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The Ancient Republic of Sirion


Island East Continent
Capital Sirion
Largest City Unknown
Government Republic

Duchies 6
Regions 0
Population 0
Gold 12548
Food 4481
Nobles 19
Lord Speaker North Estrall
High Commander Brian M. Cameron
High Arbiter Fingolfinir Crownguard
Chancellor of the Treasury North Estrall

The Ancient Republic of Sirion is one of the longest standing and most storied realms in all of the known world. It has stood for over a thousand years, despite countless wars and unending threats, defending itself from all those who try to extinguish its eternal flame. Founded originally by the race of Elves, Sirion eventually became home to Humans as well, and the two races ultimately began to work together as equals. This is where Sirion republicanism had its genesis, as the Elves, Men, and the mixed blood hybrid population all sought fair and equal representation in governing decisions made by the realm. Remarkably, this decentralized and quasi-democratic form of government has not only survived, but thrived in the north for the entirety of Sirion's history, and today the Red Shield stands as the only republic on the continent.

Over time, the Elven population of Sirion slowly dwindled, mainly through increased interbreeding with the native human population and the naturally lower birthrate seen among Elven families. Slowly, humans and the half-blooded came to make up a majority of the population of the realm, particularly in the more metropolitan strongholds of the Republic, such as Sirion City and the White City of Avamar. More and more, even within the Last Realm of the Elves, as Sirion was called, those that remained retreated into the forests at the heart of the north, particularly in the regions of Rollbar, Lissambar and Flismar. Fewer and fewer Sirionites claimed, or even recognized Elven heritage in themselves, and eventually the existence of Elves began to be regarded as a legend, though most of the scholars and government leaders in the realm still knew of the truth of their existence, and had occasional contact with the Woodlands.

Legend, however, became reality as the Elves of Sirion, having decided their time among the mortal people of our world had come to an end, decided to leave the shores of the East Continent -- and indeed of the known world -- and boarded elegant ships bound for an unknown land of eternal life, never to be seen again. Though they are now gone from the world of men, their legacy continues to be felt in Sirion. Elven architecture, cultural practices, and even religion persists in the north, and whether they even recognize it or not, the people of Sirion today are what they are due to millennia of coexistence with the most beautiful, intelligent and remarkable sentient beings ever to walk the lands of the East.

The Government of Sirion

Lord Speaker

As ruler of the Republic, the Lord Speaker, also known informally as The Dragon of Sirion, serves as Lord Paramount over the realm, and is charged with expressing the sovereign will of the nobles of Sirion. For generations, the leader of the Republic was known as the Prime Minister, an expression of the individual's position as the primary government agent, a first among equals. In the era after the final emigration of the Elves, Rearden Arylon, recently elected on a reform agenda, chose to restyle the position as Lord Speaker, which to that time had been the title claimed by Sirion's chief fiduciary. He felt that the leader of the Republic was in fact speaking for the realm, as an elected representative of their will, and as such the title of Lord Speaker was more appropriate and descriptive of the ruler of Sirion.

Seated on the imposing Dragon Throne of Sirion since times of legend and myth, the premiers of Sirion have been viewed as powerful figures both internally within the realm, as well as among the other nations of the East. Despite the great authority inherent in the position, any noble citizen of Sirion has the right to petition the Lord Speaker for any reason, and any noble serving as Lord Speaker will seek realm consensus on large-scale decisions impacting Sirion.

High Commander

Given Sirion's long and storied history of geopolitical power and military might, the High Commander of Sirion has long been viewed as one of the most important and influential positions on the continent. Sirion's chief military officer carries so much prestige that at various times over the last several hundred years, being a General in Sirion elevated some men and women to a position above that of foreign Emperors and Kings.

The High Commander of Sirion is responsible for all martial strategy, including but not limited to the organization of the realm's armies, as well as the military priorities and tactical choices employed by the Marshals. It is not uncommon to see the High Commander exercising their generalship personally on the field of battle, leading men personally into the center of enemy lines.

High Arbiter

As a Republic, there is no higher calling in Sirion than the administration of civilian law. The High Arbiter is charged with overseeing the legal code of Sirion, including the drafting of new laws, amendment and reform of existing laws, and the execution and judgement of criminal violations presented before them. The word and judgement of the High Arbiter is considered the sovereign expression of the authority and will of the people of Sirion. As such, nobles have tended to respect and honor those judgements far more than in realms with more concentrated, authoritarian governments.

Chancellor of the Treasury

Sirion has always been an economic powerhouse, making the position of the Chancellor of the Treasury incredibly important. The democratization inherent within Sirion's society has resulted in the landed nobility granting full and complete access to the Chancellor to manage grain resources for the realm, guaranteeing universally secured food supplies, and eliminating the concept of food profiteering by Lords.

The Chancellor is responsible for all aspects of the realm's financial system, from tax rates to property confiscation, and resource management.

The Sovereignty of the People of Sirion

Despite the power the governmental positions inherently hold, referendums are often held when important issues arise. The participation of nobles in these questions is viewed as essential to the smooth functioning of the realm.

Once becoming a member of the Republic, all nobles take an oath of fealty and pledge to protect the ideals of the Republic and lives of its people with all their strength and heart.

History of the Dragon Throne of Sirion

Ruler Reign Begin Reign Ended Notes
Prime Minister Circle Tezokian
Later took a new name: "Ecthelion"
July 19, 2003 Unknown Re-elected 08.23.2003 and 01.06.2004 (other PMs in between his reigns)
Government records missing for the period between the middle of 2003 and early 2008
Prime Minister Handow Meadowcrest February 1, 2008 September 1, 2009 Text
Prime Minister Romul Gamel September 1, 2009 March 1, 2010 Text
Prime Minister Meristenzio Peristaltico March 1, 2010 August 1, 2011 Re-elected on April 1, 2010 and April 6, 2011. Government records are unclear as to whether there were others that served as PM within this term, but most administrators believe he served continuously.
Prime Minister Ilias Thunthorn August 1, 2011 May 5, 2012 Text
Prime Minister Zakilevo Lapallanch May 5, 2012 August 17, 2012 Zakilevo Lapallanch took office in a time of uncertainty and immediately addressed expansionist threats from Westmoor, leading to the successful incorporation of Commonyr into Sirion. When diplomatic efforts with Westmoor failed, Zakilevo declared war, and Sirion emerged victorious in several battles, liberating Bruck and Greatbridge. Zakilevo's leadership was marked by a commitment to securing peace on the continent, leading to successful negotiations and the surrender of Westmoor. To celebrate this victory, he organized a grand tournament, honoring Duke Ecthelion's service. Following this period of service, Zakilevo stepped down as Prime Minister and joined Caligus' colony, Dunnera.
Prime Minister Rugina Blakeshadow August 19, 2012 Unknown Text
Government records missing for the period after Prime Minister Blakeshadow's reign until the time of Prime Minister Lapallanch
Prime Minister Zakilevo Lapallanch January 5, 2013 April 11, 2013 In his second term as Prime Minister of Sirion, Zakilevo Lapallanch navigated a tumultuous period marked by internal and external challenges. However, his most significant and enduring accomplishment was his leadership during the Epic Battle of Oberndorf. This historic battle stands as a testament to Zakilevo's resolve and the bravery of Sirion's forces, etching his legacy in the annals of Sirion's history during his second tenure as Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Erik Eyolf April 11, 2013 May 5, 2013 Text
Prime Minister Zakilevo Lapallanch May 5, 2013 July 10, 2013 During his third and final term as Prime Minister of Sirion, Zakilevo Lapallanch's most significant accomplishment came during the Siege of Oligarch, where the combined forces of Sirion and Nivemus achieved victory, securing the surrender of Oligarch, Greatbridge, and Bruck in exchange for Evora. This marked a pivotal moment in Sirion's expansion, bringing the realm to its maximum size of 32 regions, making it the largest realm the continent had ever witnessed. Despite these achievements, Zakilevo's tenure was not without controversy and disagreements within the Council, leading to his eventual retirement and release from his duties as a noble of Sirion.
Prime Minister Ecthelion Tezokian July 14, 2013 Unknown Text
Government records missing for the period between the premierships of Prime Minister Tezokian
Prime Minister Ecthelion Tezokian January 15, 2016 March 6, 2016 Text
Prime Minister Ivo Mersault March 6, 2016 December 12, 2016 Text
Prime Minister Thomas Foxglove December 12, 2016 November 6, 2019 One of the longest consecutively serving rulers in the history of Sirion, Thomas Foxglove's time in office was defined by what several commenters have deemed "The Great War," which ultimately became a continent-wide conflict involving nearly every realm. Sirion led a grand coalition against the mostly southern powers which were led by Perdan.
Prime Minister Ivo Mersault November 6, 2019 December 6, 2019 Former Prime Minister Ivo Mersault stepped into the role of Prime Minister after the sudden and mysterious abdication of the premiership by Thomas Foxglove. In the uncertainty that existed within the realm, Ivo was able to effectively lead the realm and preserve the stability of Sirion through the continued war in the South against Perdan.
Prime Minister Zadek Dragul December 6, 2019 August 6, 2020 Zadek, a respected figure within Sirion, was entrusted with leadership after Ivo's custodian government expired. He ably led the realm and maintained its strength, continuing to fight the war against the Southern Alliance, though began the process of negotiating for peace.
Prime Minister Ivo Mersault August 6, 2020 September 6, 2020 Prime Minister Ivo Mersault returned as a caretaker government to see Sirion through a transition to new leadership. Ably led the realm as the next generation of leaders began to step up. Formally ended the war agains the South, which had been largely negotiated by his predecessor.
Prime Minister Monterys Velaryon September 6, 2020 October 6, 2021 Came to power promising to revitalize the realm and give it a new energy. Succeeded diplomatically in restoring Sirion's prestige across the continent. Engaged in a massive rebuilding project, restored much of the military strength of the realm. Saw the outbreak of war between Shadowdale and Perleone against Sirion's ally Eponllyn, and declared war in return. Sirion's armies performed brilliantly under his leadership. As the war ended quickly, he decided to step aside for another having accomplished what he had sought to accomplish.
Prime Minister Micah Smallwood October 6, 2020 January 6, 2021 Prime Minister Micah Smallwood, one of the youngest men ever to lead the realm, came to power on a platform of cultural growth, religious influence, and continued strength. Unfortunately, there was a great deal of chaos in his reign, and his tenure in office saw a dramatic decrease in Sirion's economy, its military power, and the size of its nobility. He was ultimately defeated in an election by his successor.
Prime Minister Doranthir Tezokian January 6, 2021 June 6, 2021 Another of the line of Tezokian stood for the Premiership, claiming he would restore stability after Micah's uneven leadership. He did just that, but soon continental events would overwhelm his agenda, and dictate that he become a great leader in crisis. For it was during Doranthir's rule that the abduction and possibly murder of Lyanna Arylon, Duchess of the capital district and Governess of the Capital, was stolen from the Republican Palace while her husband was asleep in bed. As tensions with Alexandria and Shadowdale rose, the Lord Commander of Sirion disappeared as well, causing widespread fear that Sirion was under attack by a group of shadowy assassins. Doranthir ordered an expedition, led by Lyanna's husband Monterys, to search for Lyanna in the south-west, reaching the edge of the continent.
Lord Speaker Rearden Arylon June 6, 2021 April 6, 2022 Former commoner elevated to the nobility in service to Sirion. Half-brother of the legendary Duchess Lyanna Arylon, Margravine of Sirion City and long time fiduciary of the realm. Inherited a badly dispirited and weakened Sirion, campaigning on a pledge to revitalize the realm and restore it to glory. The imperial domination of the realm of Shadowdale over the continent loomed over Sirion foreign policy in this era, as did the implosion of Sirion's alliance partner, Eponllyn. Made major reforms to government, including the elevation of the title of Lord Speaker to the premiership, as well as a change to the republican system of government to favor landed appointments, and less frequent elections. Went to war with Shadowdale over demands of access to investigate his sister's disappearance.
Lord Speaker Doranthir Tezokian April 6, 2022 June 22, 2022 Doranthir returned to the Speakership, promising to turn the page on the war with Shadowndale, now over, and craft Sirion's new future. After some limited success, Doranthir mysteriously disappeared, leading many within Sirion to suspect that he had been taken by the same people that had come for Lyanna Arylon. He has not been seen since.
Lord Speaker Ivo Mersault June 22, 2022 April 6, 2023 Upon Doranthir's mysterious disappearance, the realm turned once again to an experienced hand, and elected Ivo Mersault as Lord Speaker. Ivo, now in his fourth premiership, returned stability to the realm and promised more revitalization and growth, building on the recent renewal. Having achieved what he set out to achieve, Lord Speaker Ivo Mersault stepped aside.
Lord Speaker Rearden Arylon April 6, 2023 January 6, 2024 Though he did not expect to return to the Speakership, members of the Sirion aristocracy asked him to step forward and lead once more. Since returning, Rearden has made diplomatic overtures to Shadowdale, seeking to rebuild bonds of friendship that were strained in his first tenure. He also made a historic mission to the south to visit the realm of Perdan and her Queen Alyssa Kingsley, long a close associate of the House of Arylon. That diplomatic meeting produced an informal alliance, which enhanced the security of both realms. Sirion continued to prosper through his reign, and it began to reconnect the disparate regions of the Republic once more. Soon, Sirion grew to be the most powerful realm on the East Continent, boasting the largest nobility and most territory of any nation, making good on Rearden's charge to restore the glory of the Republic. Later, due to Sirion's success, the people of Oberndorf and Ashforth declared their independence from Eponllyn, aligning with Sirion. Shortly thereafter, Eponllyn declared war on Sirion, and Rearden led the Dragon Army in defending the realm. The war ended with a crushing victory by Sirion, confirming their ownership of Oberndorf and Ashforth. After leading Sirion to a new renaissance of glory and power, Rearden made the decision to retire from public service and allow another to lead the realm.
Lord Speaker Jay II Fireborn January 6, 2024 April 6, 2024 Elected by acclimation after Rearden's retirement, Jay II pledged as his first act to attempt to reconstitute a contiguous realm holding, recapturing key regional links. As he took office, Shadowdale, Caligus and Perdan were in the midst of a great and bloody war. Sirion had, to that point, remained out of the conflict, but the question of whether that non-interference would continue would have to soon be answered. Having completed some of his plans, Jay II decided not to run for office after the end of his first term.
Lord Speaker North Estrall April 6, 2024 Currently serving Rapidly ascending through the ranks of the realm, North gained widespread support as acting Marshal of the Army of Sirion. He was elected Lord Speaker at the age of 21, in the first election he ever participated in as a voter. His policies were a continuation and extension of his predecessor's, but with more focus on luring nobles to Sirion.

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