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Capital Hamadan
Largest City Hamadan
Government Type Monarchy
Food Production 201 bushels
Region Number 1
Population 17. 000 people
  • King
  • High Marshal
  • Arch Priest
  • Royal Treasurer

Edvard Perfect II
Historia Medevandal
Rackir Spearhawk
Harman Prestongreen

  • Army of the Panther Claw
Eleran Perfect II


Percival Prestongreen

Fallangard its a realm resurrected from its ancient ashes seeks to live up to its days of glorious old and rival the greatest realms on the continent.

Founded by the families of King Edvard Perfect II and Judge Rackir Spearhawk, former Kings of Yssria and children of Fallangard it is set to reclaim the lands that rightfully belong to them as they have always been.

The regions of which Fallangard consists out have long been ruled by the kin of its founders. Whom ruled in the name of the following realms:

  1. Isadril_(Realm)
  2. Old Fallangard
  3. Yssaria
  4. Tuchanon_V
  5. Caligus
  6. Fallangard

The Kingdom

Nobles of the Legendary Realm of Fallangard,

We rise up out of chaos and disorder to protect the children of the duchy of Isadril, a mighty city, whose involvement in the world’s military prowess knows no boundary. We strive to live a peaceful, fulfilling, enriching, and meaningful life. From being obliterated so many years ago until now, we are proud to say our heritage is preserved.

  • The Ruler rules
  • The Judge judges
  • The General runs the military
  • The Banker takes care of the banking system
  • The Lords govern
  • The Nobles command
  • The Commoners do what they do

Fallangard does not require committee approval. However, action without success will be seeing accordingly. We are hard working and expect successful results.

As King, an explanation of how I see power distributed, taken, and used: Personally, Isadril is my home. It has been the home for my Family for generations. As a birthright, I claim its titles, discuss, converse, and govern the safety of Fallangard and its children.

The General and Marshals have my full support as they militarily protect the interests of our borders. Once the objective is given of what conflict and where. I do not believe healthy to interfere. As I am a politician, I leave the military and its authority to that of the decorated officers we have.

The Archpriest is the law of the land. He makes the laws, enforces the laws, and passes final judgement over the decisions at hand. Realm maintenance and foreign travel management of our nobles is his authority which trumps all but my own. However, you will rarely find my opinion or rationale given in his decisions.

Royal Treasurer handles region food transfers, inquires about tax settings, purchasing and if able sales of food. Although not able to require but Region Lords are encouraged to open their markets for the Royal Treasurer for him to handle the steady of movement of food to feed the children of your region.

Region Lords are of the utmost Lord of their region. Without them and the nobles in estates under them, we would not have a military.

There are some that ask my opinion on matters regarding rising up in the ranks. My response is to make your want known. I commend loyalty and longevity in Fallangard. One's success, credibility, and recognition is based off of their honesty, execution, and courteousness. As King, I will not personally undermine any positions or titles here in Fallangard due to the fact that all must work together to unify as a cohesive unit as force on the East Continent. I ask all in position to take care of their duties to protect our children, protect our people, protect their homes, and protect Fallangard.


King Edvard Perfect II

Founding History

  • Foundation: (8th of july, year 13)

Fallangard is founded in the year 13 in the 8th day of the 7th month at the end of the great southern war, where Perdan defeated the combined forces of Caligus, Eponllyn and Armonia.
The seccesion was led out of the defeat of Caligus and most of all the death of King Dobromir, to whom Duke Edvard at the time owed his aliegance to.

  • Formation: (17th of july, year 13)

Soon after the secession, King Edvards Brother, Sir Eleran was apointed as its first Royal Treasurer, Lord Rackir as its Arch Priests and the at the time Perdanees Noble Sir Bruttus from Northern Dwilight was apointed as its first High Marshal.

  • It's first war, the Armonian war. (25th of October, thill November year 13)

At the end of the Summer on the 25th of october, Fallangard declared war on Armonia, Eponllyn would soon follow.
The war ended fairly quickly resulting in the end of Armonia.
While Eponnlyn defended against Amronian attacks on Ejaar Puttl, Fallangard looted the entire East of Armonia.
However, soon the duchy of Xavax joined Perleone, other Armonian lords followed, making a swift end to the war.
some Armonian lords later switched from Perleone to Eponllyn leaving Xavax duchy udner the control of Perleone with the small region of Noritor, the rest is now under control of Eponllyn.
Around the 10th of November, the war was already at its end.

  • It's Second War, the great Caligan war (16th of November, year 13 untill february year 14)

Fallangard didn't give peace much of a chance as on the 16th of november, war was declared on Caligus in order to take their claimed regions of former Yssria, joining Perdan in their initial declariotn on the 12th.
Several battles where fought untill Perdan moved into Hamadan, resulting in the switch of allegiance by Duke Percival, a former core member of Yssria and good friend of the founding families Spearhawk and Perfect II. It apears Duke Percival was awaiting the right time to switch.
The same counted for Lord George Talratheon of the Mines of Isadril, who quickly followed.
The switch happened fairly quickly after Lord Turant of Igno betrayed the realm by joining Caligus in the heat of battle around Leibo.
On the 5th of december, Fallangard consisted out of the regions, Isadril, Tota, Leibo, Mines of Isadril, Abadan, Mashad and Hamadan.
Fallangard also welcomed new troopleaders and quickly grew from 11 members to 17.
Eventually Cligus finally surenderd after a series of huge battles with Nivemus, Sirion and Caligus against Perdan and Fallangard in Domus, late january. Caligus agreed with a Fallangard border including Domus and Supra.

  • The Ice Wars, Great Northern war (22 february, year 14)

A large Galcier pushed the southern realms upwards causing massive shifts. After Oliarch was given to Eponllyn with the promise to give it back to Sirion after conquering other lands, Westmoore declared war against Sirion and Perdan came in their support. Fallangard still had bussiness to settle with the realm that looted some of its regions in the Caligan war and joined the allied forces. In the first week of this great war; Fallangard, Perdan and Westmoore took two Sirion cities and defeated several armies. The ice keeps pushing up and is now unsettling Perleone from its homes. Fallangard lost its ancient home, Isadril Tota, Igno and Leibo and its new Capital in Hamadan could soon follow. But the climax of the Caligan war followed by this war, has lead to an incredible influx of nobles none or the less and Fallangard has now grown to 32 nobles.

Ancient Fallangard, the history of Fallangard and Isadril Duchy

Banner of Fallangard

Fallangard was a lost nation of the East Island.

Fallangard was created after the fall of the nation of Isadril. Isadril was conquered by an alliance of Ibladesh and Itorunt. Following the fall of Isadril, Isadril City was left as a rogue state that was thought to be impossible to capture. The name, Fallangard, comes from the family name of Panther I Fallan.

Note from the tiki: though the below states Ubent was at war with Itorunt, various sources state that the creation of Fallangard came after the war with Itorunt. Ubent won the war and wanted to create a buffer realm inbetween Ubent and Itorunt.

(OOC: At that time, brutal takeovers had not yet been added to the game.)

At the time, Ubent was involved in a war aginst Itorunt. In a surprise maneuver, Ubent massed enough troops in Isadril to perform a takeover. Following a massive, but failed, attack on the city of Isadril, it was spun off from Ubent as a nation itself, under the name Fallangard. The purpose for this was to create a nation closer to the front lines with Itorunt. Fallangard could then carry on the war with Itorunt more easily, and leave Ubent free to turn north and join in the fight against Sirion.

Eventually, Fallangard and Itorunt fought to a stalemate. Tired of the long, indecisive war between the two nations, they ended the war and joined forces to attack Ibladesh. Ibladesh was in a weakened state after losing a war to Ubent and Rancagua. Terms of the settlement had left Ibladesh weak, and unable to defend themselves. Feeling responsible for the weakened condition of Ibladesh, Ubent came to their defense against Fallangard and Itorunt. After another long war, Fallangard was beaten back to their capital city of Isadril. Fallangard was eventually beaten by a combined assault from Perdan, Ibladesh, Ubent, and Caligus.

After the fall of Fallangard, the peasants of the former nation of Isadril, remembering the glory of days gone by, rose up and created a new nation from the ashes of Fallangard. This nation was known as Yssaria, and lived for a long time afterward. Yssria whom after years of warfare against Caligus and its allies, has finally beaten its arch enemy. The Yssrian Kingdom ruled for many years by King Eleran the Count Perfect, spread from Isadril to Scio, having conquered all of Caligus. However, Caligus most prominent ally Perdan had allowed Caligus to settle in one of its former cities of Partora and from that position eventually managed to reconquer their lost lands in the second Yssrian/Caligan war with the help of Perdan. The second war eventually ended in Yssrias full destruction and so Caligus had conquered all of it. But before Caligans could reach Isadril, the city ceded and formed the realm of Tuchanon, under Duke Rackirs Spearhawks rule. Tuchnanon fought hard but succumbed not much later under the forces of Itorunt and Perdan who destroyed most of its regions in the process. Eventually the ancient families of Isadril, nameley Spearhawk, Perfect and Prestongreen brokered a deal with Caligus and joined them before Perdan and its allies managed to destroy their city.

The lands of Fallangard remained under Caligan rule hence forth for a considerable time untill another conflict tore up its lands. This time it was the ancient allies Caligus and Perdan fighting each other, it lead to a bloody defeat for Caligus resulting in another secsesion in ISadril, this time it was doen by Duke Edvard PErfect who named his realm Fallangard, after the realm his family ancestors once proudly ruled.