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Abington was one of the most notable of Atamaran Realms, boasting an abundant population of both nobles and commoners, and at one time the highest population, highest number of regions, and highest number of duchies in Atamara.

Geographically, it was the southernmost realm in Atamara, split by the Great River flowing from the Monagle Mountains down to the Suville Delta. It's diverse territories continued into the Ash Sea Islands in the north, into Tarkhog in the north-west.

Abington died in a series of secessions in 2007. The realms of Caergoth, Protectorate of Magnus, and Suville were formed out of her old lands. Apparently, King Gauihu Olik became insane and caused great instability among the nobility. At the same time, their last ally Redspan was invaded by a coalition lead by their former ally, Carelia, and Abington was unable to prevent Redspan's fall. This loss created a fracture that ultimately resulted in the invasion of Abington, two rebellions, and the splintering of the various Duchies. After Gauihu fled the continent after the second rebellion, a short-lived and much smaller Republic of Abington was born. Caergoth took what was left of Abington after the secessions.


Abington was for most of its existence a Monarchy, with a clear line of succession of reigning monarchs. Among the earliest were I Will Survive, who betrayed the Kingdom to Antioch (and was executed for this years later by Gauihu). Other elder monarchs include the most recent Queen, Armitage III, and Drago Dragonheart who was slain by Doc's Biatch. After Drago, Gabriel, Carriantor, Armitage III and Gauihu presided over the Throne. The last was virtually overthrown by two rebellions and fled the continent, allowing for the short-lived Birth of the Republic.

The Grand Council

The first governmental organization setup after the formation of the Republic, the Grand Council consisted of ten nobles, including all ducal lords and government members. You can see the former government agencies within the Riverholm Archives.

The Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense consisted of the Marshals of the Armies, the High Marshal, the Monarch, the Judge, and other important and experienced military veterans of the realm. It was a purely practical body, designed to serve as a forum for discussion of tactics, strategy and reports.

Laws of the Land

Notable Nobles of the Realm

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Fallen Heros

  • Feldric Selemnir: Fell (December 4th/2005) during a battle in Ash'rily, ASI. Lest we forget.
  • Drago Dragonheart: Slain in Duel by Lady Doc's Biatch (April 11th/06).
  • Deschain Occam: Fell doing battle with Tara in Tandsu (June 22/2006).
  • Elantus Shardblade: Slain in a duel to the death with Shilock of ASI (June 24/2006)
  • Huillam D'Averc: Fell during a battle in Wayburg (July 31/06).
  • Nimrod O'Davidson: Commited suicide before being hung by Moses of ASI (Sep. 05/06).
  • Hadrial Kyrhon: Fell during a battle in Dampinn (Sep. 10/06).
  • Grand Poobah, Duke of Stoneville: Fell during a battle in Stargard (July 17/07)

Other Notable Nobles


There are numerous documents from throughout Abington's history.



Official Guilds & Religions

There were two officials guilds in Abington. The Abington First guild was dedicated to Abington, but was never recognized by Abington as an official guild.

Abington enjoyed a religious freedom and toleration, and therefore there was no official state-sponsored religion of Abington. However, the following religions do enjoy significant influence within Abington's borders.

Riverholm Archives

Here is where the tales of the Ancient Days are stored, where crumbling accounts and illuminated manuscripts are stored safe from time and wear, to pass on the history of the realm of Abington.

Abington smcrest.png
Location of Abington
Continent / Island Atamara
Capital Riverholm
Largest City Suville
Government System

Prime Minister
Minister of Defense
Grand Justiciar
Minister of Finances


Lion El'Jonson
Grand Poobah Jr

Region Numbers 16
Population 204173 (3rd)
Abington smcrest.png Duchies and Regions of the Republic of Abington Abington smcrest.png
Imperial Regions

Wynford | Matakonis

Duchy of Stoneville

Stoneville | Webgard | Lanston | Glassinn | Sudfern | Monagle

Duchy of Riverholm

Riverholm | Rustton

Duchy of Suville

Suville | Washford | Werdham | Anchorinn

Duchy of Narville

Narville | Dampinn | Dorton