Isadril (Region)

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Region Details
Continent East Continent
Region Type City
Geographic Area South Highlands
Population 36800
Economy Manufacturing, Trade
Realm / Duchy Perleone / Isadril
Local Lord Jav Lin

Isadril is a large city on the east coast of the East Island. Isadril is located at the mouth of the Isadril River, across the Bay of Isadril from Hamadan, the former capital of Yssaria.

Isadril city was once the capital of the nation Isadril. The nation of Isadril was thrown down long ago by a combination of forces from Ibladesh and Itorunt. Following the fall of the nation if Isadril, Isadril city was the capital of the nation of Fallangard.

It was then part of Yssaria for quite some time. It was the home to a guild and religion devoted to doughnuts. Near the end of Yssaria, it seceded to form Tuchanon V.

Since the collapse of Tuchanon V, the history of Isadril has been lost.

A war was fought over Isadril, from late 1019 to mid 1020, known to some as Edvard's War.

Family Homes