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Hugely updating, the stories are being written and the newest chars are added (link to Orgauth Family Tree, 1st version)

MiniOrgauth2.png Telamond Orgauth MiniOrgauth2.png

Telamond on Pian en Luries

A paladin! Pious, devout, faithful, loyal, merciful, just, and now becoming wiser and less reckless. Telamond is a typical medieval paldin of legends. Though now that he is getting older he is learning to be more calm and thoughtful. And now after many adventures on the Far East, Pian en Luries and Caerwyn he had settled on Astrum where he was received with open arms by Duke Aram Stien and became Count of Duil, the region prospers under his just rule and he has recently founded the Silver Order His wife Elisabeth a minor noble he met on Pian(OOC a NPC) was recently murdered by demon worshipers and he has vowed to exterminate them once he recovers from the extnsive wounds of the fight against the demon who killed her.

"I am the Torch that brings the light, I am the Judge that condemns darkness, I am the Shield that protects civilization, I am the Sword that strikes down evil, Demons, Undead, Monsters and Villains you would do well to flee my wrath!".

Telamond Orgauth about himself.

History will go here once I finish writing(rather long), at least I am working on it now :)

MiniOrgauth2.png Nihilus Orgauth MiniOrgauth2.png

Nihilus before his "change"

A calm and pragmatic warrior, he lived for reason, logic, loyalty and honor, did his best to keep things in perfect order, and did not fear doing things some would find disgusting,(including himself) if necesary for "greater good". He was a man who placed heavy value in nobility and self-control and was quick to judge others, still he was somewhat popular for his firm actions and paternal behaviour, wise and humble he does his best to defend what he cares for, he is a realist and knew when to accept defeat. On more recent years with time to think about his past he eventually became more happy and tolerant with others around him, still shortly after this change happened he disappeared amidst the sands of Heen (Realm) Only to reappear completely changed years later back at Arcaea in an overly dramatic and flamboyant return, he's now flirtatious, romantic, overly talkative, impulsive, a decent poet and composer, as well as a great singer and writer, his style of fighting now focuses on using two rapiers and on extreme agility, somehow he looks far younger than the day he disappeared...has the strange warrior found a "fountain of youth" ?

"Nonsense!, forget all those ramblings of the past, Life is great! Life is good and I love it! Emotions overpower reason, though of course a lil bit of reason here and there is still good. Just listen, listen to the music of life, watch the flight of the birds and your imagination will run wild. It's also pretty nice to annoy the ladies with so many ingenious compliments that they give up resisting you and..."

Nihilus Orgauth about himself

Same as above, Nihilus memories however will make quite a nice lil book, while most of Telamond's are rather dull and full of righteous rants

MiniOrgauth2.png Plagueis Orgauth MiniOrgauth2.png

Plagueis Orgauth just before disappearing

A religious fanatic ? Yes, but a very uncommon one, Plagueis is happy man who likes to have the best of life, he is easily irritable, but laughs often (and very loud), drinks a lot, and is known to have courted (and a bit more) many young women from the low nobility and rumours persist that he has even made a few unofficial meetings with peasant girls, and that he has many bastard sons through Heen, most of which he doesn't even knows. Devouted to Qyrvagg entirely he is ready to embark on a new and mysterious quest in the name of the great God of War, which will most likely make him disappear from public view for a long time...

"Bah! Forget all these formalities, I am no great lord or member of the royalty, in fact during so many years of my profession I have spent much more time with peasants than with nobles (though of course I am better than them), still there is something to learn in the crowds, as a Preacher I can see there is much power to be drawn from them"

Plagueis Orgauth about himself

Same here, Plagueis memories will be rather interesting too, but they involve fights for spiritual domain over Heen rather than the continent-shaking wars Nihilus was involved

MiniOrgauth2.png Silmeriel Orgauth MiniOrgauth2.png

Silmeriel on the woods of Orbeh

Beautiful, wise, sensitive, playful, and surrounded by an aura of mystery, Silmeriel brings awe and shock at the same time, known as the "Witch of the Woods" around the norther part of the Far East she has become almost a mythical image among the peasantry but is a very real even if difficult to understand member of the Arcaean nobility.
Of fey origin she's still for all purposes a full human as the fey traits are easily suspassed by human ones, her education among these unnatural creatures however had a deep impact on her personality and her view of the world.
She's overly optimistic, almost always happy, loyal to her friends and easy to fall in love(with both men and other women),she defends freedom and love with idealistic passion and doesn't hesitates to take up a sword too do what is necesary to protect these noble ideals, though her true strenngth is her mind and charisma and not her skill with a blade.

"Me ? Well what there is to say about me? I just wanna find a great love and help all of my friends and make sure they never get hurt"
-Silmeriel Orgauth about herself

Now this is one good story to write about, frankly I consider Silmeriel to be the best I've made so far, gonna work a lot on her tale

MiniOrgauth2.png Eleanor Orgauth MiniOrgauth2.png

Eleanor near her father's estate in Nebel

Working on it...

MiniOrgauth2.png Veles Orgauth MiniOrgauth2.png

Veles, with Galina onthe left and Irina on the right

Working on it...