Baraedor Family

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The Baraedor Family

The Baraedor family originates in a townsland region called Clyderee. It is a region of Carelia in Atamara. The family mansion is ever improving, with the actions of the children of this prestigious line bringing the family renown and wealth.
The Baraedor family is closely related to the Grancourt Family. The children of the Baraedor family and the Grancourt family are cousins.

Peace Treaty

== Bartho ==

Bartho is the eldest male child of the Baraedor family. He grew up quickly and was always the first to defend his families name, when it came under jibes for not being the most famous of the nobility. As a result, he is a master of the sword, and has become a Hero of Carelia, and one day will be referred to as one of the Iron Hearts of Carelia, it is one of Bartho's life ambitions. He was briefly the Count of Forblane, before he had to turn over his region to the Cagilan Empire as part of a peace treaty.
He is now a fully established member of the Carelian Senate and the Judge of Carelia, was the Royal Treasurer, High Marshall, Count of Oyonnairre and Marshall of The Blades of Carelia.

== Jadine Baraedor ==

Jadine is the most beautiful female of the Baraedor family, and it is thought by some that she resembles the Elves of Sirion. This was never a problem for her in Perdan where she made her name fighting against those, and many other foul "nobles" of Ibladesh, Fontan and Sirion. She moved to Perdan of East Island, early on in her life, when she was 17, and started to make a great many friends there. It was a great realm, and had many powerful nobles, but a war against 3 other realms of low honour forced a demoralising peace treaty, and she left to find another place to gain in power to one day bring vengeance on those who forced that peace. She is a wandering hero who has held battle in Perdan, and now in Beluaterra in Joppo, and Heen.
She was the Countess of Hcallow, Duchess of Tahgalez, and is now the Judge of Heen and a member of the Great Malika's Council. She fights against all realms who serve Daimons, including Sint, one of Heen's oldest allies.

== Braegon Baraedor == (retired)

Braegon, like Bartho, was a noble of Carelia, but found that a life of battle was not for him, and he went home to look after his families mansion in Clyderee during Bartho's absence. It is possible that he would come out to battle if needed.

== Alana Baraedor ==

She is the youngest noble to come from the Baraedor family so far, and is yet to make a name for herself. She has not yet chosen a career path, but has been a trader and a bureaucrat, but does not think that therein lies her true calling. She followed her sister Jadine to Joppo and then Heen. She has gained much honour since being in Heen, and briefly visited Perdan to see the great nobles that Jadine had mentioned to her. Queen Evangeline, Duke Maelg, and Count Magnus were as impressive as she had been told. She married Seamus O'Deighaidh, the King of the Celts, and lost him to the afterlife, in battle to the Daimons of Vlaanderen.

== Primus Baraedor ==

Primus Baraedor began a life of adventure in Ethiala after leaving his family mansion to escape his duties as a noble. He journeyed around the Far East for a long time, fighting undead and monsters and travelling with his good friends Charlotte, Darimad, Reika and Clarissa. He had many unique items made for him by sages and wizards in almost all the realms of the Far East. Most notably, he sold two great items to Duke Driazt of Colasan. He now is a noble fighting for Ethiala against Arcaea. He is currently the Lord General of Ethiala, Count of Pesol, and the Marshall of the Grand Ethialan Army.