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Fontan is the Beacon of Democracy and Freedom on East Continent.


Fontan is the only true democracy on the Eastern Continent. The realm as a whole is rife with open debates, but is guided by the monthly elected Council which oversee that the realm operates as one in all manners. The majority rules in Fontan so if you are skilled enough you can easily rise to prominence.


The Democracy of Fontan was destroyed by the combined army of Caligus, Perdan, and Westmoor in late July 2012.



Government Bulletin Complements

Fallen In Service

  • Parn Ashwind - Killed as a hero in a battle against Perdan.
  • Siriath Ravenswing - Killed as a hero in a battle against Perdan.
  • Pepe Smallwood - Killed as a hero in Ashforth against Old Rancagua forces.
  • Celad Anthas - Killed as a hero in Parm against Sirion forces.
  • Lorrie Furion Archbane - Killed in a duel against Cartor of Caligus
  • Lady Jai Graves - Killed as a hero against the Confederates in Negev.
  • Duchess Amelia Bernstein, Saviour of Krimml - Killed as a hero against Perdan in Hagley.
  • Lord Ertugrul Kalkandelen the Great - Killed heroically against Old Rancagua in Juazeiro. The day of his death, February 7th, and every seventh day hereafter will become days of remembrance for the fallen hero.
  • Lord Kacher Morlork, Count of Oporto - Killed heroically against Sirion in Csopa.
  • Lord Theros Landre, Count of Montijo - Killed heroically against Sirion in Sermbar.
  • Sir Byron Lanrezac, Knight of Braga - Killed heroically against Sirion in Tabost.
  • Sir Bernard Mercer, Knight of Oberndorf - Killed in a duel against Dabrun Mowbray of Sirion
  • Sir Draco Dragon Master, Knight of Oporto - Killed heroically against Sirion in Tabost.
  • Sir Archonius Decimus, Priest of The Flow - Executed by Sirion.
  • Dame Sai'sa Nalnatorz, Dame of Krimml- Killed heroically against Sirion in Braga, aged 18.
  • Sir Malenard Saegarus Griffirtaen, Noble of Fontan - Killed heroically against Sirion in Krimml.
  • Sir Akron Hyde, Knight of Oporto - Executed by Westmoor.
  • Minister of Defence Rhidhana Dubhaine, Dame of Krimml - Killed as a hero in battle against Caligus defending Krimml.
  • Lord Royal Basilius Decimus, Knight of Krimml - Killed as a hero in battle against Caligus defending Krimml.
  • And Many More Who Selflessly Sacrificed Their Lives To Defend Our Democracy

Armies of Fontan

  • Democratic Guard: The oldest army on the East Island, the Democratic Guards were formed by then Chancellor Gregor Relak to provide for the defense of the Democracy so cherished by the people of Fontan. The army continues to serve with distinction as the protectors of freedom, and liberty in Fontan. Dissolved following the loss of the Coastal Cities, the army was refounded in April 1011 by Minister of Defence Rhidhana Dubhaine.
  • Fontan Rangers: |FR| Created by Lord Lorrie Furion as a small elite branch of the FSR whose original purpose was to aid in border defense and to respond to enemy incursions with coordinated raids into their own lands. Disbanded during the latter years of the war with Sirion, the army was refounded by Minister of Defence Rhidhana Dubhaine.
  • Eagle Regiment: Created by Duchess Ariana Carnes as an elite army. Ordered to disbandment.
  • Fontan Homeland Guard: Created by Countess Katalynfae Dragul for home defence and policing.

Defunct Armies

  • 1st Expeditionary Army: The 1st Expeditionary Army was created by General Basilius Decimus to rescue former Chancellor Gregor.
  • Dark Angels: Created by Duke Katsuyori Takeda in the city of Avamar at the end of the "4 vs 1" war, the Dark Angels were to be the protectors of the north. With the secession of Fontan City by the Tyrant Gregor the Dark Angels were left alone in the north to protect Ashforth and Avamar as well as help the Sultanate of Asena, while the other armies took on the Confederacy, Perdan, and Caligus. When Avamar was taken with the resurgence of Sirion militarily, the Dark Angels were lost. In November 2008, it was recorded that they had 15 members and were marshaled by Amroth Mekorig.
  • The Lions: Originally started by famous patriotic knights of Dulbin during the Oligarchian war. They once served as the backbone of Fontan's forces and were feared by their enemies. After political pressure and turmoil lead to the death of their founder, and the loss of many other contributing members, the army elders decided to dissolve, placing The Lions into the halls of celebrated history.
    • In August 2008, it was recorded as having 23 members, being marshalled by Ertugrul Kalkandelen and vice-marshalled by Kira, and sponsored by Sulliven Koga.
  • The Obsidian Cavaliers: Sponsored by Count Aulus Severus of Oberndorf for a number of knights from The Obsidian Islands who joined Fontan after O.I. signed peace with Sirion and backed out of the War. Marshalled by Cesera Azul, former Marshal of The Army of Obsidian Islands, and with Sir Sirius Drakon as her Second-in-Command, the Islanders have sworn their loyalties to Fontan and continue their quest against the elves.
  • Order of The Thunder: A long known name in the traditional Fontan military history. First led by General Lycastus against Avamar and Kazakh. Then revived by General Teshup in the Oligarchian war, and finally reformed as a militant elite group supported by a guild. In August 2008, it was recorded as having 18 members, the sponsor as being The Revenger AveFenix, the marshal as Alise Athins, and the vice-marshal as Leane Tse Tung.
  • Fontan Strike Regiment: ~=FSR=~ The Fontan Strike Regiment was formerly an elite military unit of Fontan during the Caligus War. However, it has been resurrected by Duke Alexi Pelevin and Lorrie Furion and is now a front line army of Fontan. The FSR takes pride in it's discipline, loyalty and courage it displays at all times, whether defending the heartland or striking deep into enemy territory. The FSR's anthem, written by Lord Armstrong Ironsides the self-styled Hero of Democracy; We are the FSR!.

    • On August 20, 2008, it was recorded as being sponsored by Alise Athins, the marshal as being Requiem Rai, and the vice-marshal as being Tiberius Caesar. The army had 11 noble members.
    • February 23, 2009, the vice-marshal was recorded as being Armstrong Ironsides.
    • On May 1, 2009, it was recorded that the command staff switched with marshal becoming Armstrong Ironsides and the vice-marshal becoming Requiem Rai.
    • On May 20, 2009, it was recorded that Requiem Rai became marshal again and Aulus Severus of the Scipii became vice-marshal.
    • On November 2, 2009, it was recorded as increasing to 18 members.
  • Flow Administrators: Created by Duke Elberan of Ashforth to centralize Fontan's bureaucratic effort.
    • On August 17, 2008, it was recorded that Jon Paul Ogren was its marshal, Katalynfae Dragul was its vice-marshal, and it had 15 members.
    • On October 7, 2008, it was recorded that Katalynfae Dragul was its marshal and Malcolm Bedwyr was its vice-marshal.

Message Groups

  • The Fontan Assembly: The Fontan Assembly is the heart of Fontan, the forum within which all matters, political, judicial and domestic are discussed. Motions voted upon and passed in the Assembly determine Fontan Policy, as a clear and direct form of Democracy. The Assembly is open to any noble who has been in the realm for more than one Month, and a letter to the Chancellor to announce your interest in participating in the debates is all that is required for acceptance.
  • The Cabinet: The Cabinet is the Chancellor’s Council, consisting of the other elected members of the Government and the Ruler’s choice aides and personal advisors.
  • Council of Administration: The Council of Administration consists of the Chancellor, the Minister of Finance, and all of the region lords of the realm. Under the guidance of the Minister of Finance, the Council of Administration coordinates the domestic affairs, financial aids and trades of the realm.

Suspended Message Groups

  • Hall of Advisement: The Hall of Advisement consisted of the Chancellor, the elected members of Government, the Dukes and nobles whom the Chancellor wished to have as his advisers. The Hall of Advisement under the Chancellery of Aulus Severus was replaced with The Cabinet.
  • Shadows of Fontan: For those who hide in the shadows. Presently obsolete.
  • Fontan Bureau of Irregular Warfare: Intelligence gathering and special operations coordination. Disbanded sometime during 1010.

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