Grand Lodge of Lunaria

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Grand Lodge of Lunaria

Grand-lodge-icon.pngHistory of the Lunarians

"The beginning of the Grand Lodge of Lunaria is one of war unlike what it was founded for, peace. The succession was long in development in the mind of Lady Annwn when the unrest in the Republic of Soliferum grew greater and greater. The void begin its older nobles and its new arrivals got to a point where the most noble of the realm were insulting one another in front of the whole realm. Then Duchess Annwn secceeded her city under orders from the gods to found a theocracy. Soon after it was announced, I, Alpha followed and joined her in Ortedail and waited on the wrath of Soliferum to bear its mighty weight down upon us. At first we were few in number until I sent word to my guild brothers, those of ~V~ most responded and some even came and joined."

"The Lodge has been in difficult times off and on. I will continue where Alpha left off as best as I can. As Alpha has said the ~V~ responded. The ~V~ had long watched over the Lodge as well. Eventually though the Chaos Requiem rose up. Its evils and those of Judges unable to remove them slowly drove the ~V~ out. In the end the ~V~ members left one by one. Most left the realm. The realm began to fall apart. At one point Alpha as the Pontifex decided to break our long standing peace. We were finally going to fight. A large amount of arguing and protesting erupted and Alpha left the realm. We were now stuck on a defensive position in a big war. Before he left though he removed Pierre Reynald from his Judge position, and I, Ziode, was put in his place. I quickly set to work and removed the Chaos Requiem from our lands. During this we had Kuniyoshi as Pontifex. Things were peaceful for a while, but as usual things were very tense with our ally Soliferum. Then when Kuniyoshi stepped down chaos erupted again. The outcome was Eirik II's re-election. Brian however rebelled, and took over."

"Being an honourable man, Brian felt that he could not remain ruler, and soon abdicated in favour of Ziode. Ziode led the realm peacefully for a long while, until neighbouring Soliferum left us no choice but to defend our ways in battle. Many factors led to Lunaria's defeat, and Ziode negotiated a cease-fire whose requirements included his resignation, as well as that of the entire council. Sir Thomahawk led Lunaria for a short while, leaving to research ocean currents and larbster migrations. The Lady Anya Merry-Fionn, widow of Tiernan Fionn, founder of the Twilight, was chosen to follow him."

Brian Fionn's History is yet another document detailing the Grand Lodge's history.

Grand-lodge-icon.pngFounding of the Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge was founded by Annwn, Duchess of Ortedail "at the orders of the gods." The founding was bitterly contested by Soliferum, which stood to lose the western half ot it's realm. This sparked the War for the independence of the Grand Lodge, which ultimately succeeded in gaining international recognition for Lunarian sovereignty and eventually established an uneasy peace.

Grand-lodge-icon.pngHoly Council

Pontifex Paladin Primus Haruspex Maximus Fiduciary
Anya Merry-Fionn Kalaran Gialon Excalibur

The Holy Council, currently the Lunarian Council, is charged with the welfare of the people of the Grand Lodge, primarily to ensure that the studies that go on there can be conducted without fear of invasion and that the resources are in place for it's continued existance.

Grand-lodge-icon.pngCurrent Nobles

  • Anya
  • Cotys
  • Dillion
  • Enrique
  • Eribor
  • Excalibur
  • Fredrick
  • Gialon
  • Giles
  • Heinrich
  • Johnathan
  • Jose
  • Julian
  • Kalaran
  • Laura
  • Lionel
  • Lu'Sinda
  • Meike
  • Marelda(Paused indefinitely)
  • Merlin II
  • Octavus
  • Perclitor - on/off member
  • Pierre Reynald
  • San
  • Sean
  • Thalathafn
  • Thomahawk
  • Tiernan
  • Ziode

Grand-lodge-icon.pngRegions of the Realm

Duchy of Ortedail

Lorded over by the Lady Cotys, this Duchy boasts the following regions: Ortedail City, the capitol of the realm and home to many of the schools that are hosted by the Grand Lodge. This city also boasts the following resources:

2 Infantry centres 1 Special Forces centre 1 Archer centre Banner Manufacture Weapon/Armour Smiths Marketplace Caravan Workshop Academy


Once one of the twin cities of the Republic of Soliferum, Ortedail since the Secession has become it's distinct and independent city.

Walled, the fortress of Ortedail is called Orlock, and features seven towers, a dungeon, and the Duke's Keep. The Steward of Ortedail is Lord Edgar. The Fountain of Luna is a peaceful addition found in the courtyard of the keep, and a place of spiritual meditation.

The Grand Lodge itself is found on a hill overlooking the harbor, constructed of wood and maintained by a clerical, humanistic order of monks.

West Ortedail, known as Inland, is downwind of the rest of the city for most of the year, and is home to tanners, watercarriers, shoemakers, butchers and other assorted commoners.

East Ortedail, known as the Docks, is home to a busy sea-trading facility; coopers, ropemakers, sailmakers, shipwrights, sailors, cooks, fishmongers, fishers, furriers.

The North Side is wealthiest, home to the mansions of the noble houses of Ortedail, artisans, painters, sculptors, rugmakers, tailors, weavers, chandlers, bookbinders, spice merchants.

The wooded South Side is home to lumberjacks, farmers, carpenters, woodsellers and taverns by the road known as Black Street.

Ten Foot Rock is a tiny island just off the coast a few miles from Ortedail, with a population of 120 or so; mostly fishers, sailors, smugglers.

Taverns of Ortedail

  • Birchwood Inn - This cosy establishment has 12 rooms and two storeys and sells decent beer and ale. Nearly anyone is welcome in this tavern, and little that goes on here remains private.
  • Crescent Tavern - Bovo Stotdi, a spice merchant, owns and operates this ikrif bar with a popular set of three female dancers. The tavern has a reputation for pleasure and risk.
  • The Golden Trout - A non-descript place whose barkeep is eager to please. There is always a cozy fire, although the tables are often somewhat sticky.

Spice Merchants Guild

The Spice Merchants Guild is a proto-corporation run by the 9 sellers/traders of various spices and herbs (including illegal ones) in and around Ortedail. It meets once per season to discuss price fixing and the general state of business in the city, and dominates the economic centre.

Noble Houses of Ortedail (NPC)

  • House Justment, the eldest and most respected of Ortedail's native nobility. It is lead by Valkos.
  • House Ternasi, the poorest. Lead by Dorein, a Spice Merchant who uses ikrif and has four wives and no children, it is nonetheless a noble and respected house among the townsfolk.
  • House Lockmar, of whom Lord Edgar is the Steward of Ortedail and the master of Orlock.

Spice Merchants Guildmembers (NPC)

  • Valkos of Justment is the Chairman of the Guild and wields considerable power.
  • Dorein of Ternasi is debt-poor and fat, but has influence with his fellow spice merchants.
  • Hatsez is noted for his pro-Republican views and was not born here, but rather in Osaliel.
  • Nolen owns several coastal and oceanic ships and exports spices in profitable but dangerous expeditions to Atamara and the East Continent.
  • Kononder was born in Nighthelm, served as an infantryman during the war of Secession and lost an eye. He since then personally leads his own caravans in the southlands.
  • Lector is almost solely concerned with the trade of ikrif, which he buys directly from Idaol farmers.
  • Ibash is a courtier in the Duke's Palace.
  • Kakosh is said to be dishonest, but has the ear of the police of the city because of his original occupation as sherrif.
  • Golovny is the youngest spice merchant and is also quite religious, following the old religion of the great Svunnetland Empire.

The County of Dsinanas has been recently been assigned to Sir San to manage. This is a critical point of entry for Friendly armies that may assist our efforts.

2 Archer centres 1 Infantry centre

Along with the above infrastructure, the Former Count Valius has erected a Guild Hall for the Hall of Blood and Battle in the region in order to support that guild in it's tactical support of the realm. Disianas is famed for two regiments- the Lunarian Ashigaru and the Disianas Longbowmen. The Ashigaru are a tightly discplined regiment of peasent-soldiers, who wear leather lamellar armour and carry an assortment of axes and blunt weapons. The Longbowmen are experienced foresters and gameskeepers, and many have practiced since youth with their trademark weapon, a Longbow called a "Daikyu", famed for its unusual curve and awesome power.

Grand-lodge-icon.png Heroes of the Grand Lodge of Lunaria

  • Annwn - The founder of the Grand Lodge - vanished : UPDATE - After three years in hiding Annwn was captured by soldiers in Soliferum and executed.
  • Olwe Cuthalion, fell to Soliferum Forces in Todpitz. Traveled far from his home in Antoza to aid us.
  • Trenton Lankmere, fell to Soliferum Forces in his own region of Todpitz. Joined our realm from Batesaor soon ascending to Haruspex Maximus and count of Todpitz.
  • Shard, also a former Soliferum noble, was captured and executed by that realm during a past war.
  • Maltheo, fell in Ansopen. A former Fiduciary and once a Soliferum noble. He joined Antoza Commonwealth, and then left for the League of Anacan where he died in a duel to the death against Valius.
  • Valius, Founder of the Hall of Blood and Battle, fell in Anacan. A former warrior of Lunaria, and a large influence around the Far East. Valius is the founder of the ~V~ Hall of Blood and Battle, and died in a duel to the death against Lu'an of the League of Anacan.
  • Brian-set sail for the East Continent, now deceased
  • Tiernan-founded the Twilight faith, was martyred in distant lands while serving the goddess Luna.

Other Past Nobles

  • Glorawarthien, once of Soliferum, recently left the realm to join Svunnetland.
  • Alpha, Former Pontifex and formerly a member of Soliferum,left to join Nighthelm
  • Jvoran - banned for planning to overthrow the Lodge
  • MinSaga - Former Haruspex - disappeared (Character deleted)
  • Benjamin - banned for planning to overthrow the Lodge (ban lifted to allow his continued trading, but not welcome to join)
  • Bleandula - left to join Nighthelm
  • Erlang - Banned for planning to over throw the Lodge, later executed by Hoshi
  • Dannon - left for Beluaterra
  • Gracus - left for Beluaterra
  • Valarya - left for South East Island
  • Styx - left for Beluaterra
  • Na'ix - left for South East Island
  • Zerrigo - left or Beluaterra
  • Alex - left for the unknown (Character deleted)
  • Tristan - left to unknown areas (Character deleted)
  • Donnie - dead (Character deleted)
  • Sanctur - disappeared (Character deleted)
  • Steale - disappeared (Character deleted)
  • simplist - disappeared
  • Kuniyoshi - disappeared
  • Zeriel - killed as a priest by an infiltrator

Current Events

War has broken out in the south with Nighthelm and Lunaria facing Soliferum due to a treaty broken by Soliferum.