The Order of Da Great Goat/Practices & Rituals to honor Da One

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The Pillars of Da Way (also known as "Da Goat's Legs")

  • Using soap is heresy; it hides a person's true odor like a mask hides a person's true identity. Plus, it tastes really bad.

  • Shiny metals & armors are like a peacock's feathers; they only serve to display your own conceit and vanity. Worn, beaten and rusty metals are prized by us; they have endured many trials and have been steadfast companions.

  • Ales & other such drinks are highly prized for their inebriating properties. They put you in a similar state of mind with Da Great Goat and should be enjoyed often and in as large a quantity as possible. Here is a list of the Best Redspanian Beverages with which to get drunk.

  • Dresses/robes/kilts are the only acceptable forms of clothing. Da Great One has no need of pants, and neither do his followers.

  • Beards are a must for devout followers of Da Way (including women). Shaving is forbidden. Da Hairy One would never shave his beard, so neither must his followers. A goat without a beard is a disgrace.

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