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"Abington First is dedicated to the survival and supremacy of Abington; its interests, its regions, its people and dependencies, its nobility; above all else, we hold Abington First!"


Abington First was a guild, (unaffiliated with and not endorsed by the Government of the Realm of Abington), which yet sought to inspire and perpetuate a level of patriotism throughout the country.

Abington First! is also the name given to a newsletter published by the guild and authored by some of its members.

Guild Structure

The guild was structured rather simply, with three of the four member ranks differing not on face-seeking but only on titles held within Abington's peerage itself. The fourth being an honorary title for those whose enthusiasm for the goals of Abington and Abington First has earned them special distinction. The Founder and Second were to collaborate closely with the mundane workings of the guildhalls and publication.

  • Founder
  • Second
  • Guardian of the Realm
  • Lord Protector
  • Knight Protector
  • Peer of the Realm
  • Petitioner

Guild Members

The membership list was never published, but included Gauihu, Martok, Darkwind, Callisto and others. It was never that popular a guild, with never more than 15 members.


There are currently two guildhouses. The first is located in the County of Anchorinn, and the second is located in Wor'ight City.


Abington First began shortly after Gauihu's re-election as Arch Priest of Abington, which was shortly after a chain of controversies including the backstabbing by Charles, then the Duke of Wayburg, the banishment of Lady Docs Biatch for conspiracy to commit treason, and her subsequent slaying of Drago.

Gauihu founded the guild because he saw that mixed loyalties lead to these events: loyalties to a misguided sense of personal honour above Abington and loyalties to international guilds above Abington. It was his vision that Abington's troopleaders would see that it was Abington, above all, to which they owed their loyalty, their honour, their greatness.

The first guildhouse for Abington First, which he described as a "movement" more than a guild, was built in Anchorinn. The regions relative isolation from most of the realms activity lead to the guilds slow beginning.

Fall of Abington First

The downfall of Abington First came when Darkwind, once a loyal member, burned down the last remaining guildhouse in his county of Anchorinn. At the time, there were only 3 gold coins stored in the treasury.

Darkwind looked grim as he stood, watching the Abington First guildhouse burn to the ground. But needs must, and Abington was only a name. It's people and memory would live on, but steps had to be taken.

Gauihu Olik was undeniably at the center of the Abington First "movement," using it to boost his career and to pursue his pro-Abington platform, and when his dukes and duchesses - followed by almost everyone else - began to abandon him, it was clear that Abington First had failed.

The newsletter proved to be the most effective instrument at the "movement"'s disposal; while not as widely-read as the Abington Account, its articles never failed to generate controversy or, in the case of fans, a sense of righteous agreement.

Abington First!

Abington First! is the newsletter associated with the Abington First movement.