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The Noble Constitutional Monarchy of Perleone

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Island East Continent
Capital Castle Ubent
Largest City Ibladesh
Government Democracy

Duchies 4
Regions 12
Population 258,500
Gold 11934
Food 3494
Nobles 20
King Saraph Orneithian
Protector Sevonne Drake
Prime Minister Nicolai Paxwax
Distributor Epidermia Snodaert
Al AquabahCaryssa Bowker
Al ArabGaheris Camlann
Ar MosulMaremma de' Macachi
Castle UbentBarthogan Starck
Itor BossSevonne Drake
Mines of IsadrilNiall De La Fere
MontaubanNicolai Paxwax
MoyaleAlfred Grimcrag
PartoraAndreas Greybrook
WooltonBrandon Tentil

Perleone, the golden child of the South, was founded through the efforts of Perdan and Westmoor, on the 10th of October 1013 out of the duchy of Al Arab by King Nigel De La Fere. Perleone proceeded to establish itself as an independent realm in the South, with the ideal to master its own destiny while still maintaining good relations with those that assisted in its formation.

Its surprising start, followed by a massive gathering of loyal and capable nobles saw it surpass it's peers, becoming the biggest realm in the South, eventually evolving into the Golden Empire of Perleone where it stands today.

General History

Perleone was created after Perdan managed, against all predictions, to defeat the three realms that had banded together against it in the south: Caligus, Armonia and Eponllyn. The terms handed out to Caligus and Armonia were relatively light, Caligus was to leave regions in the east, including the city of Isadril, which formed the new realm of Fallangard. But Eponllyn suffered heavily from losing the entire duchy of Al Arab and the rich city of Ibladesh, which became the new realm of Perleone.

King Nigel first set about securing the position of the realm politically among Perdan, Fallangard, Westmoor and OI, making a very strong southern / mid island alliance. Tensions between Eponllyn and Perleone were high due to claims to Al Arab and to Eponllyn's refusal to acknowledge Perleone's legitimacy. They were only increased with the internal meltdown of Armonia when Fallangard and Eponllyn attacked the realm from both sides. This resulted eventually in the destruction of Armonia but also created a situation where Armonian nobles were now on both sides of two realms not at war(what realms?). Noritor, a Perleone region was left stranded inside Eponllyn lands, much to Perleone's disdain.

War broke out between Perdan and Caligus over issues of trust, when Caligus was suspected to be building friendly relations with Sirion and other northern realms and plotting against the south. Fallangard and Perleone were relatively quick to join in on this war. During the conflict Eponllyn took Betholm, a Perleone region that had gone rogue. Although the two realms were not at war, this further increased political pressure between the two realms.


Arks Reair Rebellion, Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

In the end of the year 1017, a rebellion was erected against then King of Perleone Deklan Fuor by General Arks Reair, where Al Arab's milita was disbanded. Taking the capital, Arks became the King of Perleone. The resulting aftermath saw a exodus of nobles fleeing to Alara and saw the regions of Oc Lu Pesh and Ibladesh switching allegiances alongside them.

The Southern Federation guild erupted in protest of these recent events. However, despite the promise of Democracy in Perleone, King Arks was not able to cement a stable rule. Being offered a deal with Highmarch, Arks lost popularity with nobles in Perleone that remained post his rebellion. As a result of ongoing pressure and disdain against the Highmarch deal, Arks stepped down and fled the realm.

Under the newly elected ruler Conrad Barret, a form of democratic government system was established in Perleone and Conrad Barret became it's first Lord President. In early 1018, the son of the first king of Perleone, Niall de la Fere returned to Perleone and claimed his bloodright as monarch. With a flock of nobles rallying in Perleone under the guise reinstatement of the de la Fere dynasty, Lord President Conrad supported the election of Niall de la Fere to ensure the unity of the realm and it's continued prosperity. Hence, Niall was elected ruler, declared himself king and reformed the government to become the Noble Constitutional Monarchy of Perleone in June 1018. This system bound the ruler of Perleone to be responsible to the realm through the check and balance of the Perlone's Constitution, upheld and updated by the Prime Minister through realm-wide referendums.

War of Deklan's Folly

With Perleone significantly weaker than it's historic height, King Niall and King Robb of Alara traded diplomatic negotiations. The tension from these conversations began a cold war stand off. After two months of negotiations over Ibladesh, an insult to Deklan, the Margrave of Ibladesh, saw Alara declare war on Perleone. The war begun heavily in Alara's favour, with a series of bloody battles in Al Aquabah. The Southern Alliance attempted to get involved in the conflict to change focus towards the perceived threat of the north, but was unsuccessful and the conflict went on.

During the course of the war, perleoni princess and Prime Minister Mary Anne claims her seal was stolen. By orders and letters sent on her behalf, communication with the Southern Alliance is established, a referendum started, and even a rebellion is incited! King Niall orders her to move to Perdan while the theft is investigated, and the princess steps down as Marshal and leaves the realm. Waiting for Duke Gaheris to investigate. Assaulted on her way to Perdan, the rebellion ends and henceforth banned.

Eventually Perleone and Alara came together for peace talks. As part of this treaty Deklan returns Ibladesh to Perleone and Oc Lu Pesh remained with Alara, in hopes of ending the bloodshed among fellow southerners. Although Ibladesh is returned to Perleone as agreed in the treaty, it's people were strongly exposed to propaganda to paint a very foul image of Perleone and a very good one of Alara. After a short period, Ibladesh rebelled and returned to Alara's control. Minas Nova sided with their federate Alara, and an investigation proved they were stocking and trading food in order to allow Alara to properly secure Ibladesh after the change, signalling they knew about the trap. War is declared against Minas Nova in June 1018 over their involvement, alongside other territorial tensions over Nimraw.

The conflict was back in full force, and now it was fiercer than ever.

The Second Rise of Perleone

After a series of skirmishes around Al Arab where Minas Nova nearly had the opportunity to siege the capital, the tide turns against Minas Nova and are pushed back to Semall by September 1018. The following month saw Oc Lu Pesh and then the successful siege of Ibladesh.

Taking the White City crippled Alara as the government collapses with King Robb and Deklan fleeing. Pressing this to Perleone's advantage and by December 1018, Minas Nova was reduced to the city of Semall and Alara to the Duchy of the Black City.

By mid-January 1019, the new identity of Sydgard rejects their Alaran heritage and comes to the negotiation table and engage in a tenuous ceasefire while Semall falls to Perleone. Despite a temporary resurgence through a city rebellion, Minas Nova was officially defeated. Meanwhile, the Vix Tiramora-Perdan-Fallangard war against the northern realms requests Perleone intervention. Despite diplomatic efforts of both sides, no agreement was to be made and out of frustration and honour, Duke Zolan Zatirri returns House Timerat to Vix Tiramora to support their war effort.

In February 1019, the year long frustrations between Duke Conrad, Lord Jason and King Niall climaxed. Public letters soon serviced where the first Prime Minister, Mary Anne de la Fere Bluelake, attempted to arrange the assassination of Lord Jason to prevent a duel to the death with the King. To resolve the older grudge first, Duke Conrad dueled King Niall in a succession of duels where the Duke was slain in combat. King Niall declared a tournament in Ibladesh to celebrate Duke Conrad's service to Perleone, to mark his abdication of the throne and reinvigorate peace negotiations between Perleone and Sydgard.

King Stanmore was elected the new King of Perleone with a large following and a clear majority, following King Niall's abdication, campaigning on a platform of Honour and Diplomacy going hand-in-hand with personal Strength. After a series of tumultuous near-rebellions, King Stanmore brought momentary stability to Perleone that had been lacking since disagreements on it's future had begun internally. United behind a vision, the Nobility of Perleone began to work towards their next collective and societal goal - Empire.

After numerous rounds of negotiations, a treaty was agreed where Sydgard would name a pro-Perleone Duke of the Black City and Sydgard would be brought into the Perleoni Empire. Whilst at peace and settling into the new reality, the issue of Aaronism caused tensions to heighten once again.

The Perleoni Empire

Further information on the Perleoni Empire, or Empire of Perleone, can be found here.

Following the defeat of the Federates and appointment of Stanmore Stromhar as King of Perleone, Minas Nova was annexed into the Kingdom of Perleone, and Alara (having faced an internal cultural revolution to become Sydgard) now Sydgard, as part of their defeat conditions, were brought into burgeoning Perleoni Empire as Half-Members, though were later given Full Membership with the formal Founding of the Empire and the formalization of the Imperial Charter.

Coming soon..

The Honours Board

Great Rulers
Name Description
Entry Text
King Niall de la Fere Niall de la Fere took control of Perleone when it seemed to be at it's lowest, leading the Kingdom from the brink of destruction as a three-region Nation against the Federates to the height of power as a ten-region Nation in the South of the Eastern Continents.
Emperor Stanmore Stromhar Stanmore was elected to lead a fractured Perleone after the abdication of King Niall de la Fere, uniting the squabbling internal factions of the Nation into one unified Kingdom. Stopping several attempts at rebellion or acts of aggression against the new regime, Stanmore went on to do the impossible, and unite the Southern Alliance (Perdan, Sydgard and Vix Tiramora) into the Empire of Perleone against the rampaging and greedy Northern Alliance.
Name Description
Callan Blue, the Breaker of Ibladesh and Semall As Marshal of the Blazing Swords, Lord Callan led the armies of Perleone to victory against superior forces of Minas Nova and Alara, breaking the long defended City of Ibladesh in the process. As Protector/General, he finally put an end to the war with the breaking of Semall.
Saraph 'Talonsbane' Orneithian As Protector of Perleone during the Imperial War for the Bescanon River, Lord Saraph led 1000 men against almost twice as many Northern Alliance soldiers from behind a damaged Palisade at the Battle of Partora, defeating the forces primarily led by JeVondair and Kinsey and earning the moniker 'Talonsbane'.
Entry Text
Name Description
Name Description

Constitution of Perleone

The constitution of Perleone is recorded and updated here since June 1018.

Honours of Perleone

Imperial Order

The Imperial order exist to honour noble commanders who have shown extraordinary service in the name of Perleone. It is awarded by the Kings choice.

High Commander

  • Awarded to Beyazit Kalkandelen for his long and successful service as Protector of Perleone by King Niall De La Fere --M2rt (talk) 09:11, 5 October 2018 (CEST)
  • Awarded to Callan Blue for his successful campaigns as Protector in besieging and breaking the Cities of Semall and Ibladesh during the war of the Federates, by King Stanmore Stromhar.


  • Awarded to Anastasia Vasiliev for hervictory against Ambrose Peregrine in the First Perleone-Shadowdale friendly tournament.
  • Awarded to Jeames Dacara for his victory against Maccio Aurelle in the First Perleone-Shadowdale friendly tournament.
  • Awarded to Barthogan Starck for his victory against Luna Tempest in the First Perleone-Shadowdale friendly tournament.

League of Champions

A competition between warriors of Perleone to get the most out of them in battle.

Armies of Perleone

The armies of Perleone have had an eventful history and have changed as the realm has.

The Blazing Swords

  • Marshal: Faridithous von Hammersmark
  • Vice Marshal: Epidermia Snodaert
  • Sponsor: Gaheris Camlann, Saraph Orneithian (alternative army), Niall De La Fere (former), Conrad Barret (former), Kiriman Adiyanto (former)

Main army of the Democratic Perleone, embraced by the Constitutional Monarchy of Perleone. The Blazing Swords is an elite army, accustomed to complex maneuvers, and with multiple levels of command. The current army has been reinstituted after an unwarranted disbanding following the betrayal of Alexander Greybrook, former Ambassador of Perleone and Governor of Al Arab, during King Citrine's Folley. The first attempt at doing so was by Saraph Orneithian following the return of Al Arab to Perleone. The current Blazing Swords are the former Silver Legion, Perleone's Imperial homeland defense army.

The Contego Fortuno

  • Marshal: Werantior Marlior
  • Vice Marshal: -
  • Sponsor: Andreas Greybrook

Much like the Domus Contego before it, the Contego Fortuno was created by Andreas Greybrook in the wake of the Imperial merger between Vix Tiramora and Perleone as a way to coordinate the courtiers of the realm.


The Howling Wolves of Perleone

Marshal: Lance Hagakure
Vice Marshal: Gaston Motosuwa
Sponsor: Cassandra Foxglove

The howling wolves were created by Margrave Cassandra Foxglove and was to be Perleone's main army. The armies first set of campaigns against Caligus and Sirion have been generally successful providing added strength to Fallangard and securing the defense of the town of Ar Mosul from the Sirion red dragons.

Domus Contego

Marshal: Kallimira Elvinfir
Sponsor: Elvinfir

The Domus Contego was created by then treasurer Kallimira Elvinfir to give the courtiers and priests of the realm an organization to work as a cohesive force across the kingdom.

The Silver Legion

Marshal: - Vice Marshal: - Sponsor: Gaheris Camlann

At first, the Silver Legion was created as a home defense army by then-Duke Gaheris Camlann. It soon took up the role of Perleone's main army following King Citrine's Folly, in which the Blazing Swords lost their home city, and would stay as such until the end of the Continental Bescanon river conflict. After the end of this war, under King Gaheris, it would become the foundation for the reformed Blazing Swords.