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This is a realm that has faded into the annals of history, fallen to a relentless war against Arcaea.


The Realm of Ethiala boasts a proud history rooted in the chivalric tradition. The first Constitutional Monarchy of the Far East, Ethiala is frequently involved in world politics as a result of its geographic position on the continent. Surrounded by many realms of all sizes and histories, Ethiala holds the position as one of the only realms to control four Cities. Thus, she relies upon excellent leadership and, as a result of her loyalties and honorable dealings with the realms around her, she has formed strong alliances which have also been integral to her survival.

Ethialan nobility tends to favor traditional custom and behavior, placing a high value on rank, station, and protocol. In the past, Ethiala has brokered many diplomatic arrangements between other realms, taking an active role in negotiations and mediation and an equally active stand against treachery and ignoble acts.

The Lands and Lords of Ethiala

The Duchies, their Lords and their Vassal Regions

His Grace, Primus Baraedor - Duke of Topenah

• Feo Delgado, Count of Hupar

• Aetos DeCuir, Baron of Arempos

• Aaria Ruiri Woods, Baroness of Ahael

His Grace, Indiana Threepwood - Duke of Talex

• Alana Baraedor - Countess of Treror

His Grace, Lance Le Mont - Duke of Ozrat

• Richard Martins, Count of Pesol

His Grace, Alastor Barthalemus - Duke of Colasan

Brief History of Ethiala

For all of Ethiala's recent history, it has been one of the cornerstones of the Northern Federation, a strong alliance between the Feudal Republic of Lasanar, Ethiala, and Sartania. It has been slow to join several larger wars, taking no part in recent Nighthelm/Soliferum conflicts and only joining the great war against the Antozan Commonwealth after several months; it likewise entered the war against Arcaea only after the rebellion of Lasop. Prior to both of those wars, Ethiala assisted Lasanar in re-conquering the Duchy of Colasan on two separate occasions when their Dukes seceded from the Republic.

Ethiala was ruled for decades by King Osric Crimsonblade, who was Ethiala's first King and for many years its only King, save for a brief reign by his friend, the Duke and High Marshal Thrasymaque. More recently, King Osric finally retired, and was succeeded briefly by Duchess Kitiara of Talex, who unexpectedly retired shortly thereafter and was herself succeeded by then-High Marshal and Duke of Lasop Septimus Scarlett, cousin to the more well-known Galiard Scarlett of Lasanarian and Cathayan fame.

Ethiala was then re-organized into a Grand Duchy, with the ruler (Archduke) retaining the powers of a Monarch but not the title.

Out of Character Rules

Ethiala is considered a serious roleplaying realm and so requires that all players choose appropriate names for their characters. At an absolute minimum, characters are required to be aware of the Serious Medieval Atmosphere guidelines, and are also recommended to familiarize themselves with the RP Primer.

There are no 'RP Police' and only the most blatant out-of-character behavior (such as an inappropriate name) will result in an OOC ban. For everything else, just be aware that advancement is usually rewarded to characters who contribute to the medieval feel of Ethiala.

Constitutional Monarchy of Ethiala

The Crown of Ethiala

The Archduke of Ethiala holds considerable legislative, judicial, and executive power -- traditionally more than that wielded by the rulers of Lasanar or Sartania, particularly as the Archduke is not answerable to an electorate every month. The Crown has the final word over all matters of state and law when not constrained by the Ethialan Senate.

The Ethialan Senate

The Ethialan Senate is comprised of all of Ethiala's landed nobility, the Crown, all Crown offices, and a single, at-large member from the ranks of the un-landed nobility who must be elected every month.

The Senate has two primary purposes: it exists as an advisory body to the Crown, reviewing information deemed to sensitive for the realm at large as well as most major decisions facing the realm, and also as a check on the power of the Crown.

The authority of the Crown may be overruled by a 2/3 vote of the Senate on any issue. When the Crown is supported by either all of the Dukes of Ethiala or all of the Crown offices (Treasurer, Lord General), the Senate may not overrule the Crown; in such an instance only a public referendum in which 4/5 of Ethiala's nobility oppose the Crown may do so.

The Ethialan Senate is the only legislative body in Ethiala other than the Crown.

Members of the Senate who routinely fail to vote or participate may be brought up for dismissal from the Senate by the Crown, though this does not require the loss of their title. Such cases require a simple majority vote with the support of the Crown.

Ethialan Chivalry and Conduct

Sometimes referred to as 'the flower of Far Eastern chivalry,' Ethialan standards for conduct are among the highest in the land -- a source of praise as well as criticism. Great deference is given to nobles of higher station in address, though all nobles are free to exercise their judgment and give an opinion in public, provided that they do so with courtesy and respect. Purposefully insulting or inflammatory remarks may only be made when backed by a challenge to a duel (to surrender) -- and those are only legal in times of peace.

Nobles acting openly vulgar or otherwise ignoble may be referred to the Chancellor for disciplinary action.

These standards of conduct are enforced at all times, particularly when in the presence of foreign nobles. Exchanging insults or demeaning foreign nobles in public is expressly prohibited.

Feudal Hierarchy and Enforcement

Day-to-day affairs in Ethiala are governed by feudal compact -- in other words, region lords are responsible for the conduct and performance of their knights, and Dukes are responsible for the conduct and performance of their landed vassals. Only serious, criminal offenses such as treason are referred to the Chancellor for disciplinary actions; in other instances, liege lords are responsible for administering justice and discipline to their vassals, and may request that the Chancellor levy a fine when it is appropriate. Liege lords may not require that their vassals be banned, but they may terminate a knight's service for any reason.

If a liege lord fails to enforce the law among his or her vassals, then the lord shall be held directly responsible by the Chancellor and the Crown for their behavior, and may (at the discretion of the Crown) share in some or all of their punishment.

The Lord General of Ethiala

When a formal declaration of war has been made by the Crown, the Lord General wields the authority of the Crown in all military affairs. The Lord General is appointed by the Crown and serves at the pleasure of the Crown. All nobles of Ethiala are required to obey the Lord General's commands in any military matter in war time.

When Ethiala is not formally at war, the Lord General is charged with the supervision of militia allocation and managing the realm's recruitment centers, though final authority on both of those things rests with the pertinent Duke. Dukes have final authority over their vassals in absence of a formal declaration of war by the Crown.

The Crown may also declare a state of emergency, under which it may directly command any nobles of Ethiala for any reason at any time -- however, such a declaration may be overridden by the Senate and is meant to be used sparingly.

The Crown in agreement with the Senate may confer the title of "Warmaster Of Ethiala" upon a Lord General who distinguishes their self both on and off the battlefield far beyond the duty incumbent of the rank of Lord General. The title of Warmaster is meant to be an uncommon award because of the very high standards and exceptional skill which it represents. The title of Warmaster remains with the recipient even after leaving the post of Lord General and does not transfer to the incoming Lord General. The title is officially reset to Lord General reflecting the normal rank and title of Ethiala's General.

The first recipient of the title "Warmaster of Ethiala" was Primus Baraedor. As Duke Of Topenah he kept the region under control despite a major famine. As a Senator he helped spur Ethiala's progress and was a valuable adviser to the Crown. As Lord General he saved Ethiala from the brink of defeat, lead an impressive counteroffensive, rallied the armies of Ethiala during the crisis that ensued the death of Septimus Scarlett. He then held off two invading armies attacking on two fronts bent on destroying Ethiala, forcing both armies to retreat back into their realms before marching after the most powerful of the two, Lasanar. Primus crippled what remained of Lasanar by winning a shorthanded victory against the fortress city of Ozrat in which Ethiala was greatly outnumbered. Through his tireless actions the Crown under Keffer Leonidas felt compelled to create such a title to honor such deeds and service to the realm.

The Chancellor of Ethiala

The Chancellor of Ethiala is the highest judicial office in the land. The Chancellor is elected each quarter by the realm at large.

The Chancellor oversees all High Justice in the realm and is responsible for enforcing the Feudal Compact and for internal security. Judicial decisions are subject to oversight by the Crown, but may only be overruled if the Crown is backed by a simple majority of the Senate.

The Imperial Treasurer of Ethiala

The Imperial Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the financial management of the realm and the grain supplies. The Treasurer may request tax records from any region lord and recommend appropriate taxation procedures, though they may only be enforced if the region in question is found not to be fulfilling its feudal oath to the Crown.

The Treasurer acts as the Crown's agent in mediating financial or food supply disputes between Ethiala's lords.

Religion in Ethiala

Ethiala has no formal state religion.

Each region lord may deny permission to any one religion seeking to preach in their lands. Region lords may support any religion that has not been expressly outlawed by the Crown.

At their discretion, Dukes may outlaw any religion within their borders of their Duchy, but only with the support of the Crown.

Heroes Of Ethiala

Septimus Scarlett Archduke Of Ethiala who died defending Ethiala. His skill as a warrior and diplomat made Ethiala's victory and survival possible.

Primus Baraedor Ethiala's first Warmaster. His actions as Lord General during one of the worst wars in Ethiala's history ensured Ethiala would not perish.

Malakis An Ethialan infiltrator who was executed by Lasanar after being caught making a mess of the enemy realm and fustrating the enemies war effort.

Thrasymaque A legendary General and Duke of Ethiala. He was said to be an integral part of Ethiala's success and survival in its early days.

Osric Crimsonblade King of Ethiala who was a master diplomat. He strengthened Ethiala through shrewd actions and averted many major wars with his calm words. His presence in the politics of the island kept the peace for an unprecedented long time. He was the longest reigning ruler of Ethiala to date.

Ethiala.jpg Ethiala.jpg
(Flag) ([[1]])
Location of Ethiala
Continent / Island Far East
Capital City Topenah, Jewel of the Far East
Largest City Topenah
Government System Monarchy (Grand Duchy)

Keffer Leonidas
Primus Baraedor
Indiana Threepwood
Bastian Ruiri Woods

Region Numbers 9
Population High
Food Production Average