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Wor'ight is a city on the southern islands of Atamara in the realm of Caergoth. Though dwarfed in size by her sister Ash'rily, Wor'ight was once the most important city in the Ash Sea archipelago. The city was founded on a site above the Wor river probably in the early 8th century and is mostly surrounded by the Eastern Ocean. For generations Wor'ight served as southern Atamara's first line of defense against pirates and barbarian raiders from the East. In modern times the threat of sea invasion has all but disappeared and the city has been known more for whaling, fishing and manufacturing.

Wor'ight competes with Ash'rily for business in trade and fishing but is by far superior in the forging of metal. The quality of Wor'ight swords and shields is praised throughout the south and her steel is highly valued by nobles and commoners alike.

The outlying area around the city is surrounded on three sides by an ancient sea wall of dark stone. Once maintained constantly against the threat of raiders, the Black Wall is now old and deteriorated. Some of the black stones were reused by later lords to build the fortifications that now guard the smaller main city.

The city's climate is warm and damp with frequent rains and strong winds from the east. Storms are most intense in the late winter and early spring months. Very powerful storms are thought by some to predict war or famine to come in the summer. Men and women throughout the Ash Sea archipelago often describe a piece of bad news as "dark as winds from Wor'ight".