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The Grim House was first founded by Maya of the Calanar Family. As far as anyone can tell, it's a Bounty Hunter's guild for assassins and duelists alike. The Guild is meant to protect its members so that they may set out across the East Continent and claim bounties.

The First Grim House

The first Grim House, built by Maya Calanar on the Cursed Island of Skezard. It's tucked away into the wilderness just outside of the small town on the island.

The Goals of the Grim House

  • Bring Bounty Hunters back to the East Continent.
  • Encourage Bounty Hunters to go after bounties regardless of realm affiliation.
  • Protect Bounty Hunters from persecution for their Guild actions.

Guild Ranks

Senior Ranks

  • Guild Master - Head of The Grim House
  • Successor - Successor to The Grim House ||Rank 1||
  • Legend of Mists - (Most Confirmed Bounties) Infiltrator Path ||Rank 1||
  • Legendary Warrior - (Most Confirmed Bounties) Duelist Path ||Rank 1||
  • Guild Leader - A very generous Guild Builder and Financier

Full Ranks

  • Night's Blade (25 Bounties Collected) Infiltrator Path ||Rank 2||
  • Sun's Champion (25 Bounties Collected) Duelist Path ||Rank 2||
  • Dusk's Knife (15 Bounties Collected) Infiltrator Path ||Rank 3||
  • Dawn's Sword (15 Bounties Collected) Duelist Path ||Rank 3||
  • Guild Knight - Builder and Maintainer of a Guild Hall
  • Assassin - (5 Bounties Collected) Infiltrator Path ||Rank 4||
  • Duelist - (5 Bounties Collected) Duelist Path ||Rank 4||
  • Amateur Hunter ||Rank 5||

Initiate Ranks

  • Initiate ||Rank 6||

Guild Paths

As Bounty Hunting is an event for anyone with the will to take the challenge, both Duelists and Infiltrators are welcome into the Grim House, however, both have their own ranks.

Infiltrators collect bounties by force. Anyone able to claim a bounty is welcome to do so. If the claim a bounty in a duel, it can be attributed to their Bounty count and will count towards Guild Advancement

Duelists have a harder time collecting bounties than those who are of the Infiltrator Path. As such, the Grim House Sanctions prize duels.

Members who only wish to support the Guild can advance as Guild contributors. Any bounty collecting they do will be subject to Guild Law, however, they advance at a rate of support for the Guild as opposed to by bounties.

Prize Duels

  • Prize Duels are between at least one member of the Grim House, and another.
  • Both must wager a minimum of 200 gold
  • The Duel must be to Surrender
  • The winner's Prize Money is subject to Guild rules
    • If the Winner is not a member of the Guild, then no fees are incurred on the prize money.

Guild Law

  • When acting as a member of the Grim House, you must state your intentions as such to be afforded such protections.
  • Any Bounties collected will be subject to a Guild Fee.
    • 10% of a bounty (rounded down) goes to the Guild.
    • 25% of a bounty on fellow guild members (rounded down) goes to the Guild.

Guild Ranks and Guild Law

As ranks improve, the amount owed to the Guild on a successful bounty will go down.

  • Rank 6-4 - 10%/25%
  • Rank 3-2 - 7%/23%
  • Rank 1 - 5%/20%

OOC Only

The Guild Master, as well as anyone with access to large enough amounts of gold are expected to occasionally put some of the Guild's funds back into the world. Bounties are anonymous, and the Guild Master in particular, as well as others, are urged to post bounties for others to collect. My personal suggestion is the Continent Character List under Information which has the Island's number of characters at the bottom, and an RNG of some sort.