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Itor Boss
East Continent
South Highlands
Farming, Fishing


Itor Boss is a rural region in the southern highlands of the East Island. The region is located on the southern shore of the great inland sea, and there the Temple of the Heart was founded.

The green fields lay in memories of the oldest Itor aristocracy as a place and as a direction in which realm is to grow and prosper.

The green fields of Itor Boss can feed a lot of population, while nobles can find amusement in admiring contrast between fields of life and dark blue mystery of bordering lake.

People here could be called stubborn, but persistant as well, for they have seen lot of blood - this is the place where mighty armies proved their worthiness in epic battles many times in history.

So many fights leave much of terror and destruction - people were losing their confidence in authority, lands were turning rogue and going back under The Crown, but people didn't lose their faith.


  • Sir Xiso Of Patel Family, Count of Itor Boss, until he died. (2005-07-04 to 2006-01-20: 7 years)
  • Sir Doomgiver Of Eiryn Family, Count of Itor Boss in the period (1 year) between Xiso and the next generation of Patel family was ready to take charge of their feud.
  • Sir Zes Of Patel Family, Count of Itor Boss (2006-04-26 to Unknown Date)
  • Sir Kai Kisake, Representative of Itor Boss (2019-07-14 to - )

On the 26th of November, 2006, Itor Boss was returned to Itorunt after it's long absence from the realm as part of an agreement of region trades. Ibladesh recieved Moyale, Bisciye and Clermont in exchange for the lands of Itor Boss, Nimraw and Betholm.Valdid Juramona was declared the new countess.

Itor Boss has been retaken by the Holy Empire of Ibladesh during the Great Southern War. Earl Samuel Malkovich has been appointed as the feudal lord to oversee the vast region.

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