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Ethialan History (most recent first)


Through a series of intricate alliances and agreements between the major powers of the Far East combined with the current events, this secrecy and distrust has led to opening of the greatest war the Far East has ever seen. Only a few days ago Taith Aenil rejected the conditions set down by Ethiala and her allies and has now declared war upon the Theocracy hoping to deal a crushing blow to their rampant anti-Lasanarism. However, due to an unexpected move from Arcaea which committed its armies to the defense of its ally, immediate conflict in Larmebsi was abated and the respective armies have now returned to their own realms. However, as the diplomatic situation deteriorates many more battles, of a larger scale are more than imminent....

Confusion in Topenah

Whilst Lady Evelyn was away on a holiday, it appears that her position as Duchess of Topenah has been usurped by Serko. There is much confusion as to how this happened, as Serko was not appointed by the King. Rumours circulate that he bribed certain city officials into granting him the deeds. Serko himself cannot be found for comment, and the people of Ethiala are left with no current choice but to accept this turn of events.


The city of Topenah has just held a tournament to mark the coming of the New Year. Attended by over 50 nobles from many different realms, the tournament was a great success. Nobdy from the Grand Lodge was victorious in the Swordfighting section, with Mercutio from Batesaor the runner-up, whilst in the Joust, Sarig from Nighthelm successfully defeated Aethelwulf from Ethiala in the final.

Allied Defense

With the Lasanar army engaged in the Highlands, a large joint force from Taith Aenil and Svunnetland attemped to assault the Lasanar city of Colasan. It fell to Ethiala to help out her close ally, which she did. Ethialan troops held the city whilst the Taith Aenil forces broke against it's walls. Svunnetland, for reasons of her own, chose not to attack with the Taith Aenil force. With the TA force now beating a hasty retreat, Ethiala was free to leave Colasan in the safe hands of it's home defenders, who were soon able to see off the remaining Svunnetland troops.

Ruler problems

King Thrasymaque was wounded by an unknown infiltrator, although sources suspect someone within the realm ranks itself. In the immediately following election, Serko became the new ruler of Ethiala. However, due to protests of mistrust in Serko, and cries for a fairer election in which more people were given the chance to vote, the new King was forced to step down. In the next election, Thrasymaque was proclaimed the rightful ruler of Ethiala once more.


Ethiala is at war with her close neighbour, Arcaea. The conflict recently intensified when Arcaea publically executed by stoning a noble of Ethiala whom they captured after battle. The two sides remain remarkably evenly matched, although Ethiala is the only one to have made a foray into enemy territory so far.