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The house of Olik originated in the County of Rustton, in the Kingdom of Abington, on the continent of Atamara. A small river region, Rustton had always been overshadowed in history by the presence of Stoneville to the south and mighty Riverholm to the north. When Oleg Olik, the eldest of three noble children, decided he had had enough of the boredom of idle time at the Olik manor and emigrated to South-West Island, the name of Olik was set on a course that would eventually lead to fame - or perhaps infamy.

Olik Manor


The pater familia of the House of Olik was, up til his death, Trostian Olik, a fourth generation Abington noble with the respected status of a retired knight - and the respected wealth of of about 6,000 in gold. The manor house is still modest (for an Abington noble), but presents a pleasant and commanding look over the fields and the road to the village. Trostian was reputed to be moderately generous but standoffish. His unmarried daughter, Takani, lives at home after barely escaping Beluaterra before the last invasion; War-scarred and seeking quiet and isolation.

The land is a bump in a stream which feeds into the Riverholm River pouring into the Ash Sea to the north, about an hour's journey from the seat of the County and the residence of Lord SH. The woods around the area contain pheasants and geese, flax, and Olik's serfs are known to grow apples of fine quality. The stream contains a specie of mountain river fish which can grow up to two and a half feet in length and are very oily in taste when in season.

There are eight men-at-arms vassal to the House who help guard the estate and enforce shire law in the attendant village, whose inhabitants total about 120. The village is called 'Slet' by the locals. Traders rarely make stops here, but travelers from Matakonis, Stoneville, Riverholm, even Monagle are common and often receive good welcome by the peasants. The Oliks retain one physician, Kulmos of Hratmi, whose services can sometimes be rendered to the stranded and wounded, especially during war, or for low fees in general.

Recently, Kulmos of Hratmi witnessed and confirmed the death of Trostian, leaving Gauihu, at 31 years of age and the known, eldest and living son, to inherit the family's wealth and manor.

Family Symbols

The family crest consists of an eagle, being strangled by a snake, being impaled by two crossed swords with red jewels in them. A ruby-jeweled ring that Gauihu wears is a family heirloom and symbol, as are two ruby-jeweled war-swords currently residing in Olik Manor.


The steward of the estates is a man named Jan Tolmy, son of Yari Tolmy. The lady of the house, Ereihu, died last April, and Trostian's demented brother Asov, lives in the manor house. (He would have stood to inherit the family house, but for his status as a mentally unfit.) With Oleg's life and ability to inherit in serious question, Gauihu was the only one in a position to inherit the manor, and this was confirmed by Jan Tolmy.

The Olik family is moderately famous; Oleg had made a name for himself as General of the ill-fated realm of Ikalak on the South-West Island, and Maltheo's position as Banker, Count and later Duke of a Far Eastern land had made it into many letters home and in a few scribe's notes at the busier marketplaces of the world. However, it is Gauihu's position in the highly visible government of Abington which has gotten his name and his family's recognition.

House Olik

The Olik Family can trace their origins back to Altham Olik, whose two sons both married, had children and became the two Septs of the family (the Olegs and the Braegs). The Olegs settled and largely remained in Abington, and are also referred to as the Abington Oliks. The Braegs, however, spread out beyond the borders of the home country. It wasn't until Oleg (son of Trostian) moved to the South-West Island that the Abington Oliks ventured beyond their borders.

For the most part, the two septs interact very little with each other. Gauihu, for example, hadn't met Elerik Taim since childhood, nor Athys II (until Athys returned home at age 23). Although both Gauihu and Athys lived in the same realm (Abington) for a time, their relationship was hardly cordial, and Athys in fact participated in the two rebellions ousting his cousin.

Family Feuds, Relations and Politics


The family was united with the D'Anglos Family by way of marriage between Gauihu and Armitage III. Contact has been broken with this family.

The family has friends in the Selemnir Family, by way of Maltheo's courtship of Alaina, and Gauihu's comradery with the hero Feldric. Contact has been broken with this family.

The family is also generally friendly with the Von Katzing Family, mostly by way of Gauihu's comradery with Ulric. Contact has been broken with this family.


There is an interesting antagonism between the Oliks and the McGahees. In the Far East, Maltheo began a long-standing opposition to Conan, whose rule of Soliferum he once supported and later considered tyrannical. Maltheo also fell afoul of Renquest. In Atamara, Gauihu (who to this day knows nothing of Maltheo's politics) began a rivalry with Moses, as both were Arch Priests of their warring kingdoms. Gauihu also forced Renquest to leave Abington when he joined that kingdom, threatening to banish and execute him when it was clear Renquest had joined for less than welcome reasons.

Gauihu made enemies of the Primus Family as well, after banishing LDB and strongly opposing DRP. Doc's Revenge has decreed that the entire family is on his Personal Death List.

Because of the Vashmere Family's actions in Abington (from Victor Von, to Vatticus, to Dafayo), Gauihu has generally no patience for them now and the feeling is mutual.

Kronos, of Carelia, quickly made Gauihu a personal enemy by declaring him a fool, a coward and a "dead man." Kronos also threatened Athys II after the sacking of a temple of Evgenism, making it a family dispute.

As Arch Priest of Abington, Gauihu made enemies (and a few corpses) of many nobles; whether this could extend to the entire family is largely undetermined.

As King (the "Mad King") of Abington, Gauihu alienated large, vocal segments of the population of Abington in his last week, first by falsely accusing Duke Spiritmonger of treason, forcing one secession (Aquitaine), and then by rashly declaring war on the Cagilan Empire, prompting another secession (Caergoth) with announcements of two more to follow. His unwillingness to part with the crown, his accusations of falsified-nobility, more declarations of war, even the murder of his own son lead to two rebellions. These events left Gauihu, and by extension the Olik Family, with many powerful enemies. It is likely that much of the animosity leading to Athys II's downfall was transferred from prevailing anti-Gauihu views.

Elerik Taim, as the zealous High Priest of the Adgharhin, has made a few powerful enemies over the course of his career, though none have taken it to a level of family feuding.

Player Characters

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