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The Caligan Courier is the official newspaper of Caligus, and the only newspaper Caligus has to offer. We've had a couple of great runs thus far, and we hope to keep it that way. May we bring you news for the rest of our days!


Current Editor

The current editor of the Caligan Courier is Unknown. Articles keep popping up everywhere and all efforts to track whoever is writing them has been for naught.

We are pretty sure the culprit writing the paper is wanted in Westmoor, Sirion and even Caligus already.

Former Editors


Kamekaze Lumberjack is a former Baron of Aestus, former Duke of Akesh Temple, former Colonel of Caligus, former High Marshall, and now Duke and Marshall of Domus, and wanted to get actively involved in the newspaper and so is now a writer/co-editor.


Reona Stryfe is Grontar´s youngest sister and was trained by him in their homeland, she moved to Caligus so she could help her brother, unfortunetly she was late and arrived a few days after Grontar died in the Battle of Tokat. Wishing to continue her brother´s work, she moved to Aestus and became an Aestian knight following the leadership of Talless The Tactical, former Baroness of Aestus. Talless offered her a job as an intern at Caligan Courier, that would have been her brother´s had he not died a day after being chosen. Reona saw this chance as a way of keeping the promise she made to herself to continue her brother´s work in Caligus. She accepted hopping that she could honor her brother, Caligus, and Lady Talless with her work.

Talless the Tactical

Talless the Tactical Twinblade is a former countess of Supra and former Baroness of Aestus, twice, and former Royal Treasurer. Founder of the Caligan Courier, she was inspired to create a newspaper for Caligus after reading all the 'incorrect' views of rival 'newspapers'. She had been encouraged by many in Caligus including the former Queen Gwynyth, former High Marshall Eagles Reach(RIP), and many others. She was killed in a freak Lightning storm after insulting the 'gods'.


Kratos Aurion was a knight of Scio. Originally from Itorunt, Kratos has another family relation in Caligus, namely Zelos, Kratos was a longtime and dedicated buro of Caligus. But Kratos is a traveller and he left Caligus for the new realm Light of Fountain. Kratos was a member of the CC for some time but never got the chance to publish an article. The Caligan Courier wishes Kratos good luck on his future adventures.


Grontar Stryfe was a Caligan hero. He was killed in battle at Tokat just one day after he was accepted into the Caligan Courier.

"He would've made a great editor. He did everything I asked of him on his first day, I could tell he was eager to serve the Caligan Courier. Though he was with us a short time, he was as dedicated to us as he was to Caligus. He will not be forgotten." --Talless


Arfeiniel has revived the Caligan Courier after it slowly died away. He has held many positions, such as Royal Treasurer and Supervisor of the Caligan Regions.


Doombringer revived the Caligan Courier at the same time Arfeiniel was planning to. Doombringer was a former general of Caligus and has come back to active military duty after being gone for around 3 months. A soul of war he always is on the front line attacking the enemy. A unique attribute is the amount of times doombringer gets wounded which is amazingly almost in 50% of battles.