Sanctus Acies

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Sanctus Acies

Ad honorem, Ad mortem

In Honour, In death

Sanctus Acies in rough terms means "Holy Battle" or "Battlefield of the Holy"

The Church of Sanctus Acies

Sanctus Acies was founded in the city of Partora in the Realm of Caligus. We are not just a religion for a single Realm. We are an International Religion that has members in Caligus,Perdan Westmoor and SoA. We believe in the principles of Honour, Dignity, Respect for one's self and enemies, and above all else: Honour on the Battlefield, unto Death.

The Priests of Sanctus Acies, Prophet Grivak Stryfe (Missing), Mystic Priest Eagles Reach Rebirth. Rangonio and Sinfalis are the ranking members, and also the shepherds of the Faithful. When a member of Sanctus Acies falls in battle we will make sure the soul of the fallen reaches it's proper resting place. We call it "The Hall of Heroes" to some it is Valhalla or Fields of Elysium.

It makes no difference of which realm you belong within Sanctus Acies we are all one.

Come, join us, and you are promised a way onto the Path that leads to Elysium.

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