White Knights

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The guild hall seems stark and sharp. The contrasting of light and dark playing tricks on the eyes. Burning before you is an brazier on an alter. Functionaries, ubiquitous in every court, are nowhere to be found. High above you hanging from a thin steel wire is the crest of the guild. A voice comes at you through the flame, "I bid you welcome to the Guild Hall of the White Knights. What do you seek?"


The White Knights is an organization whose members promote freedom and justice throughout the East Continent. If you share these ideals, you will find yourself a welcomed member of the guild, and its fellowship.

Founded by Circle Tezokian, Minister of Finances, and Duke of Sirion, the guild has grown in wealth and stature. Originally founded in Sirion City the guild has grown to over six guild-houses whose locations are known only to full members. Secrative, and powerful the guild's members represent a force which has found no equal. Aspiriant membership is granted to those who seek out the guild, but to enter into the secrecies of the guild is done through invitation alone. The exact activities of the guild have never been discovered outside of the guild, but it has become common knowledge that each enclave has been entrusted to a senior member who oversees the functionings of the guild in their area.


Membership within the guild is secret. The inner-workings arcane and esoteric. Senior membership is placed only in a small group of aged and wise men. Gradiations of full membership are known to exist. Some have overheard individuals addressed as Swordsmen, and Guardian, though where in the power structure they exist is unknown. Aspirants who apply for full membership as spies have never reported so much as the whisper of crickets for conversation.

Guild Locations

Sirion Enclave

Realm: Sirion
Region: Sirion
Built By: Circle Tezokian
Date Built: December 21st, 2005
Steward: Circle Tezokian


Fontan Enclave

Realm: Fontan
Region: Fontan
Built By: Gregor Relak
Date Built: January 15th, 2006
Steward: Gregor Relak


Old Rancagua Enclave

Realm: Old Rancagua
Built By:
Date Built:


Oligarch Enclave

Realm: Oligarch
Built By:
Date Built:


Perdan Enclave

Realm: Perdan
Built By:
Date Built: