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One of three non human characters, Daimons are the most powerful creatures to have walked the Worlds. Said to be once inhabit of the Abyss, they now live upon the land, praying on the realms of men. They were first encountered on Beluaterra during the Third Invasion.

They are also found on Dwilight, and are thought to be native to the barren wastelands to the west.

Daimons are close to invincible and have varying features from 7 eyes to spider-like legs, dragonish looks to near human appearances. They are less a race, and more an amalgamation of many races. They have been known to convert whole regions into "breeding grounds", least seen during the invasion on Beluaterra. It has been theorised that this is what they are trying to achieve in south western Dwilight, destroying whole regions of land for their own purposes. It is also theorised that many more powerful Daimons can control bands of monsters that roam the wild regions, being able to send masses of them into an inhabited region prior to the first daimon wave.

They control several regions on Dwilight, including Dragon's Roost, a holy site for several religions on the continent.

Daimons of Beluaterra

The Daimons of Beluaterra are lead by a daimon that calls herself Prudent. Under Prudent are many Daimon lords that command Daimon armies. Jobo's Mouth and surrounding regions are known for daimon activity. Jobo's mouth is rumored to be the site of a portal that connects the Netherworld to Beluaterra. Whether or not this is true, the Daimons closely guard the peak. Few humans live in these regions, having either the sense to flee or being eaten.

Various other locations on Beluaterra are the sites of Daimon nests. These locations are mostly rural regions near either the ocean or a major river. Several Daimon nests have been destoryed

A partial list of names of Daimon lords encountered: Avante, Collector, Imperi, Keeper, Menacing, Observer, Palla, Predator (deceased), Primal, Prudent, and Warden II.

Daimons of the Fourth Invasion

At the start of the Fourth Invasion the following Daimon Lords appeared: Argent, Hedonic, Nyx, and Seer. (additional daimon lords to be added as identified)

Daimons of the Fifth Invasion

Unlike the previous invasions, Daimons sent their priests, they were called 'Sons', before their invasion. While Sons caused confusion among the men of Beluaterra, a daimon called Overlord, with his generals (Nightfall, Midnight, Darkest Hour, Blight Daimon), rampaged through the continent.