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Maltheo Olik, portrait as the Minister of Finances for Soliferum.


Maltheo of the House of Olik the youngest son of old Trostian Olik, and he shares traits with both his elder brothers. Although he set out with the warrior's spirit of Oleg, and is adept at swordplay (having mentored at the Republican Conservatory of Osaliel), he has taken to a more peaceful life, avoiding duels and battle. He does have some of the ambition and political cunning of Gauihu, and though he began his career in Nighthelm, he joined Soliferum after a tour in it's dungeons, then in the hands of Grand Justiciar Annwn.


After being titled Count of Cutnipaniel he later accepted the title of Duke of Osaliel. He is known for recruiting archers from Cutnipaniel, whom he termed the Eastern Bowmen and involved himself in their training. As the Finance Minister of the Soliferum Republic, helping to fight a war against secessionist Lunaria and the Commonwealth of Antoza, he apparently wanted to be known as a Merchant Lord or Trade Lord, and was often seen making a food-trade run from Osaliel to Batesaor.

He was later imprisoned by Lunaria after coming to Ortedail to negotiate a peace treaty. Released early, he found himself without title and, after a brief time as Grand Justiciar, lost a second close re-election to Cid. During his period as Judge, which lasted just a few days, he tried and banished Lady Ariana and another noble for conspiring to commit treason. He also took ten men from the Senate Guards and began patrolling the streets of Osaliel regularly, arresting suspected rebels and searching for the assassin known as Aspire, who made an attempt on the Prime Minister's life.

He developed a personal relationship with Conan, Prime Minister, aiding and supporting his rule loyally until Conan's fear that he would not vote for him forced him to appoint someone else as Duke of Osaliel. This began a falling-out in which Maltheo began to see that Conan was a tyrant and that he had been fighting on the wrong side (this belief was also supported by the death of the hero Olwe, which he later began to feel irrationally guilty for).

Grand Lodge of Lunaria

He committed treason by joining the Grand Lodge, taking about 300 in gold gifted to him by Diaremesis, and writing many letters to his friends and even one to his brother Gauihu. He was visited by the hero Trenton, then the Judge of that realm, just before Trenton rode into his last battle. Afterwards, Maltheo was set free, and almost immediately was elected to the Banker position.

He stayed with the Grand Lodge for several months, managing the small realm's trade and finances, during which he co-founded the Far East Trading Company along with AJ, then the banker of Antoza. It was also during this time that he met Alaina, daughter of Feldric, and the two began an off-an-on relationship. Maltheo also began to heavily use ikrif and have visions.

His stay in the Grand Lodge was one of influence and conflict. He had a difficult time persuading the realm's council to act against Nobdy (and the Chaos Requiem), though even now he suspected that Nobdy had somehow contacted evil spirits to manifest, resulting in a monster attack against the capital of Ortedail. He also had personal troubles with Pierre Reynald, after learning from Olwe that the man had committed treason in the form of plotting rebellion and then looting his homeland of the Antoza Commonwealth. These and other issues of politics tired him and he began looking for a new home long before he wound up leaving.

Antoza Commonwealth

He left the Grand Lodge to join the Antoza Commonwealth, thinking that at last he had found his true home. His visions had also taken him into the arms of Communionism, a religion he and AJ (Duke of Taop) began centering around the existing ritual use of ikrif amongst various peoples of the Far East.

His time in the Commonwealth was largely uneventful, except for making peace at last with Olwe the Bold, and his son. He dedicated himself to supporting Olwe of Toren, hearing from the spirit of Olwe the Bold that the man was "destined for greatness."

League of Anacan

Not two months had gone by when a new Age had begun in Anacan, and he felt himself swept along with it. Olwe, son of a great hero who had come to Maltheo in revelatory visions, founded a new realm and he joined with it. He was appointed to his now-traditional role of Minister of Finances, though he remained a Priest, spreading Communionism throughout the new realm and using it to help unify with the now-reduced Antoza Commonwealth. Later he was elected Prime Minister when Lu'an stepped down.

In all his travels, he managed to persuade Alaina to follow with him.


Maltheo's challenges came quickly when, after getting rumors and reports of coming attacks on his realm, the armies of Soliferum, Sanctum of Casshern, the Antoza Commonwealth moved into Ansopen and began taking it over.

He spent a few days writing letters, hoping that the truth and honour alone would sway the hearts and minds of other rulers. But the more he wrote, the less good it seemed to do; Svunnetland and eventually, Nighthelm both broke their alliances with the League of Anacan.

Faced with the destruction of his realm at the hands of Valius (who was the first to declare war, and used the basis of Maltheo not being "right" to rule), Corey and Conan, he finally decided that the best way to settle it would be a duel to the death. He first challenged Conan, who refused; and then Valius, who did not.

They met in Ansopen, entered a dueling pit, and after managing to wound Valius, Maltheo was stabbed through the chest and died. Winter arrived on that very morning.

(He died at age 28, with 45 Honour and 22 Prestige. His dueling strategy was "Trick Moves.")


  • Began his career in the Kingdom of Nighthelm 2005-02-06
  • Left Nighthelm after battle and imprisonment to join Soliferum 2005-03-02
  • Appointed as Soliferum's Minister of Finances 2005-07-02
  • Appointed as Count of Cutnipaniel 2005-07-02
  • Appointed as Duke of Osaliel 2005-08-15
  • Elected as Grand Justiciar of Soliferum 2005-08-30
  • Left Soliferum to join the Grand Lodge of Lunaria 2005-09-29
  • Elected as Fiduciary of Lunaria 2005-10-01
  • Re-elected as Fiduciary of Lunaria 2005-10-13
  • Left the Grand Lodge to join the Antoza Commonwealth 2005-03-02
  • Left the Antoza Commonwealth to join the League of Anacan 2006-05-21
  • Appointed as Minister of Finances for the League of Anacan 2006-05-21
  • Appointed as Duke of Anacan 2006-07-08
  • Held the "Council of A.M.M" 2006-07-25
  • Elected as Prime Minister of the League of Anacan 2006-08-01
  • Died in a duel against Valius 2006-08-22


These are some of Maltheo's personal contacts.


  • Banad

Banad is Maltheo's in-house serf with ad opus status, serving his lord with labor instead of money rent. He cooks, cleans and performs other miscellaneous functions. Since Maltheo is a mere noble now, Banad now represents the majority of Maltheo's servants, and tends to the small house Maltheo owns in Anacan.

  • Mutan (deceased)

Mutan was Maltheo's scout and scribe, educated in Osaliel but having moved to Ortedail five years ago. He was responsible for addressing many of the Fiduciary's messages. Since his torture at the hands of Viracocha and subsequent breaking of his right hand, Maltheo preferred to dictate letters rather than write them himself. Mutan died of illness brought on by cold, somewhere in the mountains of Haul and Razrpot, and since then Maltheo has taken to writing his own letters again.

  • Golein (current whereabouts unknown)

Golein was Maltheo's caravan driver, 38 years of age. His caravan consists of four chained wagons, pulled by work horses and mules, as well as various other hanger-ons. When Maltheo gave up trading last, the two parted ways.

  • Greanly (current whereabouts unknown)

Greanly is a tax collector for Lunaria, who spends much of his time at the docks of Ortedail, handling customs and making sure no one evades import or docking fees. His age is uncertain but thought to be in the mid-forties. He has a large, rounded nose, a ruddy, sweaty complexion, and has a drinking habit. As far as Maltheo knows he still lives in Ortedail, but the two are no longer acquainted.

  • Zalvein, Roul

These were two of Maltheo's caravan guards, swordsmen from Ortedail, who now serve Maltheo as squires and friends. Zalvein is the strong one, while Roul is red-haired. Zalvein is a trained scout, while Roul knows some battlefield medicine.

  • Gorbscht, Eosan, Uisan (current whereabouts unknown)

These three men also made up Maltheo's caravan guards, all swordsmen trained in Ortedail. Zalvein the Strong, Gorbscht the Tall, Roul the Red-Haired, Eosan and Uisan, the twin brothers. Gorbscht once got a moderate case of frostbite in his ill-protected feet in the mountains of Haul, but got help from healers in Mashakon, Nighthelm.

  • Albar

Albar is actually a grey warhorse, currently harnassed for common travel, belonging to Maltheo. As far as warhorses go, she is relatively unremarkable, but is quite striking amongst the common palfreys and ponies of his caravan. She's been ridden in at least two tournaments.

META Character Notes

(This information is not available for public IC consumption/RP)

Unlike his elder brother, Maltheo is rather open-minded when it comes to his worldview, as is evidenced by his long-term habit of shifting realms and ideaologies. His spiritual side began to manifest with his use of ikrif, a habit which also has the unfortunate side effect of addiction and potential mental problems. As he ages he is increasingly likely to experience those problems, despite the peace and calm he gets from the religion he has co-founded (and is currently the only remaining founder).

Also unlike his brother, he is capable of love and by far the less cruel. He has maintained, since meeting Alaina, a bittersweet romance with both heights of passion and long periods of isolation and angst. Generally, however, his sense of duty (and now faith) overrule his personal desires, inspiring him often to self-censor his true wants in favor of politics and honour.

Maltheo, were he a D&D character, would likely be Neutral-Good with an inclination towards either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral, depending on how his struggle with ikrif, politics and romance turns out.

The youngest of three brothers, he finds his father Trostian and his brother Gauihu distasteful and intimidating; one reason why his career began in the Far East and not Abington. It is also possible that he was abused growing up. The irony of this continuing intimidation is that he is more than likely stronger, both physically and mentally, than his brother Gauihu, but his childhood memory is one of nothing but repression and fear, so he is unlikely to act against him. (Though Gauihu himself, ever the paranoid, would never believe that.)