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This is a historical document detailing the life and death of the lost realm of Rancagua.

History of Rancagua

Rancagua was a Tyranny founded in Oroya, located on the northwestern coast of East Island. Rancagua was a very war-like realm by necessity, because not long after it's formation was it threatened by Omsk, based in the swamps surrounding Kazakh.

Dictators served without much fame or recognition until William was made the newest Dictator. William was the embodiment of what Rancagua needed. He was a brilliant tactician that began to change the course of the war into Rancagua's favor. Battles constantly raged from Juazerio down to Gadlock. Salta was of key importance in the war. The side that controlled it switched almost daily, because whoever controlled it could take the fight to the enemy.

William eventually led Rancagua to victory over Omsk with needed support from Sirion in the final assault on Kazahk. Omsk admitted defeat and handed it's remaining regions over to Rancagua unconditionally. Upon the defeat of Omsk, William changed the government of Rancagua from a Tyranny to a Monarchy, automatically taking up the crown. It is believed he felt that Rancagua needed a ruler to look up to, and felt a monarchy could perform this task. Not long after, King William disappeared suddenly. Much expense went into locating this triumphant King, but all searches failed. High Guard ascended to the throne of Rancagua following William's disappearance. He had been a strong supporter of William's policies, and not much changed under his leadership.

Once it had built itself up, Rancagua, (who was already at war with Oligarch due to Oligarch and Omsk's alliance with eachother), began a renewed war on Oligarch in support of it's Sirion allies. Oligarch could not resist these attacks, as it had to focus completely on Sirion's attacks against it. Under King High Guard, Rancagua enjoyed many successful attacks on Oligarch, as well as claimed the region of Poiters for it's own realm.

Rise of the Theocracy

Unfortunately, Rancagua's glory and success against Oligarch was taken away when a powerful movement of people inside Rancagua pressured the King to make Rancagua a Theocracy that seeked to preach across the continent. Lacking enough supporters and fearing for Rancagua's stability, King High Guard stepped down from the throne of Rancagua to hand over power to the Theocratic movement. Having no way of knowing the evil the theocracy would turn into, High Guard, as well as most of those that were loyal to the crown, left Rancagua for other places. While seeming voluntary, this mass exodus of Rancagua was caused mainly from the leaders of the theocratic movement forcing them to leave or be banned.

"New" Rancagua

Rancagua became a theocracy. While Rancagua was tolerant of many religions, the Rancaguan culture is based upon the Beliefs of the Church of Rancagua as revealed by the prophet Cyen Cyansar. While Rancagua was primarily a peaceful realm, it engaged in a long-distance conflict against Ibladesh. It was also drawn into the Sirion-Perdan-Oligarch war when a rebel faction seceded the City of Oroya (Old Rancagua) and aligned itself with Sirion.

Following a long battle with Old Rancagua, Rancagua was destroyed in November 2005 following a final battle against forces from Sirion, Fontan, and Old Rancagua. After the destruction of Kazakh, Rancagua's nobles dispersed across the continents. This battle is detailed in Big Battle of Kazakh.