Principality of Zonasa

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The Principality of Zonasa is a sovereign realm in the southwest part of the Far East Island. It was founded by the late Prince Zhao Ziyang during the desegregation of the Svunnetland Empire. Erandi Marques Torres de los Reyes currently serves as Regent.

The Principality was federated with Svunnetland since the end of the 'War of the Wedding,' and later, with Soliferum. Now, it is in a state of simple peace with realms on the island. However, the diplomatic front might soon change, with the complex war going on all around neutral Zonasa.

Zonasa has peaceful ideals, but war rages around it. An alliance with Soliferum broke down, as Zonasa's friends -- and enemies -- on all sides went to war with each other, in what has become a very complex affair for Zonasan diplomacy.

After an extended period of peace for the realm itself, what some call "tranquility" and others call "stagnation", a new regent, Erandi Marques Torres de los Reyes, has engaged the Principality to play a more active role in the Far East.

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Geography and Lands

Geographic Description

The realm of Zonasa sits south of the city of Anacan. It borders the sea and the Bay of Zonasa. Zonasa includes low-lying flatlands, the mountains of Razrpot, the wooded hills of Palnasos, and the twin cities of Batesaor and Zonasa.

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The Duchy of Zonasa

The Duchy of Batesaor

The Duchy of Palnasos

Unaffiliated Regions:

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Zonasans are known for being true knights, and the late Prince Zhao was a stunning example. Zonasans value honour and chivalry above all else, and would fight to protect those values.

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  • Founding
  • Senoske the Cur
  • War of the Wedding
  • The Federation
  • The Reign of Morgan
  • The Reunification of Zonasa
  • The Fall of Batesoar
  • The Uneasy Peace
  • Changing of the Guard