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East Continent
Zadek Dragul
East Coast
Manufacturing, Trade

The city of Sirion is the capital of Sirion. It is located on the Sirion River in the northeastern region of the East Island.


The White Knights headquarters and the Church Of The Holy Sacred Grove temples are located in the city of Sirion.


City of Sirion.jpg
The Capital of Sirion

The city is located to the east of the Sirion River. Trinbar to the Westm Dolmbar to the East, and Limbar to the South surround the city. The Mountains of Sirion located just north of Trinbar make the west part of the city higher than the east side of the city by few meters.

Notable Sites

The Bridge of the Fallen

The Ducal Palace named 'Elarduin' (Star beside the river) and the House of the Lords named 'Heru Mallen' (Lords of Gold) are the two most notable structures in the city. Both are among the few surviving examples of Ancient Elven architecture and use rare white granite, stone only found on the island of Skezard. The Palace of Elarduin is walled about like an eight pointed star, and its Grand garden holds more than a thousand species of flowers, gathered from all over the world. In the center of the garden, there is a great tree called Galadrhyss 'the Tree of Whispers' which is believed to whisper words of wisdom to the duke of the city and the elven lords.

The Heru Mallen is a place where the lords of Sirion and the Prime Minister of Sirion make important decisions that influence the north of East Island. Carved statues of former prime ministers line the hallway which leads to the council chamber to remind others of the Great leaders of the Republic.

Estates of knights and nobles of Sirion are located along the longest river in East Island, the Sirion river. Over the river, there is a bridge, known as 'Danneniant' (the Bridge of the Fallen), connecting Sirion and Trinbar. Heroic statues of the fallen Sirionites are carved into the columns of the bridge. The bridge serves not only as a road but also as a favourite tryst for both young nobles and commoners.

Dukes of Sirion

  • Ecthelion Tezokian
  • Elric Altenahr

Lords of Sirion

  • Ecthelion Tezokian
  • Elric Altenahr

Knights of Sirion

  • Sir Periurium Baceolus
  • Sir Blazor Zahnbalotia
  • Sir Baeldaeg Metanoia

Past Knights of Sirion (Region)

Regional Information

  • Investment Cost: 510 gold