Ash Sea Islands

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Ash Sea Islands
ASI small.jpg
Crest of Ash Sea Islands
Ash Sea Islands.png
Ash Sea Islands in her Zenith
Realm Summary
Continent / Island Atamara
Capital Ser'quea
Government System Monarchy
Religion Magna Serpænsism

The Ash Sea Islands was one of the founding realms of Atamara. Situated upon the shores of the tranquil Ash Sea, the Ash Sea Islands gradually became one of the most pre-eminent realms on the continent. Throughout her existence, the Ash Sea Islands was involved in territorial conflicts, eventually being divided among Caergoth and Carelia during the First Cagilan Conquest.

During her long and rich history, the Ash Sea Islands developed a reputation for protecting the weak and fighting corruption abroad. The tenacity and resolve of the Ashlantean people is famed and the phrase 'Loyalty and Honour' was a common salutation throughout the Ash Sea Islands. The enduring legacy of the Ash Sea Islands exists in the faith of Magna Serpænsism and the continuing dignity and success of former Ashlanteans abroad.


Collected here are the various and many documents associated with the Ash Sea Islands and her people.


  • The Ashlanteans
    • A book detailing the culture and history of the Ashlantean people.
  • Songs
    • The assorted works of Ashlantean bards.
  • The Ash Sea Chronicle
    • The once premier journal of the Ash Sea Islands and Atamara.
  • Hall of Memory
    • A place recording fallen Ashlantean Heroes and lost sons and daughters of the Isles.




Historic Realm Summary

Ash Sea Islands or ASI, is one of the original realms of Atamara. Although originally a Republic, ASI has long since governed herself as a Monarchy. During her long and rich history, ASI has earned a reputation for protecting the weak and fighting corruption abroad.

Loyalty and honour are some of the most important things to all Ashlanteans, though if we include objects of cultural importance ale is likely to rank just as importantly as our treasured values!

All of our Nobles are treat with dignity and respect and we expect them to act so to others in return. Our nobles are also quite a friendly bunch: expect a warm welcome if ever you grace us with your presence!

This realm enjoys roleplay.