Temple of the Heart

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Disclaimer: Its a guild

The first of the temples will be constructed in Itor Boss, and built by Xiso, Protector-Guardian of Ibladesh. A title which was bestowed upon him by Lady Sorcha - Supreme Priestess of Ibladesh.

The Heart

- A Journey into the heart, and its spiritual implications.

Building of the First Temple

The Sun had set, when Xiso reaches the spot he had chosen to build the temple...

Before unscroling the scroll, Xiso reminded himself of the day, when Lady Sorcha appointed him Protector-Guardian of Ibladesh, and in those scrolls he had found this scroll. unscrolling

Xiso looked at the strange writing and slowly the words came to him... murmuring with his eyes half shut, he chanted the verses like it was a language he often spoke....

a cool wind blew, the earth tremored, a bright light, and then silence..

when he reached the end of the scroll, the scroll - scrolled itself and the fog lifted...

Lo! and Behold! - the fabled temple had been built and soon many more will be. Temple of the Heart had arisen, and mortals would soon throng to it.

~Xiso, Protector-Guardian, Architect of the First "Temple of the Heart", Count of Itor Boss and Haruspex Maximus of Ibladesh.


The Temple of the Heart is a sanctuary for all seeking spiritual guidance and rejuvination. May Ramsus guide you, may Sartan protect you, may Kokini smile upon

External Bulletin

A new sign bieng put up next to the entrance reads:

"Temple of the Heart"


Welcome to the Temple of the Heart, being a memeber of the church of Ibladesh does not negate your beliefs in your own Gods. It simply means you recognize the Church of Ibladesh as the spiritual leader of the lands on this continent.

You may bring your gods to our fold and add them to our Pantheon of Gods and therefore we have an opportunity to create a rich and spiritually diverse religion...

While the 4 gods, Ramsus, Sartan, Kokini and Tersea remain our gods. The spiritual guides to our lives in this world and the next...

We can and should recognize that there are other gods worthy of attention. We advocate that in spiritual matters the people must be allowed some autonomy to choose how and who they worship with their hearts but, may need some guidance from time to time from the church in order to follow the path the Gods have set them on.

~Lady Sorcha, Supreme Priestess, Pontifex of Ibladesh.

~Sir Xiso, Protector-Guardian, Architect of the First "Temple of the Heart", Count of Itor Boss, Haruspex Maximus of Ibladesh.


  • Founder
  • Priests/Priestess - The Pontifex is the supreme priestess and she/he presides over the funtioning of the temple
  • Haruspex Maximus/Protector-Guardian/Council/Others - this may be split into 2 levels... mainly the upper council of ibladesh and the head of states of allied realms
  • Devotee
  • Initiated
  • Aspirant - anyone who joins (cost 15 gold)


1. Basic Requirement -

  • Anyone - God's dont discriminate, neither do we - you maybe an ally or a foe, you will be Initiated (It Cost: 5 gold/month for ceremonial robes, library membership, upkeep and other amenities)

You will only be initiated once you have shared with the rest - "what gods are part of your life and if you have none, why not?"

2. Devotee

  • Nobles, who have spent considerable amount of time in the temple and have made atleast one thought provoking speech on Spirituality, Knowledge... etc.

Promotions to ranks above will be based on recommendations etc.

Members Of The Heart