Church Of The Holy Sacred Grove

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Church Of The Holy Sacred Grove

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As you enter the white temple of the Holy Sacred Grove, you see the great hall of the temple. The ceiling is painted with dark blue colour, resembling the night sky. The painting holds numerous stars and among those stars, you can point out nine brightest stars with ease. Elven letters were written under each star to indicate which Celestial Divine resides there.

To your forward, you see a great white tree with nine branches, symbolizing the Tree of the Beginning, Iniarbel. Behind the white tree, you can see a giant wooden door. Small Elven letters were written all over the door in patterns unknown to you.

Under your feet, you see nine circles, each circle filled with strange symbols and more Elven alphabets. As you walk past the giant door, a smiling priest greets you. 

Church Of The Holy Sacred Grove/The New Temple

Church Of The Holy Sacred Grove/The Old Temple