Sirion (Realm)

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The Formerly Elven Republic of Sirion


Island East Continent
Capital Sirion
Largest City Sirion (Region)
Government Republic

Duchies 5
Regions 14
Population 208,998
Gold 10414
Food 4395
Nobles 23
Prime Minister Doranthir Tezokian
Lord Commander Brian M. Cameron
Chief Justice Zadek Dragul
Lord Speaker Rearden Arylon
Avamar (Region)
BlaastambarUbin Clipt
ElmbarGalahad Solis
FlismarWibblo Ramses
HillmarBrock Ketchum
LimbarMicah Smallwood
LissambarZadek Dragul
ParmIvo Mersault
SermbarValeriann Luffrost
Sir TempleAustin Moore
Sirion (Region)Lyanna Arylon
SlimbarLerriana Leather
TrinbarMonterys Velaryon

The Republic of Sirion is a realm deeply rooted in history, tradition and freedom. Sirion has stood for over a thousand years, defending itself from all who try to extinguish its eternal flame. Humans and Elves work together as equals to forge a better life for themselves and all others. As the last remaining republic on the continent, we strive to protect our freedom from all others that long since lost their own.

The Great Republic

Prime Minister, whom are elected by the common nobles. Despite the power the council holds, referendums are often held when important issues arise. Once becoming a member of the republic, all nobles take an oath of fealty and |pledge to protect the ideals of the republic and lives of its people with all their strength and heart.

Hall of Fallen Heroes

May those who perished be memorized forever.

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