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The tale of the return of Old Rancagua is a long one. Old Rancagua is alive to fulfill an old promise which was lost in the years of the bloodiest civil war the continent of East Island ever witnessed.

The civil war has officially ended when the combined forces of Sirion, Fontan and Old Rancagua stormed the city of Kazakh and eliminated the corrupt church of Rancagua. Peasants in the kingdom can now rebuild their destroyed lives without the fear of being oppressed by leaders of the church. With peace once again returned to the land, prosperity is sure to follow.

The Kingdom is rebuilt, and under the guidance of decorated former High Marshal Dekion, along with his dedicated fellow Council members and hardy nobles, Old Rancagua is once more a shining light of unity and strength. We welcome all Nobles willing to devote their life to the preservation of White Tree and Old Rancaguan standing amongst the other realms of the East Continent.

Current Situation

We are currently in a desperate contest with Fontan over our southern marches and at war with Sultanate of Asena in the west. We are fighting alongside Sirion in this war, in an attempt to drive Fontan back. This war has been back and forth so far, with Fontan driving deep into Old Rancaguan territory and Sirion and Old Rancagua slashing their way back. This is truly a battle between equally noble opponents, and only the coming weeks shall tell who will gain the upper hand in this war.

If any brave young noble wishes to join our ranks, then surely, you will be welcomed. This is a place where you can quickly escalate through the ranks and achieve great things if you are willing. There is always a place for a young troop leader to make a name for themselves.

As the coming weeks shown, Old Rancagua has lost many territories. Not only to Fontan but to the newly created realm of the Sultanate of Asena as well. It is coming down to a fight for survival now, as times are desperate at best.

After a long and bitter war Old Rancagua was destroyed by a combination of Sultanate of Asena and Fontan forces. The Sultanate took over her capital and last city of Oroya. Within a few days, the few remaining Old Rancaguan regions had changed allegiance to Sirion.

Old Rancagua has passed into the pages of History, and is now a lost realm.


A long time ago when I started out in Kingdom of Rancagua as a young noble we were at war with a realm called Omsk which was located on the northern peninsula consist of the regions of Gadlock, Kazakh and Kazan. Omsk was allied with Oligarch and fought against the Rancagua-Sirion Alliance. Rancagua and Sirion together stormed Kazakh City and the rest of Omsk lands wiping them off the island. Everything seemed to be in order for Rancaguans. At that time the Rancaguan King William died/left for the wilderness or something as I do not remember exactly what had happened to him.

The plan was to invade Oligarch and finish them off with our allies. At the time William left, the church began gain power in Rancagua. They took the opportunity and gained control of the realm. Those that were loyal to the Monarchy were sent into exile, and some of those nobles that I admired betrayed the crown in order to surive the prosecution of the church. Rancagua then pulled out of the war which almost eliminated Oligarch from the map and became the first theorcracy on the island.

I told the council that they have not seen the last of the true Rancagua and I shall be back. Being fearless and loyal to the crown when I was young, I left with a plan to reinstall the crown not realizing what I said until I was deported to the newly discovered monster infested New World. At that time I vowed to return one day and liberate the citizens from the iron fist of the church.

I kept the promise so close to my heart because Sirion made a pact that they would help eliminate Omsk in return for helping eliminate Oligarch. Since Oligarch still stands I still think about the old promise everyday I wake up. I came back to East Continent after I became friends with a troopleader in the new world. His relative was the Duke of Oroya at the time, so I waited awhile untill i could find some backing inside Rancagua to cause havoc internally. When the time was right, Oroya declared independence from the church and that was how Old Rancagua was formed. The true Rancagua has returned to fulfill its promise, and I do not intend to stop until we accomplish our goals.

~Talius Valorian, Former King of Old Rancagua

I, once king Talius Valorian's first prime in Old Rancagua, will continue where our former king left off. I have rebuilt the kingdom with the help of our deceased former King Revenge's Wrath, former king Talius and the brave Old Rancaguan elders after the great siege of Oroya which nearly destroyed all hopes for the kingdom.

Old Rancagua's prides are its fearless warriors and their loyal for their realm. Unity, strength, and faith to the true Old Rancagua are what kept us and this realm alive when all seems lost. Old Rancagua not just another realm, it stands for everything humans ever desired to have: Peace, Respect, and Independence.

Nobles of Old Rancagua will always defend these ideals and their realm with their blood. Eleador attempted to take advantage of us in our darkest times, but have since been erased off the map by the joint forces of Sirion and Old Rancagua. The corrupted Church, although still in existence, is in a futile struggle for its fate. Our final task, for the ideals we have set forth since the day of our formation, will be to put an end to the civil war and bring those responsible for oppressing our people to justice.

~Fuinur of Umbar, Former King of Old Rancagua

For a moment, I had doubts on whether we could win or not after two failed attempts to get our siege engines to the walls. We had underestimated the strength of the great wall of Kazakh it seemed. Thousands of arrows were fired on our forces as we tried one more time to get on that wall. Finally, Lord Jack's siege ladder somehow got to the wall and immediately his soldiers gained a foothold. Dikc and a Fontan noble managed to fight their way onto the wall as well, but due to the overwhelming amount of enemies, Dikc was mortally wounded by terrible axe through his stomach. At that point, I lost control due to anger and charged at the wall with my men. I remember I was slashing and killing any Rancagua soldier unfortunate enough to be in my way, but other than that, it was all too blurry. It must have been an eternity when someone pinned me to the ground and said "It's over Vornamen! It's over! We defeated them."

I pulled myself together after the great battle. That's when I discovered I was covered in blood. There were hundreds of bodies laying everywhere, whether they belong to us or the church I couldn't tell anymore. This battle marked the end for those oppressive church leaders and the civil war. That night, we gathered at the grand church in Kazakh and sobbed for our lost comrades. I secretly prayed to the gods that our people will never have to go through this ordeal again.

~Lord Vornamen, Marshal of the Kazakh Army

Regions of Old Rancagua

When Old Rancagua was formed to fulfill the old promise, the first goal we set forth was to reunite all regions which have been lost to the corrupt church influence. Now that goal is almost complete, only one more region stands in the way. Kazakh, the great citadel of the peninsula, and the final step towards the liberation of Rancaguans.

Here are the regions which have been liberated by the army and the commanders of these region.

Duchy Of Oroya

Oroya, City - Duke High Guard

Pucallpa, Townsland - Lord Syban

Juazeiro, Rural - Lord Iarn

Pedrera, Badlands - Lord SY

Duchy of Kazakh

Kazakh, City - Duke Cypher II

Kazan, Badlands - Lord Alexei

Gadlock, Badlands - Lady Elora

Poitiers, Rural - Lord Tarl

Bruck, Rural - Lord Sebasten

Duchy of Ashforth

Ashforth, City - Duke Talius

Obando, Badlands - Lord Palandro

Csopa, Badlands - Lord Prometheus

Osslamar, Rural - Lord Fingolfin

Dale, Rural - Lord Olaf

Imperial Regions Salta, Rural - Lord Fenix

Caqueta, Badlands - Lady Shina

Foreign Relations

Old Rancagua has many friends and allies, who came to our aid when we are in need of help. Their contributions to our realm will not be forgotten. Any treaty we signed with our friends in the past will be honoured and debts will be repaid.

Federation- Sirion

Allies- Perdan, Itorunt, Obsidian Islands

Enemies- Fontan (Hatred over the execution of Master Tonan)

Peace- Ibladesh, Ubent

Neutral- Caligus, Tuchanon V

Forces of Old Rancagua

During the times of King Fuinir, the armed forces of Old Rancagua were split into five groups. With time, rebellion and various other events which were out of the control of all Old Rancaguans, times have changed and these BattleGroups no longer apply to the military. However, for historical reasons, these BattleGroups, their purpose, and their former commanders are listed below:

The Former Military Structure of Old Rancagua

And during the reign of King Dekion, the military has gone through a dramatic upheaval. There have been armies formed throughout the land. One can get a glimpse into the new life of these armies here:

The Army of the Glistening City

Legend of the 10 and 1 swords

The tale of the 10 and 1 swords is a mystic one, it is the tale about how the swords were created, how they were lost. The legend though, as all legends, has a piece of truth in it and that is that the 10 and 1 swords indeed exist. And indeed, they were found by Fuinur again and given to the best nobles of the realm to protect Old Rancagua. Click below to read.

Legend of the 10 and 1 swords

The Great Battle of Kazakh

Here is the scribe note of the final battle in Kazakh in order to end the long Civil War. In this battle many gave their lives, especially the Hero Dikc in order to unite Rancagua again. Click below to view the battle.

Great Battle of Kazakh

Old Rancagua Press

Old Rancagua had a very successful Newspaper Called the Old Rancagua Press. The press lies dormant now, seeking to awaken once more. There shall surely be a time when it will arise once more. But for now, the paper lies blank, the ink lies dry, and the press lies quiet.


If you want to get a closer picture about Old Rancagua please visit our Gallery.


Old Rancgua loves to have Roleplay Times. These can turn out to be quite a lot of fun. We have had fairs, quests, and more. Here is the first documentation of them. See them here: Old Rancaguan RPT Library

Old Rancagua
Location of Old Rancagua
Continent / Island East Continent
Capital Oroya
Largest City Oroya
Government System

High Marshal
Arch Priest
Royal Treasurer


High Guard
High Guard

Region Numbers 5
Population 26781 (10th)