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The Order of the Doughnuts is a guild on the East Continent. Members come from many different realms united by a mutual love of doughnuts. Members live in peace with each other, except on the rare occasions when a fight breaks out over the last doughnut.

Mission Statement

The Order of the Doughnuts exists to spread doughnuts, the love of doughnuts and peace throughout East Island. We want a guildhouse in every realm. Currently we are a southern guild, but we intend to spread north.

The Order of Doughnuts is not a military order. Its main goal is to bring the people of the island closer together by exchanging their cultures over doughnuts. However, if someone threatens us we will fight back with everything we have.

Holder of the Golden Doughnut

A legendary status among the Order of the Doughnuts. The holder of the Golden Doughnut must accept all challenges to First-Blood duels, as long as doing so does not contradict any standing orders from the realm hierarchy. We would hate to see our guild banned from a realm because we are not following orders. If the holder of the Golden Doughnut wins the duel, they retain the title. If they lose, they surrender the Golden Doughnut to the challenger, who then must follow the rules as champion and holder of the Golden Doughnut. The holder will be removed from the rank if they lose. Someone out side the guild can hold the title, so the rank might be empty. However, we try to not lose the title to an outsider.

Current Holder of the Golden Doughnut

Claimed first by a warrior named Falcor, the Golden Doughnut is a prize bestowed only on the single warrior with the greatest swordsmanship and skill in combat. Holding the Golden Doughnut ensures a life of constant challenge and threat. Despite this, many warriors from varied lands come to challenge the Holder of the Golden Doughnut for this prize.

History of the Golden Doughnut

Created on 2/11/2006


1) Falcor

2) Sumsar

   a.	Defeated Abishur
   b.	Defeated Rendar
   c.	Defeated Achilles

3) Edvard the Deacon

   a.	Defeated Achilles

4) Dimarus

   a.	Defeated Falcor twice
   b.	Defeated Rendar
   c.	Defeated Lexander

5) speedy

Notice for Members

Come, grab a doughnut and pull up a chair. Let us share our love of doughnuts and our experiences. If we can talk over doughnuts perhaps we can put aside our swords and live in peace with one another. If not I will give you the doughnut of death.

We, The Glazers, will meet every week at the glazed round table and figure out new ways to add pounds to ourselves and our men, and finding ways to instill fear in our enemies by the fear of eating all of their profits from their regions production. We stand with honor, we stand tall, but we are mostly just wide.


Order of the Doughnuts.png

Main guildhouses

Isadril, holds the original guildhouse. The guildhouse is famed for having a supposedly inexhaustible supply of doughnuts, found in the third door on the left upon entering the guildhouse. The guildhouse was built by the Founder and Grand Glazer of the guild, Rackir.

Semall is the home of another guildhouse. While less remarkable, the guildhouse is nonetheless magnificent and is host to very many types doughtnuts for all true connoisseurs.

Castle Ubent is the location of a more austere appearance on the outside. However, upon entering you will find the best serving wenches on the continent, to excuse the slightly worse quality of doughnuts.

Fontan was built by a longtime friend of Rackir. It was also the first main guild in the north.

Oligarch's guildhouse was built by Doc, a long time friend of Rackir. It was also the beginning of a long-awaited northern expansion. There is also a special doughnut produced here. It is glazed with a special oil, extracted from the most potent elven herbs. It is claimed that one doughnut will make any morning much more bearable. Whether this oil is legal or not remains to be answered.

Greatbridge owns the first and currently the only doughnut shop in Fontan. Located at a secluded lakeshore, the Greatbridge Doughnut Shop is maintained by former Chancellor Lady Lilith. Here one can hope to find some original tastes imparted directly from the Lady's homemade secret recipe, such as the Springy Series, usually served with a crispy layer of chocolate coating. The Almond flavor is the Lady's recommendation.

Other guildhouses

Supra holds the second guildhouse in Yssaria. Constructed by Sumsar, it is home to the "special room" at the end of the third corridor. There is Doughnuts ad libitum and both syrup, mead and ale from the taps next to the door.

Hamadan is also the home of a guildhouse, hosted by Rodon.

Mashhad is yet another Yssarian branch built by Sotel.

Tota is sponsored by Denver.

Al Arab is our main shop in Ibladesh.

Members of the Guild

With headings indicating rank in the guild, most important to least important. "Since (date here)" indicates the time as a member of the guild.

Grand Glazer
Rackir since 2006-01-14
Shop Managers
Ryndhal since 2006-02-06
Rendar since 2006-02-12
Zog Returns since 2006-02-08
Denver since 2006-02-13
Sotel since 2006-07-05
Doc since 2006-08-20
Lycastus since 2006-08-22
Barzelli since 2006-09-12
Lilith since 2006-09-14
Holders of the Book of Recipes
Widfara since 2006-10-23
Holder of the Golden Doughnut
Speedysince 2006-03-21
Master Bakers
Meryl since 2006-01-15
Achilles since 2006-01-17
Falcor since 2006-02-12
Dimarus since 2006-06-09
Aristullos since 2006-04-26
Anastasia since 2006-08-24
Dough Mixers
Is Est since 2006-01-14
Irias since 2006-01-25
Samson since 2006-01-28
Faragorn since 2006-02-01
Baranak since 2006-02-26
Ichigo since 2006-03-21
Turbo Returns since 2006-03-26
Terrence since 2006-03-30
El'rith since 2006-04-26
Kamekaze since 2006-05-06
Kevin since 2006-05-11
Ocean since 2006-05-16
Lexander since 2006-06-25
Mischa since 2006-06-26
Killingsworth since 2006-07-25
Gitami since 2006-07-31
Gurido since 2006-07-31
Basil since 2006-08-18
Ethan since 2006-08-23
Kradonom since 2006-08-27
Prandur since 2006-08-28
Daniel since 2006-09-23
Doc's Biatch since 2006-09-26
Che since 2006-09-28
Godfrey since 2006-10-08
Reynard since 2006-10-15
Gregor since 2006-10-15
Jasper since 2006-10-20
Lodius since 2006-10-21
Reginald since 2006-10-22
Jerix since 2006-11-07
kid since 2006-11-09
Michalastar since 2006-11-09
Evangelina since 2006-11-09
Yerli since 2006-11-17
Elaira since 2006-11-20
People who enjoy Doughnuts
None (well we all do but none who only enjoy them...

Member preferences for Doughnuts

Rackir: Long johns with white frosting and raspberry filling
Is Est: Donuts filled with Bavarian creme
Meryl: "A bun with a smooth dulce de leche filling, all rolled in sugar could make my mouth water in the desert."
Achilles: Jelly filled ones that are strawberry and a fine frosting on the top
Rodon: Doughnuts covered with gold leaf and stuffed with lark's tongues and capon liver
Zog Returns: Filled with chocolate and laced with cream, and dunked in hot milk, served by a buxom wench!
Irias: strawberry filling and coated with honey.
Ryndhal: A simple, slightly oversized ball, with a light covering of sugar
Samson: the simple and unassuming glazed doughnut as my favorite doughnut.
Denver: Chocolate covered ones
Widfara: Maple Glazed doughnuts are pure heaven in a ring.
Sotel: Orange filled and glazed doughnuts fresh from Isadril and Mashad
Kevin: Glazed donuts are best, without a doubt
El'rith: A powdered, chocolate raspberry filled doughnut.
Ichigo: Either apple and spice doughnuts or chocolate with sprinkles.
Aurum: Creme(fruit) filled
Kamekaze: Lemon curd filling and a sugar and cinnamon sprinkling.
Basil: Blueberry jelly filled bismark
Akemi: glazed and powdered sugar