Crundar Family

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The Crundar family has been moving in the shadows for quite a long time. Participating in the battles on the Colonies on the side of Lukon. The oldest sister Shadow distinguished herself there among the nobles fighting on the walls of the city of Lukon. Soon after the battles she was made Countess of the region Adaria. At that time her younger brother Sodom moved to the Colonies and begin working on the undistinguished side of realm maintenance as a beaurecrat. With the family working on both sides of the realm, they each distinguished themselves during the battles against Portion, and other enemies of Lukon. Gomorrah, the youngest brother then served in Eston, and shortly after serving there got on a boat for the Far East. After short periods of time spent in realms around the Far East, Gomorrah ended up in Nighthelm. The realm was in a similar situation to that of Lukon and Gomorrah served just as well as his sister did there.

During this time, Sodom had become the Banker for the realm of Lukon, and shortly after Valast stepped down became King of Lukon. This lasted for only a week due to an illness however, and he has since moved back down the ranks to serve alongside Ares and Valast as simple nobles giving advice as needed.

Shadow has devoted herself to the dark arts and not much more of her is known by any member of her family.