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The Abington Account

The Abington Account is the latest news and events as they pertain to the Realm of Abington, as related to the government via it's available informers and reporters. The Ruler of Abington does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the Account, and the government claims no responsibility for any factual errors herein; which are obviously the result of limited information available to the common folk and noblemen of the great Southern Realm.

This is of historical significance in BattleMaster
Fall of Abington
Where Abington, Atamara
When June 2003 to September 2007
Significant People Involved Gabriel, Armitage III, Gauihu, Carriantor, Doc's Biatch
Topics Death of a realm


During the First Reign of Queen Armitage III

2003-06-21 - Armitage III - Elected as ruler in Abington with the promise to save Abington from destructions

  • June 2003 - June to August Abington fight to regain all its lost regions back from Antioch.
  • January 2003 - Abington that the island state of ASI for the first time.
  • May 2004 - Queen Armitage III of D'Anglos decides is down from rulership over the Realm of Abington.

During the Reign of King Drago

2004-5-19 Drago is elected King of Abington

During the Reign of King Gabriel

  • September 2005 - Formation of the Court and Council of the People, War, the Southern Handshake Treaty
  • October 2005 - The Suville Reunification, Gabriel's War against ASI
  • December 2005 - Minas Ithil Joins War, the Fall of the Hero Feldric
  • January 2006 - The Siege of Ash'rily

During the Reign of King Carriantor

  • March 2006 - Coronation of King Carriantor
  • April 2006 - Doc's Biatch Commits Treason, Kills King Drago
  • May 2006 - I Will Survive Escapes Justice
  • June 2006 - Fall of the Hero Deschain
  • July 2006 - The War of Dishonour, aka the War of Annihilation

During the Reign of Queen Armitage III

During the Reign of King Gauihu

  • June 2007 - Atamara Invaded, Redspan Invaded
  • July 2007 - The New War of Dishonour Continues
  • August 2007 - Secessions, Invasion, Rebellion - End of the Kingdom

The Republic of Abington

Special Articles

  • Lies and Dishonour - The things our foes will say...
  • Battles - A selected history of Abington's military engagements.
  • Interviews - Capturing the words and thoughts of the times...