Hall of Blood and Battle

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With the Mother Hall located in Idaol..... this Guild is for warriors who believe in honorable death and the dishonor of hiding from it.

It is a place where political boundaries cease to exist. Every member is known by their deeds, as opposed to the realms they are sworn to.

~V~ Guild Hall Locations ~V~

~V~ Mother Hall ~V~

Realm: Nighthelm
Region: Idaol
Built By: Valius
Date Built: 04/05/05 a.b
Steward: This hall is currently destroyed


~V~ Commonwealth Hall ~V~

Realm: Antoza Commonwealth
Region: Zarimel
Built By: Olwe
Date Built: ??
Steward: This hall is currently destroyed


~V~ Southern Coast Hall ~V~

Realm: Soliferum
Region: Sozon
Built By: Alpha
Date Built: ??
Steward: This hall is currently destroyed


~V~ The Hall of the Blood Red Moon ~V~

Realm: Grand Lodge of Lunaria
Region: Dsinanas
Built By: Valius
Date Built: 09/07/05 a.b
Steward: This hall is currently destroyed


~V~ The Hall of Unwavering Hope ~V~

Realm: Nighthelm
Region: Hatdhes
Built By: Gul'Dan
Date Built: 10/18/05 a.b
Steward: This hall is currently destroyed


~V~ Birth of the Eastern Temple ~V~

Realm: Sartania
Region: Tuhpos
Built By: Sito
Date Built: 12/22/05 a.b
Steward: This hall is currently destroyed


~V~ Hall of Lyonnith's Scythe ~V~

Realm: Arcachon
Region: Itomazh
Built By: Dormondt
Date Built: 12/30/05 a.b
Steward: This hall is currently destroyed


~V~ Hall of Rebirth ~V~

Realm: Nighthelm
Region: Edairn
Built By: Alpha
Date Built: 12/08/07 a.b
Steward: This hall is under the administration of ~V~Steward~V~ Alpha


~V~ Hall of Blood and Battle Members ~V~



Senior Council

Alpha (~V~Steward~V~)
Sarig (~V~High Marshal~V~)
Senoske (Hero of Myth)
Gomorrah (Hand of Odin)

Members at Large

Karpur (Cavalier of Legend)
Matrim (Warrior of Valor)
Edward (Einheriar)
Gul'Dan (Killed in Battle)
Baeryn (Warrior of the Path)
dagger (Warrior of the Path)
Jose (Warrior of the Path)
Telamond (Warrior of the Path)
Azgath (Walker of the Path)
Leonard (Walker of the Path)
Madras (Walker of the Path)
Henri (Walker of the Path)
Graeth (Seeker of the Path)
Brashnak (Seeker of the Path)

~V~ Ranks of the Hall ~V~

The Founder is the Heart and Spirit of the Hall. His guidance and vision are part of what spurs the common soldier to excel in his abilities, in order to find favor in the Founder's eyes.


After the death of the founder, Lord Valius the guild eventually fell into disarray. When Alpha rebuilt the guild, he did not wish to confer upon himself the same title, as the true founder. He instead created a new title, ~V~Steward~V~.

Masters of Myth

These ranks are the Senior Council of the Hall. Under the careful guidance and watchful eye of the Founder, all Hall decisions are worked through in Council. The members of the council are those who's feats in battle have surpassed mere legend and make up the very fabric of life and belief of the common people.

Hero of Myth Cavalier of Myth Warrior of Myth

Senior Administration

The Founder is a very busy man. With the concerns of a region to attend to as well as the vision of the Hall firmly planted within his head, there was a call to assist in the day to day operation of the guild. The Hand of Odin, are those who carry forth the will of the Founder.

Hand of Odin

Masters of Legend

Those of the Masters of Legend ranks are those who the fireside stories are told about. There exploits are well known throughout the Far East and possibly the World.

Hero of Legend Cavalier of Legend Warrior of Legend

Masters of Valor

Members of this rank have gone beyond the understanding of dicipline and codes of conduct in such that they understand that while they are born of noble blood and by that truth can demand the service of those of lesser station, they know that that birthright also obligates them to a responsibility to serve their subjects and those under their care. SOmetimes this obligation causes the noble to go without for the greater good of their subjects.

Hero of Valor Cavalier of Valor Warrior of Valor

Masters of Honor

The Masters of Honor understand that a successful warrior as well as a succesful leader of men needs to be diciplined. They also have to have a clear code of conduct in order to maintain clear focus in the heat and confusion that battle creates. Members of this rank will be noted to have strict codes of dicipline in place for themselves as well as their units, in order to keep strong in mind as well as in body. The rules and form that these may take change from case to case, but are common in their purpose.

Hero of Honor Cavalier of Honor Warrior of Honor

Masters of the Path

Masters of the Path live their life to prove their worth in combat. This being the case, they generally excell at their chosen combat forms, and strive to improve. It is not uncommon to see a Member at this level spending long hours perfecting one move or attack. They strive to be fighters without peer.

Hero of the Path Cavalier of the Path Warrior of the Path

Someone who is still working on attaining the skill involved as a Master of the Path is still deemed a full member of the Hall. With time and study they will rise among the ranks. This level is the only dues-free rank, as they are still under evaluation and their required committment is relatively small.

Walker of the Path

Candidate Level

Those who aspire to greatness need to be introduced to the Path and all that it holds. This aspirant rank allows for a prospective member to be weighed.

Seeker of the Path

~V~ Actions that the Hall of Blood and Battle have taken ~V~

The Hall was divided in the fight for the freedom on the Grand Lodge of Lunaria. Both sides in the conflict had much to gain or lose and the fellowship of the Hall was put to the test. _______________________________________________

After the battle in Hutael, in the war between Nighthelm and Batesaor, the evil noble Nobdy was seen murdering wounded enemy soldiers who still lay on the field of battle. After accepting a duel to death from Valius, Nobdy (enemy of ~V~) was killed. His acursed sword was stolen during the confusion following the duel. Erlang Himoura was later known to have taken it. He met his end in prison, executed in Svunnetland. His sword went missing after then, and wound up in the hands of Setsuka, who later gave it to Valion Hendrix, nephew of our late founder and member of the Chaos Requiem, who was later slain in Idoal by Senoske, who then destroyed the blade.

~V~ Memories of the Fallen ~V~

These are those who have fallen in battle while holding membership within the Hall.

Olwe Cuthalion (Hero of Valor)

Olwe's shattered lance has been housed within the Commonwealth Hall and his shield has been enshrined within the Mother Hall. He fell in battle for the freedom of the Grand Lodge of Lunaria.

Shard (Warrior of the Path)

Suffered an ignoble death at the hands of Viracocha, who was the judge of Soliferum at the time of the wars of Seccession.

Trenton Lankmere (Hero of Myth)

The battles of Seccession had taken their toll upon the Hall. During a desparate defense of Todtpiz, The Defenders of the lodge, known in some circles still as the Unholy Charge were quickly overwhelmed by archer fire. Trenton went down in a storm of arrows, fighting in vain until his men were decimated alongside him. A request has been put forth that his bow be housed in the Mother hall in Idaol and his shield put in place in the Hall of the Blood Red moon to protect his friend and Lord, Valius. His sword is to be kept by his brother Alpha, in the remote chance that his family should hear of his death and send someone to avenge him.

Valius (Founder)

Valius, what to say about Valius. He was the wisest man who ever walked this god forsaken planet, and one of the boldest. He was visonary, brave, and a mighty warrior. He founded our great halls, and killed many evil men in his line of duty. He jumped on the chance to take control of a government that would have otherwise been a foul snake worshipping state, the Sanctum of Casshern. As King, he guided his people in a manner fitting of ~V~. Yet there were those out there who would destroy ~V~ and the Sanctum. The League of Anacan and The Sanctum of Casshern engaged in war. In this war, Valius fought many duels, killing Maltheo, wounding Maltheo's lover, and others. The traitourus blades of one of our former, misguided members brought Valius to an end. Valius allowed himself to be killed on the blades of Lu//an, hoping to show him the hatred and chaos in his soul. Valius did not achieve this, and died, leaving behind a stunned guild, whose stability detoriated at the hands of impure nobles who feign honor in order to gain a political edge. Valius is in Valhalla now, with Trenton, Shard, and Olwe the Bold. Rest his soul.

~V~ Those Who Support Us ~V~

Non-Nobles who support us:

Fisherman - Steward of the Mother Hall: A valued aide of Brother Nemrus who did not want to leave is home in Batesaor. He was a great value to the Hall. He was slain in an attack on the Mother Hall by the evil cult of the Chaos Requiem, many believe by Erlang himself.

Forsetti Hrothaan - Steward of the Commonwealth Hall: Olwe the Bold's last surviving cavalryman, Forsetti Hrothaan, who lost his leg in the battle of Azohib. He now lives in Commonwealth Hall and tends Olwe's Shrine.

Nemrus (Walker of the Path) is currently retired and acting as the Steward of the Hall of the Blood Red Moon

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