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Pian en Luries is one of the four founding realms of the island of Dwilight.

Resting near the mountains and badlands of the north and west the white city rests on the coast and is ruled by their wise and just king.

The lands of Pian en Luries have a long history. Once the site of an eastern colony the natives cast down the foreigners and rebuilt their shattered lives atop the ruins to spite them. Thus the white city was born.

Though in name the land is a strong centralized Monarchy, and its Monarchs strive to maintain their hold on the reins of power, the Dukes of Pian en Luries hold great influence as well, and periodically test their limits, putting themselves at odds with the Crown, and with each other.


The Monarchy

Pian en Luries prides itself in its monarchical traditions; A King/Queen as ruler, Commander as head of the army, Magistrate as high justice, and Superior as banker. The Magistrate is elected once a month, whilst the remaining two council positions are appointed; although subject to change, as history notes the volatility of Lurian Hierarchy.

By law, drafted under regent Warden Malus, council members must forfeit all fiefs upon appointment or election. All fiefs are to be distributed equally among befitting nobles to increase efficiency and survivability.


Land Administration
Run by the Ruler and all landowning nobles are members..

Civil Administration
Run by the Judge and all Courtiers are members.

Financial Administration
Will be run jointly and is comprised of the Ruler, Banker, and Dukes/Duchesses.

Religious Beliefs

Aetheris Pyrism

Torpius D'Arricarrère founded the religion, Aetheris Pyrism, in the fields of Shinnen Purlieus, erecting its temple there. Much controversy arose from its establishment, as beliefs heavily differentiated between it, and the majority religion; The Manifest Path. It has spread from Luria Nova to Pian en Luries, but is unpopular within Solaria. It is now the dominant religion with Pian en Luries since the Manifest Path was abandoned by the Majority of its followers.

The following is the credo in Aetheris Pyrism:


I believe in the holy flames, which purify living and dead.

I honor my ancestors, who give me courage and strength.

I respect the spirits, who influence tides and seasons.

I worship the Gods, who rule heaven and earth.

I renounce the impurity, which corrupts mind and body.

I reject the underlords, who consume flesh and soul.


The First King/ Era of Establishment

The first King of Pian en Luries, Kaennji Shenron, rallied the natives under one banner for the first time, and founded the Kingdom of Pian en Luries. Upon hearing of this newly-forged land, nobles began to flock to it, and soon the first official government of Pian en Luries was chosen, with Lady Anna Vasata as the Royal Arbitrator, Lady Minerva Seraph as the High Treasurer, and Lady Alanna Anaris as the Grand Imperatrix. With this, the kingdom began to expand, taking several regions, including the city of Askileon, in a short time. It was not long, however, before the King was struck down by a wasting disease, and forced to abdicate for the good of the Kingdom. As he had as yet no heir to succeed him, the nobles of Pian en Luries chose Grand Imperatrix Alanna Anaris as their new Queen. After much deliberation, she chose Sir Diodorus Exiled as Grand Imperator to replace her.

The First Queen/ Era of War

Under her Majesty and the new Grand Imperator, the Kingdom's expansion, which had been halted briefly due to internal disorder, resumed, including the founding of a colony at Port Nebel on an island to the west, and the conquest of the mighty city of Giask. An unfortunate incident precipitated the stepping down of the Royal Arbitrator, after which Sir Finegus O'Shea was elected as the new Royal Arbitrator. Despite his former differences with the Queen, who fought and bested him in a duel not long before she was crowned, he did not set himself up, as some expected he might, as an opposing power. When Finegus was later imprisoned by rogues and lost his position, Ludovico Sforza was elected as his successor, in a hotly contested referendum which once again showed that the Lurians are often divided.

Shortly after, the duchy of Port Nebel seceded from Pian en Luries, to form the tyranny of Shadovar, causing some Lurian nobles to grow a dislike for Dictator Edelstein. Nevertheless, a peace treaty was signed between the two realms. Attention shifted back to the south, when troops from the Grand Duchy of Fissoa marched onto the Moon Bay, a region claimed by the Lurians. Harsh words were spoken on both sides, leading to a declaration of war by Queen Alanna. However, before the first strike was dealt in the First Lurian-Fissoan War, the Fissoans withdrew from the Moon Bay, negotiations were re-opened and a ceasefire was agreed upon.

Pian en Luries once more turned to defending its borders from the constant monster and undead attacks, but before long new hostilities were opened. The Fissoans declared war, starting the Second Lurian-Fissoan War. Battles were scarce, however, and few gains were made on either side. During the war, Queen Alanna decreed that Myern, a small yet defiant realm based in Shinnen, had tried her patience enough, as they refused to subject to the Lurians despite Lurian claims on Shinnen itself. War was declared and a Lurian army crossed the bridge into Garuck Udor, to which the local Count chose a bloodless surrender over a violent takeover, and swore allegiance to the Empire. The rest of Shinnen fell to monsters and rogues, as many of their nobles fled the area. The war ended with the fall of Shinnen, without a single battle being fought. A tournament was hosted in Askileon, honoring the Empire's triumph over Myern. Amaury Capet, Duke of Askileon stepped down as Grand Imperator shortly after, to be succeeded by Anarion Gryphonheart, who was in turn replaced by Dene Munzer not long after that.

The second war with Fissoa dragged on, and the Fissoans managed to wretch control of Maf from Pian en Luries. Aside from a few raids undertaken by both sides, there was yet again little fighting. The Lurian Dukes once more began arguing amongst themselves, and a clear fissure became apparent between the duchy of Askileon, staunch monarchists loyal to the Queen, and the duchies of Poryatown and Giask, who disagreed with the Empire's centralized rule and sought to replace the Queen. Though harsh words were spoken by both sides, tensions remained limited, until the Duchy of Poryatown revolted against its Duke, Brom Silverfire - who was also the High Treasurer - and declared independence after months of starvation. This event sparked a conflict that would eventually erupt into civil war. The duchy of Askileon, backing the Queen, blamed Brom for the loss of the city and the massive food problems plaguing Poryatown and Giask. The duchy of Giask supported Brom, citing that the Queen had failed her duties as ruler by letting the problems lead to the revolt. After Poryatown was reclaimed and Taronis, a loyal monarchist, was appointed as Duke, Brom was deposed as Treasurer by a mass protest organized by Duke Amaury, and replaced by Taronis. In response, the Giasken began openly protesting the Queen and the new Treasurer. Rumours of a Giasken rebellion grew stronger, and both sides gathered a total of nearly two thousand men in the capital. Seeking to protect her throne, Alanna decided to rid herself of all the rebels in one fell swoop, and forced the entire duchy of Giask to leave the realm and become a realm of its own. War was swiftly declared against Giask, signaling the beginning of the Lurian Civil War.

After a string of defeats against the Lurian armies, coupled with large monster hordes invading their lands and food shortages causing massive starvation in their capital, the rebels were gradually pushed back. Their regions fell in quick succession, and the finishing blow was delivered when the Lurians launched an attack on the city of Giask from Askileon. The walls were taken and the city was sacked, and before long it revolted to D'Hara as it had done in the past, then declared independence soon after. The last pockets of rebel resistance were mopped up, and the outlying regions were taken back by the Empire, signaling the end of the rebellion. Ultimately, Giask itself was taken as well via a religious takeover, and Fulco D'Este became its new Duke. Shortly thereafter, Amaury Capet, the Duke of Askileon, was banished on charges of high treason, as evidence came to light that he was planning to overthrow the Queen by means of yet another secession. The initial attempt was quashed, and upon his exile Amaury was replaced as Duke of Askileon by Royal Marshal Koli Bedwyr. But dissent kept growing, and together with the now-exiled Amaury, the three Lurian Dukes challenged the Queen's rule in secrecy, culminating in her sudden disappearance, and the secession of Giask to form Luria Nova.

The Regency/ Era of Mending

As written by Royal Archivist, Katerina Arundel.

Following the downfall of the Queen, the realm found itself in need of a new leader. Malus Solari, a well known popular amongst the nobles, was voted regent of Pian en Luries. As Warden, it was his mission to reconstruct and repopulate the wrought land; as starvation roamed rampant and regions fell under rogue control. Duke Koli Bedwyr of Askileon, remained General under the regency, Carter De La Fere held the position of High Justice, while Count Giskard of Santoo was appointed Banker of the realm. Upon ousting the Queen, immediate problems imposed themselves on the realm, as region after region became targets of insurgency. Initially, Lupa Lapu fell victim to takeover, being the crossroads between the spawning pits of Axewild, and the mountains of the Divide. Subsequently, the army could not cope, and Ciarin Tut was also overrun by the monstrous hordes. Soon, the realm buckled as food became scarce, and as consequence, Poryatown was lost by the overwhelming starvation. Warden Malus, with quick haste, entered Poryatown, and converted its population to The Manifest Path; recovering the city, and his title of duke.

Upon the creation of Luria Nova, and the appointment of the regent, a contrivance was created with the intention of uniting both Pian en Luries and Luria Nova into one greater Lurian realm. Ultimately the projection fell apart, as Luria Nova appointed Amaury Capet as their new King; fueling demands of autonomy. Once it was settled that Pian en Luries would remain separated, Warden Malus proposed a referendum concerning land titles and council position, as regions were only held by the few. The referendum gained surprising support from the council, with Duke Koli Bedwyr, Count Giskard, and many other significant nobles behind it. The law was drafted with a slim majority, and lordships passed down from the council members to the befitting nobles. After the crowning of Amaury Capet as king of Luria Nova, Brom Silverfire, who had previously declared allegiance to the Novans after his misfortunes with the Queen, soon returned to Pian en Luries. Upon Giskard's retirement, Brom was dutifully appointed for his third term as Banker of Pian en Luries.

Near the conclusion of the regency, the realm managed to reclaim Ciarin Tut and properly defend it with its Crusaders.

The Second King/ Era of Turmoil

As written by Royal Archivist, Katerina Arundel.

Tries for the throne

After much deliberation, Warden Malus decided to resign his regency to concentrate on his duties as Duke of Poryatown, and allow for a smooth transition to the third monarch of Pian en Luries. He named Duke Koli Bedwyr his claimant, and relegated the decision to his noble cohorts. After Duke Koli officially declared his candidacy during the referendum, an unexpected and controversial candidate appeared. Queen Alanna Anaris, previously assumed dead, appeared before the nobles of the realm, amidst the annual Spring Harvest Festival, and announced her claim to the throne. She declared Duke Malus and Duke Koli usurpers, and demanded that Pian en Luries crown its rightful Queen once more. Immediately, the realm was thrown into perturbation, and letters flurried between the Royals as they battled for support. When the electoral results came to fruition, Duke Koli won by a landslide 60 vote majority, and Queen Alanna with a 12 vote finish. It was then, the second King of Pian en Luries, King Koli Bedwyr, was crowned. Vice Marshal Franz Finsternis, of the Crusaders of the Path, was appointed commander of Pian en Luries, succeeding King Koli's previous duties, and Duchess Zaera Evadne was appointed the Duchy of Askileon.

Queen Alanna refused to pledge to her adversary, and continued to demonstrate against the fresh King, his council, and supporters. Magistrate Carter relented severe punishment, and alternatively, levied a fine of 50 gold for her transgressions. Regardless, justice failed to subjugate the Queen, as she continued to scheme against the incumbent King. On the concluding days of Spring, Luria Nova underwent a rebellion, as Fulco D'Este swiftly forced King Amaury into submission, abdicating his throne and sending himself into exile. The success of the Luria Novan rebellion prompted the Ice Queen to officially declare rebellion in Pian en Luries, assaulting Askileon only hours later. Unfortunately for the Queen, her alacrity proved unsuccessful, and her followers quickly withdrew their support. Loyalist reinforcements made their way to the silver city, and soon her chances were soured. Nevertheless, Queen Alanna attempted a second attack against the Loyalist army, and consequently, was wounded in the process; assuring the decline of the rebellion. Ensuing the chaos, she absconded once again; presumed to have succumbed to her serious wounds.

The Eternal Crusade

Following the second disappearance of the Ice Queen, King Koli, and his council, united the realm, and pursued their previously delayed plan of expansion. History demanded more effective means to defending the reacquired regions, and it was decided to create a second army; the Aegis of Luria. Together, with the Vanguard of Luria Nova, Pian en Luries initiated its advance into Garuck Udor, Dantooine, and Lupa Lapu, successfully acquiring each, humanely, and without difficulty. Monsters, lamentably, had soon amassed in Mattan Dews, and proceeded to march on Ciarin Tut, to the bewilderment of many. Lupa Lapu, at the current time, was undergoing its take over process by the Aegis of Luria, and the Crusaders of the Path were occupied in the defense of Dantooine, ultimately forsaking the defenseless region. It was the Vanguard of Luria Nova, who opted, selflessly, to defend Ciarin Tut, and avoid any major setbacks on the the realms' expansion. They proved successful, at a mountable cost, gaining praise from their peers and cohorts. Shortly after, Juan De-Legro, Marquis of Askileon Purlieus, had won the magistrate elections, replacing Carter De La Fere from his longstanding position.

Soon, winter was on the horizon and the entire realm braced anew in anticipation of battle. As the first snow fell from the skies, hordes of abominations attacked the northern border, marching into Dantooine with an unstoppable force. The Aegis, overwhelmed by the massive incursion, retreated to Poryatu in order to facilitate an effective counter-attack. To ease the challenge, they thinned any ambitious abominations that dared to follow. Days later, after receiving reports of mass civilian casualties in Dantooine, the Aegis relentlessly attacked in response; resulting in one of the bloodiest battles under the second king's rule. With this effort, and the efforts of courtiers, the region remained under Pianese Banner throughout winter's remaining duration. The western borders, in comparison, received much less attention than the north, albeit, the Crusaders staunchly protected Lupa Lapu and Ciarin Tut from several incursions.

A New Realm

As the snow receded and the flowers bloomed, the true devastation of winter was revealed. Food was scarce, populations significantly diminished, and infrastructure destroyed. Appalled by the suffering inflicted on his regions, Duke Malus founded a ducal army, the Hammer of Dawn, as a measure to guarantee the safety and security of the north. This immediately created controversy amongst military commanders, as the army would inevitably replace the Aegis of Luria but only serve the interests of the Poryatown Duchy. Nevertheless, Duke Malus continued his efforts, absorbing many of the Aegis' unit leaders. As spring passed and summer arrived, Mattan Dews and Flying Hongrns were acquired, and the new army proved successful in defending its new acquisitions.

Politically, tensions grew as tries for power and feuds became popular; dismantling the realm from the inside. Juan De-Legro lost the magisterial election to Katerina Arundel, amidst heated debates, and infighting sparked again between Duke Malus and Marquis Ramiel. As a result (and other reasons,) Poryatown seceded from Pian en Luries six days into autumn; forming the realm of Solaria under Arbiter Malus. The realm took with it sixteen nobles, and all border regions. King Koli declared he was aware of the secession well before its execution, allowing it to preserve the unity of greater Luria. Additionally, though unrelated, Duchess Zaera resigned her ducal position in Askileon. She was presumed to have embarked to Beluaterra to aid in the fifth invasion. Royal Overseer Brom was to take her position as Duke, while Commander Franz the lordship of Askileon, but clerical error announced Commander Franz Duke, sealing his position in Pian en Luries.

Lurian Civil War!

Following the establishment of Solaria, Pian en Luries and its neighbors entered a state of disagreement and discord, concealing countless plots and animosity. Creating rise to tensions that could not be withheld, insults were exchanged frequently, and publicly, in the Halls of Luria, (A forum of communication for the Lurian Empire.) Soon thereafter, Countess Etna of Lupa Lapu, seceded to Pian en Luries, believing she was permitted to by Solaria. But she was wrong. Immediately following her actions, Arbiter Malus and Duke Hrok of Poryatown, proposed a conditional bounty of 750 gold and the reward of lordship for her assassination, igniting passionate protests from Pian en Luries in both the Halls of Luria and The Manifest Path.

The Lurian Empire found itself in a very fragile and volatile state, able to be manipulated or destroyed by the smallest of outside forces; which is what happened. Following debates, arguments, and insults, a Morekian assassin, presumed to have previously sought Countess Etna's bounty, attempted to assassinate Arbiter Malus on a sudden counter-bounty. He failed, and was captured by Solarian forces, immediately being tortured for information. But as tensions neared climax, the blame was immediately placed upon Pian en Luries, with obvious motivations as evidence enough. King Koli sought to repair the situation as best as he could, attempting to return Lupa Lapu to Solarians and mediate the conflict within the Halls. But in a turn of events, as he arrived in Lupa Lapu, he was poisoned by an assassin, pretending to be his healer treating previous, yet unrelated, ailments. The assassin was quickly captured and killed, as his possessions revealed a Solarian coin.

The letters preceding and following this event can be found here; Halls of Luria News. ((OOC: This list of letters and roleplays do not have color to distinguish them, and some include two letters within each segment, as they were copy pasted by one of the participants, (Jeffrey Norrel, who we thank for preserving them.) But please enjoy.))

The final straw was drawn, and immediately, Arbiter Malus declared a blood debt on four Pianese nobles: Countess Etna Altir, Count Jeffrey Norrel of Santoo, Marquis Ramiel Avis of Askileon Purlieus, and Royal Overseer Brom Silverfire. He claimed that each committed acts of treason or betrayal, either plotting to remove him from power, or pursuing harmful acts against Solaria. His ultimatum: all four heads were to be delivered to him personally in one day's time, or there would be war. And war it was, as Solaria declared war upon Pian en Luries in less than one day, and immediately amassed its troops in Poryatu. Taken by surprise, Pian en Luries was forced to rally behind its council members, as King Koli barely held on to the threads of life. Quickly joining the Solarians, out of acclaimed justice, Luria Nova entered the conflict, having Pian en Luries isolated and outmatched 3:1.

((OOC: Still needs some cleanup, and perhaps reorganization.))

The Second Queen/ Era of Graves

As written by Queen and Royal Archivist, Katerina Arundel.

Also known as the fifteen day era, the era of graves represents the slaughter of innocents by invading forces and the most tragic loss of life among the higher nobility since times under the Ice Queen.

As war plagued the Lurian Empire, Pian en Luries found itself with an incapable King, fallen to poison as he entered a state of eternal slumber. If war wasn't enough, the internal strife that followed would be, as friends turned on one another for the throne. Amongst the front-runners, Katerina Arundel, Magistrate of Pian en Luries, and Franz Finsternis, Commander of Pian en Luries, fought bitterly for the support of their comrades. Both promised an end to the war, a plan for peace, and the return of Pianese glory. In the end, by one vote, Katerina grasped victory over her opponent and became the second Queen of Pian en Luries under regency.

Almost immediately, Katerina and the congregation of nobles beneath sought out any and all plans that could render even the slightest possibility of victory. Alliances with once hated realms, suicidal attacks and defenses, and unconventional military tactics were all brought to the table. Queen Katerina, who could barely solidify her own authority, dragged the Grand Duchy of Fissoa into the conflict, persuading Grand Duke Skyndarbau to her cause in order to defeat her Lurian brothers. Yet even with her clear advances, the nobles began losing hope in their Queen - with reports of innocents slaughtered by the hundreds at the hands of their enemies - urging them to question her further. Eventually, Marquis Ramiel Avis challenged her to a duel to the death, claiming to be insulted by her written letters towards him, as he also challenged Commander Franz Finsternis due also to personal insults.

However, Marquis Ramiel would never gain the opportunity to duel her as news arrived from Solaria that a noble there unraveled the mystery behind King Koli's poisoning. Queen Katerina, wasting no time to question the validity of these claims, contacted the noble and received evidence in the form of signed documents. The perpetrator's name was Royal Overseer Brom Silverfire, her closest friend. Little is known as to what Queen Katerina did afterwards, save that she invited the Royal Overseer to the royal bedchambers, where King Koli lay in comatose. Moments after he arrived, Queen Katerina's body was discovered hanging from the balcony by a rope. This brought a swift and sudden end to her fifteen day rule. After the Queen's passing, Marquis Ramiel dueled Commander Franz to the death, winning the bout as he slayed his Commander without remorse.

Two of the most prominent figures in Pian en Luries were murdered by their own peers within a day. This formally brought an end to the era of graves. ((Needs touch up))

The Third King/ Era of Change

A New Hope

As written by His Majesty, Saul Tarvitz.
As the death of the previous Queen reached the ears of Solaria, Arbiter Malus Solari granted the Pianese 3 days grace to mourn for her death and elect a new ruler. Three nobles were at the forefront of this election: Royal Overseer Brom Silverfire; Marshal Saul Tarvitz and Vice-Marshal Jeffrey Norrel. During the election the Royal Overseer withdrew his candidacy and instead urged the nobles to support Jeffrey Norrel as the new ruler of Pian en Luries. However, despite the Royal Overseer's support the winning noble was Saul Tarvitz; whose coronation was a rather quick affair.

Saul Tarvitz lost no time in contacting the rulers of the other realms in an attempt to negotiate a peace with them. However it was all to no avail, for it seemed to have already been decided that Pian en Luries was to be removed. It was at this time that support from the Grand Duchy of Fiossa was to be found in military support; launching an attack against the southern borders of Luria Nova. Yet despite their assistance, Pian en Luries was reduced to two regions: The Silver City -Askileon- and Garuck Udor.

It was at this time that all seemed lost to Pian en Luries. Although the city could be sustained through the buying of food it would not have been long before the armies of Solaria marched on Garuck Udor, taking the final rural region. However something was to happen that had not been expected, something that was to be the saviour of the Lurian Empire. High Magistrate Hendrick Madigan approached the young King with a treaty that had been writted and drafted, a treaty that would ensure the survival of Pian en Luries.

Still needs work

The Formation of an Empire, Present Times

As written by His Majesty, Saul Tarvitz.

Still being written


The Lurian code was established by Queen Alanna Anaris, amidst her empiricist rule. Fittingly, it addresses, in specific, the terms and consequences from all forms of treason and insubordination; allowing no loop-hole to seep through. Among the decree of laws, documents concerning royal edicts, and exiles, can be found within. Responsibly, alteration and amendment of the code lies solely in the Magistrate's responsibilities - exiles seeking to be removed from the code must appeal directly to him.

Presently, the code is undergoing reform.


Pian en Luries as a Lurian Kingdom has a long and proud history of military service and warfare. Lurians are typically composed of warrior culture, which can, and does, influence the decisions made by Pian en Luries. The realm in particular contains some of the most historic examples of rulers that were Marshals or Generals, of Dukes that courted the military, of the military requesting favors and indulgences; to achieve through any means necessary. Herein is a list of Armies, their Sponsors, where they were Bases and its Marshals.

Active Armies

Guardians of the Silver City


Era of Establishment

There have been no documents concerning the creation, or dissolution, of armies during the Era of Establishment.

Era of War

  • Some Documents are missing.
  • The Imperial Border Guard, Sponsor Unknown, Marshals included several notable nobles including *Documents Missing or Erased*, Trivaria Dravean - Countess of Ciarin Tut and Ramiel Avis - Knight of Ciarin Tut. Dissolved during the Lurian Civil War a week before the Siege of Giask.
  • The Silver Hammers of Tyr, Sponsored by Amaury Capet - Duke of Askileon and Royal Marshal of Pian en Luries, Based in Askileon, Marshaled by Amaury Capet - Duke of Askileon. Dissolved when the sponsor was banned.
  • The Golden Sword of Luria, Sponsored by Alanna Anaris - Queen of Pian en Luries, Based in Askileon, Marshaled by Koli Bedwyr - Duke of Askileon and Royal Marshal of Pian en Luries. Dissolved in the Era of Mending, ceased to be a functioning army at the close of the Era of War.
  • The Paladins of Tyr, Sponsored by Fulco D`Este - Duke of Giask, Based in Giask, Marshaled by Ramiel Avis - Count of Nid Tek. Dissolved when Giask Succeeded to form Luria Nova.

Era of Mending

  • The Eastern Sun, Sponsored by Malus Solari - Duke of Poryatown, Based in Poryatown, Marshals include Giskard Olivaw - Count of Santoo, Ramiel Avis - Count of Nid Tek. Dissolved after the Fall of Poryatown.
  • The Crusaders of the Path, Sponsored by Ramiel Avis - Count of Nid Tek, Based in Askileon, Marshaled by Ramiel Avis. Still Active.

Era of Turmoil

  • The Aegis of Luria, Sponsored by Ramiel Avis - Count of Nid Tek, Based in Askileon, Marshalled by Franz Finsternis - Commander of Pian en Luries. Stood Down but Not Disbanded..
  • Hammer of Dawn, Sponsored by Malus Solari - Duke of Poryatown, Based in Poryatown, Marshal's include Franz Finsternis - Commander of Pian en Luries and Katerina Arundel - Countess of Nid Tek. Disbanded (Secession of Poryatown.)
  • The Crusaders of the Path, Sponsored by Ramiel Avis - Marquis of Askileon Purlieus, Based in Askileon, Marshal's include Ramiel Avis - Marquis of Askileon Purlieus, Saul Tarvitz - Count of Ciarin Tut.

Era of Graves

There have been no documents concerning the creation, or dissolution, of armies during the Era of Graves.

Era of Destruction

  • The Crusaders of the Path, Sponsorship transferred to Zena Jadewarrior - Marchioness of Askileon, Marshal's include Saul Tarvitz - King of Pian en Luries, Duke of Askileon and Jeffrey Norrel - Commander of Pian en Luries.

The Era of the Empire, Present Era

  • The Crusaders of the Path, Marshalship transferred to Mathieu Capet - Knight of Askileon, from Saul Tarvtiz - King of Pian en Luries, Duke of Askileon, Lord of Askileon.
  • The Crusaders of the Path renamed to The Guardians of the Silver City, current Marshal: Mathieu Capet - Commander of Pian en Luries, Knight of Askileon.


  • Poryatown Press - Fist Official Publishing Guild of Dwilight based in Askileon
  • Keepers of Lore - A guild dedicated to the gathering of Lore and Stories from throughout the continent
  • Lurian Adventurers League - A guild dedicated to wiping out the infestation of the Abomination before they can form hordes and threaten the realms of Luria.


  • Lurian Weekly - Flagship production of the Poryatown Press based around Pian en Luries.

Political Treaties, Agreements, Statements and Declarations

  • Treaty of the North Divide - The Agreement between Morek and Pian en Luries which makes official claim on regions north and south of the North Divide.
  • Trial Procedures - Procedures for formal trials in Pian en Luries, with specific notes for the trial of Royal Arbitrator Zile Zeric
  • The Confederacy Of Luria - The treaty between Luria Nova, Luria Vesperi, Solaria and Pian en Luries in the construction of the Empire of Luria.

OOC Information

Various members of the realm hang out on IRC in #Pian-en-Luries on QuakeNet. Everyone is enthusiastically invited to join us there.

Pian en Luries
Location of Askileon
Continent / Island Dwilight
Capital Askileon
Largest City Askileon
Government System Ducal

Alanna Anaris
Saul Tarvitz
Konrad Auenstedt
Proslyn Silverfire

Region Numbers 1
Population 35700
Pian-icon.png Duchies and Regions of Pian en Luries Pian-icon.png
Duchy of Askileon