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Banner-D.png RedSpan

Death of Redspan

Redspan was destroyed in a war with the Cagilan Empire, Tara, Carelia, and Talerium. The overall reason was to get to Abington by first removing its only ally. Immediate reasons were the unrestricted assassinations performed by various Redspan Infiltrators such as AJ during peacetime. Various leaders from Darka, Talerium, CE and Tara were attacked in violation of standing tradition and agreements.

All of Redspan's former regions are now parts of Tara and Carelia.

The Invasion of Redspan was planned solely by Carelia. After the massive damage done on Stargard by a Darkan Raid (caused by the stabbing of a Darkan Councilor), Carelia abandoned the Southern Alliance and approached the leaders of the Cagilan Empire and Tara. Using knowledge gained from their former alliance, Carelia presented a complete plan for Redspan's destruction. It is believed Carelia knew the disposition of the army of Abington and struck the Redspan capital before Abington could reinforce it. Abington itself was unstable due to an insane ruler. Unable to aid their ally effectively, Abington watched as first Stargard then Sullenport fell to the enemy.

Thus ends Redspan...

RedspanIcon.png The Kingdom of RedSpan

Redspan is a realm of warriors. Whether you're a hardened fighter or a youngster eager to decapitate your first enemy, RedSpan will welcome you if you seek the true meaning of camaraderie, loyalty and cool dresses.

Be sure to make yourself familiar with our local customs and our devotion to Da Great Goat ... a great place to start would be our most famous local tavern at the roderidder Alley 8 in the city of Stargard.

Shamus O'Shea, King of Redspan

RedspanIcon.png A History of the Realm

The story of Redspan is a tale of survival, determination, and friendship. There have been many ups and downs for the realm, but ultimately it has been her faithful nobles who have preserved her, and managed to bring Redspan back from the brink of destruction. Plus, a little help from Da Great Goat of course.

RedspanIcon.png Important Figures - Past & Present

The Last Dragon

  • an Ancient Protector of RedSpan (represented on the old banners), the Dragon left with the last of the Ancient Kings, de rode ridder

RedspanIcon.pngDa Great Goat

  • Our revered deity (as shown by our banner), creator of Da Way, and bringer of all things good

King DrSceptre Meadowcrest

  • Founder of RedSpan, First King of The Dragon

King de rode ridder

  • Last King of The Dragon, our Guide Through Darkest Times

King ry2n BloodDiver

  • First and Third King under Da Great Goat, Bringer of our Enlightenment

King Manaydur Lamont

  • Second an Fifth King under Da Great Goat, Rebuilder of our Realm

King Shamus O'Shea

  • Fourth and Ninth King under Da Great Goat, Deliverer from Destruction

General Lei'o'mano Kamehameha

  • A True Hero of RedSpan; Defender of Stargard; Last Warrior of the Dragon

General AJ von Krondor

  • A True Hero of RedSpan; First Champion of Da Great Goat

General Leonard Enstance

  • A True Hero of RedSpan; Second Champion of Da Great Goat
  • Died a true hero in the battle of Tandsu on 2006-07-03

Banker Eilt Equar

  • The Banker that made our economy prosper and food stores overflow
  • Founder of the first House of Da Great Goat in Lurgrod

King Tony Malone

  • Sixth and eighth King under Da Great Goat

Lord Taelon Crimsonblade

  • First Arch Priest of Da Way and Da One's Personal Servant

King Dielo Filador

  • Seventh King under Da Great Goat

King Syaoran Ryû

  • Final King of Da Great Goat's Dominion

Look here for Other RedSpan Troop Leaders

RedspanIcon.png Pivotal Battles in our History

  • The Battle of Stargard - A battle of legendary proportions, though unfortunately our scribes have been unable to recover any documentation concerning it. Beforehand Lei'o'mano Kamehameha gave his famous speech, and Abington reinforcements arrived in the nick of time to help RedSpan's brave defenders fight off the vast Northern Alliance horde attempting to sack the city, and thus preserve our realm.

  • The Battle of Ash'rily I - The third-largest battle in the history of Redspan (about 55,000 combined CS). We fought against the Ash Sea Islands with our allies, Carelia and Abington, and conquered the city together, finally returning it to Abington control.

  • The Battle of Tandsu I - A tragic battle for the nobles of RedSpan and their allies. Not only did they lose the battle, but we lost our brave General, Leonard Enstance, as well.

RedspanIcon.png Da Great Goat & Da Way

We in Redspan revere Da Great Goat and follow Da Way.
Though a bit confusing to newcomers, Da Way has always been the truest path for Redspan, and as long as we have followed it, only good things have happened for us.

Please use the following sections to familiarize yourself with Da Way and all the things we do to honor Da Smelly One. If you decide to follow Da Way, you may want to consider joining:

The Order of Da Great Goat.

RedspanIcon.png Redspan's Newspaper

We have our very own newspaper here in Redspan, devoted to bringing you the latest news that happens in our great realm. Also if you collect all the free give hand outs, you can become a fully fledged follower of Da One. So stop by any pub in Stargard, or Redspan (there are a lot) and pick up a copy of the RedSpan Revealer

RedspanIcon.png For Mentor Lesson's and pictures of Da Holy Goat:

(for those players new to both Redspan and Battlemaster, this is a good place to gather some information about the game. The link is now dead.)

RedspanIcon.png Redspan's Culture

In addition to Da Great Goat, Redspan has a very unique culture. Look here for local holidays, food and beverage, art styles, etc.

RedspanIcon.png RedSpan regions

RedSpan Banner.png

Duchies and Regions of RedSpan

Former RedSpan Regions
  Ambermel   Atblane   Bolgar   Byblack   Chasnoff   Cummaol   Lanston   Lurgrod   Matakonis Meldeen     Rogeshore   Stargard     Sullenport   Tandsu   Tarkhog   Upperfell