Magna Serpaensism

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Magna Serpaensism
CoASketch.png MSPop.png
(Coat of Arms) (Map)
Continent / Island Atamara
Realms Ash Sea Islands, Falasan, Protectorate of Magnus
High Clergy The Church
  • Norel Relak
  • Doc's Revenge Primus
  • Moses McGahee
  • Beircheart Aoidh
  • Maniac Zotral
  • Talius Sargeras Valorian
  • Nautilus Spiliz
  • Fatih Kalkandalen
  • Moses McGahee
  • Zogxx of Zog
  • Vistyle Sanada
  • Temperance Balthazar
  • Jonny Usuprer
  • Malpelo Luanda
  • Ankamos Marakov
Temples 25
Shrines 29
Priests 11
Followers 124 nobles, 278,554 commoners
Last Statistics Update 2008.01.28

Magna Serpaensism is the organized, and concerted effort of the Children of Magnus to formally construct a church based upon worship of the Great Serpaent, who in ancient times imbued the nobility of realms throughout Atamara and the world, charging them with sacred trusts of lands such that they might protect and defend against the unholy barbarians who had fallen under the sway of the treacherous Calamar, and his cohort.

The Great Serpaent and the Lesser Gods

The Great Serpaent Magnus, is the all-powerful serpaent of the deep, who in the earliest of days hallowed the waters of the Ash Sea with his presence, and blessed the lands which ring its basin. A guide and advisor to some, and feared lord of the world to others he knows no bounds. From time to time he has vested various entities, and demi-gods with his power.

Allies and Subjects of Magnus the Great Serpaent

  • Corvus, the Raven: protector of souls.
  • Vulpes, the Fox: trickster and muse.
  • Brusus, the Bear: destroyer and judge.

Enemies and Traitors

  • Calamar, the Giant Squid: ancient enemy of all.
  • Glaux, the Owl: the usurper.
  • Lykos, the Wolf: enemy of man.
  • Nymkos, the Wolverine: walker of shadows.
  • Bezoar, the Goat: destroyer.

Mythos and Legends

Church and Clergy

Temples and Shrines

Traditions and Rites