of the stories of all fallen heroes of Arcaea. Effigies tower at the sides of the chamber, serving as a solemn reminder to prospective diners of the great cost that has been paid in Arcaea's long and sometimes bloody history by these noble individuals.
Military Archives
Less brilliantly decorated then the other rooms, the Military Archives contains records of previous military campaigns and battle reports. Old weaponry and armour serve to liven the grim atmosphere.
Throne Room
A grand room, heavily guarded, at the center of the palace. The magnificent stone throne of Arcaea's monarch dominates the space, designed to impress foreign dignitaries.
Within the Royal Palace of Arcaea lies a small but impressively furnished library. Dusty shelves littered with the remnants of opulence hold rare and valuable manuscripts, many of which can be found nowhere else in the world. Some Arcaea's more studious nobles are a common sight here, when they aren't off on the war path.
Hall of Nobility
The main hall of the south wing of the palace. Large marble pillars flank the hall of nobility which leads many services within the palace. Portraits of Arcaean nobility can be found here.
Map Room
The map room contains maps of various sizes, some from years passed while others detail current statistics. The maps are scattered in various locations about the room, in slotted shelves, ornate wooden tables and decorating the walls.
The small but rich religious center of the royal palace. The morning sun casts coloured rays through the curved stained windows in this room of prayer. Holy texts and small relics decorate the walls.
Guild Halls
Where representatives of guilds attempt to attract as many nobles as possible.

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