Dragul Family

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Dragul Family
Dragul crest.jpg
Fame 37
Wealth 17761
Home Region Aegir's Deep
Home World Dwilight

The Dragul family’s home is in Aegir's Deep, Dwilight. The region and area are steeped in legends of giants and great runes. Some of the oldest family members claimed to have been descended from those same giants, but that was a time long past and now the family is but humble nobles who have made a modest living from a small fleet of fishing vessels. Kane and Sasha have three children. The Dragul family motto is "Munus supernus praebeo" which means Service before Self. Kane left his home in Aegir's Deep, and traveled to the Far East to Arcaea, but decided that he needed to find somewhere that he could put down roots and prosper. He moved to Beluterra to the realm of Old Grehk. He has been made the Marshal of the Army of Old Grehk. Kane was captured by Rogue forces and deported to the Colonies where he serves the Assassins as their Dark Inquisitor.

The oldest is Katrina. She is quiet but headstrong. She chose to stay in Springdale, but traveled as far as possible in the realm to the region of Cold Spring to start her career. She moved to D'Hara where she was appointed as judge. She and her beloved queen along with a few loyal followers fled to the realm of Caerwyn because of a rebellion, she is setting out with a group to form a colony in the area of Echiur. The new realm will be called Asylon. Dreams of Asylon and a new realm faded and Katrina returned to her family home of Aegir's Deep. Though the landscape of her home has changed and has belonged to many realms, Katrina remains a Light of the church, and a solitary figure because of the loss of her only love.She has continued her work in the Church as the highedt elder; the Arbiter of Sanguis Astroism.

The next is Katalynfae. She is more outspoken and adventurous. She found herself on the East Continent in Fontan. She was elected Countess of Dulbin, a small region in the southwestern part of that realm. She has also been made Marshall of the Flow Administrators Army of Fontan. She was married to Jon Paul Ogren at the Fall Festival in An Najaf. She has been elected as the Chancellor of Fontan and negotiated peace with the realms of Perdan, Westmoor , and Caligus. she began the process of negotiating peace with Sirion. An unfortunate malady overcame her and she was replaced as Chancellor by her brother Zadek. She recovered and was elected as Lady of Montijo. She suffered a huge loss when her beloved Jon Paul was murdered. She fled to Beluterra, where she is the Praetrix of The Shattered Vales.

The youngest is Zadek. He went to Atamara and is fighting for Falasan. His lands are in a small region called Picnu which constantly seems to be the point of contention between warring realms.

Zadek moved to Fontan to aid his sister in the fight there. Ever looking for where he can be of the most help, Zadek became a Lion and is fighting in the war with Sirion. He was elected as the Lord of Montijo. Upon becoming Chancellor, he is actively working on negotiating peace with Sirion. He remains a Lion and will continue to work for the greater good of Fontan.


With the death of his beloved Fontan, he moved his family to Sirion where he sought to live out his days in solitude out of the public domain. He became the marshal of the Scarlet Hunters, spending his days fighting the monsters and undead plaguing the realm. When Sirion needed him, Zadek answered the call and became Prime Minister. As time went by each of the Dragul children had families, except Katrina. With the loss of her love, she never married but gave herself fully to the Stars. She continues as a Light of the SA.

Zadek's daughter Kaysa fought on the War Island when it rose from the sea the first time. She was able to return to it on it's second rising having hidden away on a sea going vessel and avoiding the sinking of the island.

Kaysa dragul.jpg

Kaysa gave birth to twin daughters Kaysa and Katayanna. Kaysa is now fighting again on the newly risen South Island. Her twin sister Katayanna remained at her family home in Aegir's Deep on Dwilight caring for her aged great aunt Katrina until she was needed elsewhere.


Kaysa died in battle like the hero she was.

Kaysa's other twin daughter Katayanna traveled to the War Island to take her sister Kaysa's place. She fights for Ikalak and the glory of the Beppo.


The youngest Dragul,Dreki named for the dragons Katrina loves has started fightig for Ikalak.


As with any old, large family, there are some born of less than noble birth. They are Kellaine Daleborn,


Phelan Dragonborn,

Phelan Dragonborn.jpg

and Rhialta Fireborn,

Rhialta Fireborn.jpg