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Oligarch was the Frontline in the War against Sirion and Fontan on East Continent.


Oligarch was a proud realm with a rich heritage written in blood and tears. They stood on the border between the overpowering Sirion and the diabolical Fontan as a bulwark to the southern states. They were locked in struggle against these foes. Their republic stood proud in the fray, strong and stalwartly defending all that is honorable in East Continent.

Oligarch was destroyed as of May 28, 2006 by the combined forces of Sirion, Fontan, and Old Rancagua.

Maps of Oligarch



Oligarch was one of the oldest realms on the island. Having been around that long, Oligarch made many enemies and many allies. Oligarch outlasted several realms, notably Omsk, Coimbra, and Eleador. Rancagua and Avamar fell shortly before Oligarch as well.

Throughout the turmult that engulfed the island, Oligarch stood strong for its principles and its allies. A sad note in its history was that many of its allies have been destroyed, but the destruction of Omsk, Rancagua and Avamar did send many highly trained and motivated nobles into Oligarch's welcoming arms. Oligarch was been a refuge for many nobles - whether banned from their realms or through the destruction of their realm. Many different people called Oligarch home and themselves Oligarchian. Yet for these same reasons was Oligarch's downfall contributed. There were often too many noble for the gold available.

Last Recorded History

I am not the most knowledgeable about our history, so I shall begin right now.

  • We just delivered Fontan a severe bloody nose in defeating them twice in Krimml, and driving them out of Dulbin, now running a TO.
  • We finished the TO and have gained Dulbin. We also started a TO in Evora, whether we will finish it is undecided. But, for the first time in a very long while, Fontan is definitely losing, and we have more CS than them. It seems that even with our massive overpopulation we are managing to continue being the effective and powerful realm everyone in our alliance knows and respects.
  • We took Evora, but didn't hold it. We quickly turned around, and smashed a Sirionite force, driving them back
  • Our armies were again led by our great General Arnaud to astounding victory, with two resounding battles in Braga, and a victory in Montijo. We began TOs in both places, isolating Krimml.
  • The TO in Montijo was halted by Sirionite forces, but almost no Oligarchian casualties occurred, as we had already moved out
  • Braga was taken over, and peace negotiations with Fontan began
  • Mere hours later, Fuinir, King of Old Rancagua, declared war on Oligarch, because we tortured one of his infiltrators, who had attacked one of our lords and stolen some tax money. He gave us three days until he attacked.
  • The infil had been tortured against the orders of our Prime Minister, Sakima. The next day, our Judge, Elaira, stepped down, and elections began. The candidates were many, all of them excellent.
  • I, Hireshmont was elected Grand Justiciar in the interim elections
  • In an epic two-front battle. Oligarchian forces, outnumberd 2 to 1, battled Old rancaguan forces to a standstill in Ashforth. Simultaneously, in Greatbridge, a 23k Siron/FOntan force was soundly defeated and routed by a 20k Oligarchian force.
  • Mere days later, we launched an invasion into the Kazakh peninsula (OR territory) and, almost without a fight, pushed in to Kazakh and eliminated virtually all OR forces in Gadlock and Kazakh.
  • At the same time, Dulbin rebelled

-Chronicled by Hireshmont


Oligarch was a republic actively at war with the realms of Fontan, Old Rancagua, and Sirion. The struggle was in a slight balance, the smallest change could have tipped the whole thing. Oligarch, though, seemed to be losing.

Lysander's Explanation of Oligarch's political system was quite valued by the nobles.

Branches of Government

  • Ministry of State (MoS) - This ministry worked on overall plans, diplomacy, and general overseeing of the realm. It could be described as a senate with the Prime Minister's job to hear debates over the issues brought before the Ministry.
  • Ministry of War (MoW) - This ministry worked to develop and enact war-time operations concerning battle and troop movement.
  • SARS - The Special Attack and Recon Squad was their elite strike unit.
  • HSF - The Homeland Security Force was dedicated to keeping their taxes high, regions fit, and people willing to continue the war.
  • WCC - The Worst Case Council was here to predict and prepare for the worst case possibilities. It could be described as a "think tank", with no actual authority. This group was quite private. To be approached by it was a great honour.


  • Prime Ministers of the Past: Lysander, Sakima, Hireshmont (Deceased)
  • Ministers of Defense of the Past: Arnaud, Ticondrius Grom Hellscream (Deceased)
  • Grand Justiciars of the Past: Justin, Paul, Elaira, Donna Ragna, Feanor, Hireshmont (Deceased)
  • Ministers of Finances of the Past: Paul, Mutdonter (Deceased)
  • Last Prime Minister: Hireshmont (Deceased)
  • Last Minister of Defense: Ticondrius Grom Hellscream (Deceased)
  • Last Grand Justiciar: Feanor (Deceased)
  • Last Minister of Finances: Mutdonter (Deceased)


  • Last Duke of Oligarch - Mutdonter (Deceased)
  • Last Duke of Ashforth - Ticondrius Grom Hellscream (Deceased)
  • Last Duke of Westmoor - Mungo Hossenfeffer


  • Last Marshall of Oligarch - Mutdonter (Deceased)
  • Last Marshall of Ashforth - Ticondrius Grom Hellscream (Deceased)
  • Last Marshall of Westmoor - Mungo Hossenfeffer

note: (Deceased) indicates leaders who died or were exiled during the Northern war