Perdan (Realm)

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Kingdom of Perdan

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Island East Continent
Capital Perdan
Largest City Perdan
Government Monarchy

Duchies 4
Regions 3
Population 113,879
Gold 10266
Food 4388
Nobles 28
Queen Alyssa
Imperator Lucien
Judge-Magister Daario
Baillivus Ender

The Kingdom Of Perdan is one of the original and thus ancient realms on the East Continent. Though much diminished from her former size and strength the Rampant Lion has built a strong network of alliances and secure borders to ensure its persistence into the future, and remains one of the strongest military powers on the continent.


Perdan was one of the original realms of East Continent, and has had a long history which went mostly unrecorded in the early days.

Early History

During King Nightmare's reign (1006-1011?) there was an attempt to draft a Constitution for Perdan. A vote amongst the nobility eventually decided to abandon the idea of a constitution, and invest full power in the Royal Family.

Perdan's written records have long stagnated, though some in living memory recall the times that have passed the Kingdom of Perdan, there has been no attempt to create a single recorded history of the Kingdom of Perdan. An example of a modern recollection of events in the Kingdom is "A History of Perdan from 1019" by Ser Rogos V'Orlan

Reign of King Kay Peregrine

Ascending the throne amidst one of the many North-South Wars, King Kay promised to steer Perdan to victory.

As of 11-1019, a short peace had been found where Perdan attempted to stabilise lands that had been occupied by Northern forces. A few weeks into those endeavours the North invaded, burning fields and slaughtering smallfolk. After a few days of Northern marauding, the Golden Lions marched to meet the northern army on the rocky mountains of Eldoret, where Perdan smashed Sirionite forces before withdrawing to safe territory.

Early 12-1019 the long war between Eponllyn and Perdan turned into a white peace, as King Ryndhal of Eponllyn and King Kay of Perdan agreed to terms. Sirion protested, seeking Perdan City in the possession of the North as a true end to the war.

12-1019, Eponllyn declared war on Perdan once more, King Ryndhal having been turned out by dissent from Xavaxian nobles in his court. An attack was made on Brive, to little success. This ultimately worked against the Northern forces, as the overwhelming strength of the armies of Perdan forced Eponllyn back over the River Bescanon mid 01-1020, despite aid from both Sirion and Shadowdale. Vix Tiramoran troops arrived and reinforced the Perdanese takeover, further solidifying their grasp. Nascot and Meuse were retaken, and a tenuous standoff resulted between Perdan and the North.

Overwhelmed and off-balance during refits, Perdan was overwhelmed during the Valentine's Day Invasion, but quickly rallied troops to hound the Northern host, capturing a number of nobles decimating their armies, repelling them from Southern lands with little serious damage.

During Edvard's War between Perleone and Yssrgard, Perdan was called upon to shore up the Perleoni defence as the fight dragged on. King Kay refused to send Perdanese troops to fight over stolen land, and declined, instead seeking to arbitrate the conflict, seeing diplomacy as a swifter path to peace.

In early 05-1020, with the close of Edvard's War, the Southern Empire saw another assault from the North, striking at Ar Mosul and devastating the population. Heeding Vixian calls for aid, Perdan marched south with the Golden Lions and the Blackmane Paladins. As troops reached the Eldoret mountain range, the Shadow Legion assaulted the region of Nascot under the command of Exarch Luna Tempest, intending to turn the people to Shadowdale, though soon after the Grand Peace was announced by the Gods, the Legion withdrew.

In the first week of 1020-06-01, King Kay died.

Reign of King Smiddich Fontaine

Ascending the throne 1020-06-08, King Smiddich immediately oversaw a reshuffle of his advisors, and declared Lady Imperatrix Alyssa Kingsley of Bescanon to be Margravine of Perdan in his stead. Within the month, the colonial efforts initiated under King Kay Peregrine reached a blockade as Perdan colonised the isles up to the city of Kalmar, occupied by the Kingdom of Nivemus. Perdan declared their claims on Niveman land and their intent to provide it to the colony of Alexandria, giving them a week to deliberate on cessetion of land or to arm for war, and a week later the city of Kalmar was defended as befitting its status as a fortress city, and so began the Kalmar War. Unable to capture the Obsidian Isles from Chaos Temple, Perdan launched a surprise assault on Eponllyn. After defeating the joint Eponllyn-Niveman armies, an agreement was reached and the realm of Alexandria was to be proclared. However, just before the end of the war, a great cataclysm happened, forever reshaping the face of Obsidian Isles. Shortly after this natural disaster, his majesty King Smiddich Fontaine was sailing on his ship around the coast of Perdan. What happened on that fateful day remains unknown, but neither the ship or anyone onboard was never seen again.

Reign of Queen Alyssa Kingsley

1020-10-28 - Alyssa Kingsley has been crowned as Queen, becoming the 46th ruler of Perdan. The honour of crowning Queen Alyssa has been bestowed upon Judge-Magister Dustiria of Nascot, with Duchess Aila of Perdan taking the role of hostess. Many nobles, local and abroad, have attended the Coronation. Amongst the most notable were Duke Lucius of Aix, Duke Kenneth of the Riverlands, Duchess Lyanna of Osmeneliath, Baroness Brigdha of Evora, Sir Gislin Luitolf and Margrave Baillivus Benjamin of Bisciye.

Queen Alyssa inherited the crown in time of peace, but war soon came. To avenge Perdanite commoners and nobles alike, slaughtered by vile and treacherous Yssrgardian hordes, mighty armies loyal to the crown fell rapturously upon Yssrgard, bringing fire and death in their trail. Only a stroke of luck saved the barbarians, as Perdan's armies had to conduct an orderly, tactical retreat following a failed siege of Isadril.

This campaign had been partially due to the new wave of officers in the royal army, many of whose were newly appointed into their offices by Her Royal Majesty. Nevertheless, The Kingdom of Perdan maintained an upper hand in the fight and continued to bravely fight off the savage invaders.

Following a disastrous war with Perleone that saw Duke Lucius Poe of the Grand Court switch the entire Duchy of the Grand Court - consisting of a great percentage of the entire wealth and power of the realm - to Perleone, over a series of tempestuous weeks, Alyssa was protested out of her role following criticism by her of a group apparently led by Aila Storme, the Duchess of Perdan, that sought to protest the Queen out of office. Thus, her reign came to an end.

Reign of King Richard de Brey

1021-06-12 - Richard de Brey was crowned as the new Ruler of Perdan, becoming its 47th ruler. Perdan was in a bad spot when he became King. With one duchy in the hands of the enemy and a growing political conflict in the realm, his first weeks of rule were very tough. However after just a few days in his office, he finally managed to regroup Perdan once again and bring the Duchy of the Grand Court back into the fold. Unfortunately with the political crissis still ongoing combined with the loss of his brother, he decided to abdicate.

Second Reign of Alyssa Kingsley

In the aftermath of the dissatisfaction towards the end of Richard's reign, Alyssa was once again selected by the nobles of the realm to wear the Crown and lead Perdan. Her policies towards the beginning of her reclaimed rule were focused mainly on the reunification of the Kingdom following an enormous schism that had seemingly exhausted the realm. Her previous detractors, including Aila Storme, had left the realm for the Kingdom of Eponllyn which had nearly collapsed from its own internal struggles. Thus she focused her efforts on healing wounds within the realm, allowing additional representation within the councils, as well as convincing some who had previously left the realm to return.

This period of rebuilding the Perdanese Kingdom led to a time of peace, which Alyssa used to work diplomacy to place Perdan, to her hope, in a favorable position. She worked to sign deals of friendship with Perleone and win over the Alexandrians as well as increase Perdan's faith with the Kingdom of Caligus, who she considered Perdan's greatest ally. With friendship however, also saw increased concern on the borders with Yssrgard whose raids continued to plague Perdan and other realms, as well as with Eponllyn whose leaders, particularly Lucius Poe (who was considered a traitor in Perdan for his role in the previous war with Perleone), continued to provoke conflict.

She also held a tournament, the 4th in a series of tournaments across the Continent to celebrate her wedding and the time of peace that had come over Perdan and the rest of the Continent.


The Land of Perdan is very plentiful. Each region is accounted for and looked after by its Lord, ensuring that all regions are cared for in an efficient and competent manner.

The Flag of Perdan
Duchies and Regions of Perdan
Duchy of Perdan
Perdan | Bescanon | Brive | Dimwood | Meuse | Nascot | Perdan Mines
Duchy of the Golden City
Aix | Az Zarqua | Bisciye | Clermont | Lorient
The Flag of Perdan


Perdan is a feudal elective monarchy. Each region is cared for by a member of upper nobility, i.e. a Duke or an Earl, with estates in that territory parceled out to the lesser nobility comprised of Knights. The administration of the Kingdom is done under the authority of the monarch, with members of the Realm Council authorised to issue edicts or orders in the name of the King within their area of expertise. By tradition, the Imperator is named regent if injury or incapacitation prevents the King from executing their normal duties.


The Treasury is overseen by the Baillivus (elected quarterly) sets trade standards and approves export of Perdanese crops to foreign nations.

Much of the nation's coinage is struck in domestic silver from Perdan Mines, and while some gold is refined from the ore deposits in the Mines, much more is imported from Bursa, in Perleone. Coins ranges widely in design and creator, but are most regularly minted by the Duchy capitals of Aix and Perdan at the behest of the Baillivus at a weight of 54 grains of pure gold as a standard.

Regions typically produce their own silver coins, which range in size from 5 grams in weight to entire trade bars, though the standard 'silver coin' sits at approximately 185 grains, or 12 grams. Smallfolk will often accept a range of currencies, but a favourite are Perdanese Gelt, roughly palm sized ingots of steel or iron, made with the intent of being easily forged into weapons.


The laws of the land adjudicated by the Judge-Magister, traditionally appointed by the Crown. Much of the Judge-Magister's work is dedicated to policing the nobility in times of peace and war, though it extends into the realm of international treaties and lawmaking as well. For more information see: The Articles of Law of the Kingdom of Perdan


See also: #The Military

Foreign Policy

Perdan is allied with the Southern realms of the East Continent, and has historically held an enmity with Northern kingdoms.

Currently signatories to the Pact of Partora, a peace treaty between Vix Tiramora, Perleone, and Perdan.


Led by an elected general from the noble class, the Imperatrix, Perdan's military is one of the strongest and most effective on the East Continent. Steeped in past glories, the knights of Perdan remember well their greatness and aspire to carry on its legacy.

While Perdan has had a great history of military campaigns, many if not all scriptures have been lost. Only since half way through a new great war on the East Continent, sparked by the destruction of First Oligarch and Greater Xavax, have Perdanese historians begun keeping official records: - Records of the Great War Against the Aggression of the North

Active Armies

Perdan's Golden Lions

The Perdan's Golden Lions are the realms oldest standing army. Maintained by Noble Sponsorship, the Golden Lions are the sword and shield that defends the Kingdom Of Perdan against all adversaries.

Led by Marshal Daario Vulparan.

Perdan's Blackmane Paladins

The Blackmane Paladins are maintained by Royal Sponsorship.

Led by Marshal Jacelyn Goldwater.

Historical Forces

Unstoppable Valiants

Army, sanctioned by Lord Oliver Laststar during the War against Perleone in 1021.

Perdan's Royal Lions

Formerly: Perdan's Striking Force

This army was the heart of Perdan's military force and was the foundation stone for many campaigns. The other elite armies worked as satellites to the PRL, aiding them and providing additional capability for larger battles.

Perdan's Crimson Wing

Originally the PCW was a force for recruits and fresh nobles but over time it has grown in notoriety to be seen as a more dedicated army. In its later years, fresh recruits were put straight into the PRL while more experienced nobles who move their troops on time and fight with valour were promoted to the PCW.

Perdan's Murderous Wrath

The PMW was known for their quick strikes capacity. The army contained the most dedicated, most battle-hardened of all of Perdan's forces. They once stormed the city of Sirion without aid from any other realm or army.

Perdan's Home Defense

Perdan's Home Defense was originally created army designed for the removal of monsters, undead and rogue troops in times of peace or war. The PHD was intended to be an opportunity for those who want to benefit the realm but perhaps did not want to participate directly in the large scale battles. Some in the Perdanian nobility saw this unit as hugely valued to national defense, as troubles at home could have been a serious diversion to the main armies of Perdan without the PHD.

Perdan's Lethal Panthers

The PLP is comprised of the infiltrators of Perdan. Orders and hits are coordinated by the Sponsor and the assassins of Perdan are given as much support as possible in all stages of their dangerous undercover work.


Perdan's economy operates on a gold and silver commodity trading standard, with industry revolving mostly based on woodcutting, shipping, and fishing, with urban centres producing the many of the manufactured goods in the country, though a strong import market for manufactured goods exists. Silver is predominantly mined and exported from Perdan Mines, while gold is more often imported from the scant mountainside mines of Eldoret and Bursa. While regional names vary, silver coins are generally known as staters or thalers, and gold is known as florins, talents, or crowns.


Total population is 242000, the majority of it concentrated in the City of Perdan and the Golden City of Aix. The vast majority of the people are of Perdanese origin, though the regions of Bescanon and Nascot are home to large populations of ethnic Eponlli, and a minority of Omskians.



  • Adventurer's Guild - The confluence of professional monster hunters, unorthodox problem solvers, and professional rogues.
  • Establishments of Perdan - A partial list of interesting crafters and establishments that cater to those with the wealth and connections to patronize them.
Defunct Guilds
  • Imperial Guild - The Imperial Guild is an alliance framework through which the nobles of the Southern Realms share fraternity and information. The Empire dissolved in mid-1019, but the Guildhalls only fell into disuse mid-1020.
  • Southern Alliance Drinking Association - Previously a more informal association, they were renowned as a band of spectacularly inventive and functional drunkards during the time they were active. It was alleged they had an underground system of pipes and plumbing dedicated to the transport of alcohol between cities, though if it did ever exist, it seems to have been lost to time. For a time they maintained a register of drinking establishments throughout the realm known as the Perdan Inns Index.



Large-scale Roleplaying events involving several nobles of Perdan.

Guide for Young Nobles

Whether you are new to the ranks of nobility, or just new to Perdan, you may find some information here that help you settle in.

Nobles of Perdan

Below is a record of the nobility operating throughout Perdan currently, though there is a historical record of nobles.

Active Noblility